Loli Beth Smith

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Bragging rights. A sense of pride and accomplishment. A spot in the Second Layer of Hell. The Mark of Slaanesh. Muatra, the "spear" of the King of Rape. What more could you possibly ask for? 
I hate myself
my brains development has been ruind for a long time  maby ill kill someone to feel better  

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How you managed to get up get a weapon find some unexpecting victim ran home washed up ran back to your phone or pc and made that comment in 20 minutes I don’t know

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Ever heard of living in town with a gun? Its easy, you dont even have to leave your house, just aim out the window, and bam, then walk to the next room to the bathroom, clean up, then make the message.
I am concerned for humanity  

who drawed this like what the fack were they thinking

Love this  
last pic made me bust a nut 💦
This is messed up dude
Bro wtf
i just wanted to see minecraft videos

i'm going to admit to something.

for the majority of the top 40-ish 'best pictures i opened hundreds of tabs of most of them just to get them in the top 40-ish.

however for awhile this wasn't the number one most viewed picture gallery here it was gwen tennyson.
so moving it down to number 5 was all y'all.
when it got pushed to number everything that got pushed around wasn't me influencing it.

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pff it didnt post my comment
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I thought they were just gonna draw them blowing up beth from the inside
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