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My idea for how to greatly improve the minions/despicable me franchise with one movie:

Okay so you remember how in the minions movie it showed serving the most despicable people throughout history, but conveniently left out the period of 1930's-1950's? Well I've an idea for a cinematic masterpiece, during this period the minions are embroiled in a civil war over who to serve between Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. This is due to the fact the minions have different opinions on how to quantify evil and thus can't unanimously decide on who they should serve. The movie would include showing the different factions of minions committing the horrendous crimes of their respective dictators. With the Nazi minions operating the concentration camps along side German troops and supervising the forced labor factories. The soviet minions shooting political dissenters, running the gulags, and supervising the starvation of whole regions. The Maoist minions would be the ones enforcing the great leap forward, imposing collectivization on the peasants, and doing the legwork of the cultural revolution. And all the while fighting each other over who was serving the most evil person, with different factions using show trials, forced confessions, and executions to enforce their views upon the other minions. While the whole movie would be very very dark, it would also enhance the comedy of the other movies in the series showing how this civil war regressed minion society through the killing off the intellectual ones leading them to decide Gru was evil since they couldn't properly quantify evil anymore. This would ultimately give the minions in the other movies a redemption arc showing how their dark past has led them down a path that would bring them back to the light. Ultimately the main conflict in the movie revolves around how we as a society quantify evil, do we base it solely on how many people died?

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this man says Nazi?holy shit