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USSR Cartoons - Rule 63

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Bruh where is my communism 

I didnt spy on the dirty westerners for this

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Papa Stalin won't be happy about that and you know he has a nuaghty list

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Comrade... Your getting the KV-2
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I am dissapointed fellow comrades, I was looking for Soviet content i am dissapointed. ☭ 


Commandant yosif from the red army 's picture

Is from  Soviet old cartoon that's better than filthy western cartoons 


Glory to the Soviet Union


Да товарищ

русский's picture

мне надо помыть глаза с мылом (убейте меня , я не хочу страдать, пожалуйста,где мой ак-47)


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Sorry i don't speak Minecraft enchanting table

Anonymous's picture

I don't speak moon runes

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I came looking for some good Soviet content, I am sorely disappointed.

сука блять

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Yes i am dissapointed is not soviet power

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