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im not sure if this was Gwen from the spooderverse or Gwen from ben ten

I'm not sure if I'm surprised that Gwenpool hasn't commented on her own album yet or not. A deep and genuine problem...that I'll forget about in roughly three seconds.

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This is some good shit 

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Gwenpool Strikes Back is incredibly underwhelming. I wish Marvel would just give the character her solo comic back with Hastings at the forefront.

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I totally agree. I feel like Gwenpool Strikes Back completely disregarded what made the character so great and lovable in favor for just another Deadpool knockoff. She's significantly less funny, her 4th wall breaks make no sense in continuity to how Hastings set it up to work, and it went back to her original Howard The Duck design that looks and fits her character a lot worse. I was really excited about it as a huge Gwen Poole fan, but it left a seriously bad taste in my mouth that only served to show that Marvel has no idea what to do with her character.

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This was as inevitable as harley quinn porn

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