Witch Hunter Trainer

Year: 2017Witch Hunter Trainer

Censorship: No

Developer/Publisher: Team Borsch

Platform: Windows

Version: v.Epidemic

Language: English

System requirements: Windows: HDD 200 МБ





Take an ambitious young, possible even a bit arrogant, heroine (what can a man do when young?) With some interesting sexual kinks. Give her a patient and a wise mentor, who is not alone with his own personal problems, inclinations and passions. Spice it up with a pound of promiscuity, add a half-pint of humor. And finally place it to the simmer on the low heat in the city full of supernatural mysteries, in the city braided with web of intrigue, sunk in vice, riddled with corruption and smog bound. That's how you create a quality novella-game for adults.



- We continue developing of the main story line: new events, which lead to unexpected consequences.
- New page of the alchemical book, and one potion that should be made.
- New female character is looking forward to meet you.
- Some other unexpected accidents and accident unexpectedness.
- Jack and her pet – you may give them a slimy task.
- And what can be better a good bath after all of that!

What is there?
Well, there is the dungeon quest. It might seem you simple, but in fact it is the most complex script Mr. Beef had ever had to write. And he managed to make it only with the second attempt. While creating it we were inspired with your ideas and desires. Hope, you’ll enjoy it and won’t get lost.
We are very excited in your opinion about the dungeon quest. We are going to turn some now deserted forest locations into the labyrinths, where it is possible to wander and get to the most different situations, either. And what do you think, would you like to see more adventures in this style further?
As for the dungeon... To activate the quest, you need to run the mine and Boris should have to work in it at least 8 days.
We keep our word… trying at least. So, the link to the full version of this update will be available some days later – we still have to test it carefully, to avoid bugs like endlessly coming dwarf, cause the game script is heavily inflated from a variety of variables and conditions and continues to inflate.
What will be there?
- personal assistant for Sam, which will perform the functions of the journal (quest- block will be finally removed)
- Calendar
- Fresh newspaper and breakfasts
- New location and new possibilities in it.
…and a bit later
- Extended alchemy recipe book.
- Potions used on practice.

1. Partially corrected translation
2. The system of items in the inventory was changed. When the game was loaded again, the state of items was dropped and it was not possible to give the quest item to the character.
3. When the game is restarted, items in the inventory are no longer relevant for use in further quests.
4. Fix the phone, when something was ordered through the phone and at the same time rebooted, the order was not saved, and the paid money was not returned, or the game returned an error.
5. When the Thomas came in and the player did not have enough money and when switching labels on returning the book the same night, Thomas would come again
6. At the beginning of the game, when you click on the book, when you need to report to the Phobos about what Elyon found, turn out to be on the map of Meridian, now we get directly to Phobos
7. During the file, the Colins sprite
8. Will did not come to pick up frogs
9. The game moved to the main menu after footjob and henjoba
10. Also fixed some scenes

-New trainings with Asian twin-sisters (if youТve already had previous one.) 
-Midnight visits to JackТs bedroom (Chief, only look how the pale window moonlight highlights all those curvesЕ IsnТt it beautiful?) 
-You can send Jack on a self-hunt and receive reports (partly illustrated) about it nightly. 

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