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Undyne - Deltarune

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The last oage is rather wholesome

Page 13: wait what? this brings "go fuck yourself" to a new level.

why do people found a fish attractive 

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its not just a fish..its a fish with boobs

sorry but I think this is worst that my war crime

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You could draw a fucking box with a pussy or tits and ppl would still masturbate. That's just how it is on the WWW

Pilots find a hole with a penis in it attractive so nothing surprise me

I appreciate the what looks like an attempt at a Kilroy on page 11, but thats still quite a ways off

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Bro, it's a Kilroy version of gaster
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I think thats sans, gaster would have the line coming from his eye

Probably not, the smell would last a long time

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Duh, ofcourse

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