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Erotic pack

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Someone Once Told Me that I cant Burn Down Peoples towns and Villages Just Because Their God Is Slightly different from My God 


Well I showed Him How Wrong he Truly was.


And Then I Killed Him Off Course For Being a Liar And Telling me That I THEE WARDEN 

Couldn't Burn Down Peoples Towns And Villages

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Wow man, congratulations, you got the whole squad laughing, such a funny guy

Thank You very Much random Person

Although I was not Joking 

So I have No idea of What you are talking about

I'm EDP, big Kanye West
Me, Lemon Pepper Shrimp
Bro, ain't no way, casket, poop
I'm EDP's cupcake, Kim cheated
Laugh my ass off, big cheese
Kim left me, 19$ Fortnite card
I'm racist, a vangelis
Hi Kanye, laugh my ass off
You were legend garb, I love feet
Age is a number, kiddo, balls, balls
I rap ocean water,

This has Absolutely Nothing to do with what i said

why did You even say that 

I found a comic called shauna and her gardevoir and I was wondering if there was a part two to it, so if someone knows about it please tell me.

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Damn this is actually some pretty good stuff. 
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I'm gonna commit a war crime against the people that made this sick, twisted, shit. Anybody else wanna help me?
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I'll help commit war crimes against you.
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This is good of it was not so many childs 
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God this is just wrong in everyway possible By the power bestowed upon me i shall seize your mund and bring you to the devil himself
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talking about unholy shit on a porn site, ok mate  

No, fuck you! This is what you locked me out of my computer for?

Hell yeah I did. Didn't think I could outsmart you like that didn't you?

Bitch you just switched the email and password!  You're lucky my shit was backed up, otherwise I would've killed you.

That wouldn't have been so bad, at least you hitting me wouldn't have been.

There are too many children! I cannot condone this bro

I dislike Xenos... But I will make an exception for you, let's Purge these Heretics.

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Slaneshmas is coming early and it's xenos instead

Didnt You Date A Xeno?


Or Was That "not Canon"


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Who the fuck tought this was a good idea 

Dont get me wrong when I say this but most of the loli dosent bother me, I still dont like it, its just that ive given up on caring.

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get out while you still can bro


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