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Care Bears

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i will see you all in hell.
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Say this with me "

Our Father, which art in heaven,


Hallowed be thy Name;


Thy kingdom come;


Thy will be done


in earth, as it is in heaven:


Give us this day our daily bread;


And forgive us our trespasses,


as we forgive them that trespass against us;


And lead us not into temptation,


But deliver us from evil;


For thine is the kingdom,


and the power, and the glory,


For ever and ever.




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even tho jesus never had sex, sex is natual! im christian and WILL  put you in your place! if adam and eve never had sex  YOU WOULDENT EXIST!!! some how some way you searched this in keyword,titel or link so your just as gulty of sin as the rest of us here!
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lol where the green head is suckig a cock, the norse runes in the background say: þis tekst is bull shit (this text is bs) 

yes I can read Runes

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Besides you guys ive got hard looking at this, Shreeky was part of my life when i was child i used to love her!

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I lost boner momentum while looking at this

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I love see a call meka of all of that 

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I want to see more of this

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Why carebears really I searched this to see how fucked up people are and I was right people are horrible this is such a boner block 

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