Wild Life


Year: 2019  Wild Life
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Adeptus Steve
Platform: Windows
Version: Build 18.12.2020 1b
Language: English
System requirements:
OS: Windows x64




In a world very different from ours life was relatively peaceful between the tribal people in touch with the lush nature around them and the creatures roaming the woods and vast landscapes. The balance shifted when foreigners from different worlds worlds discovered the unspoiled environment and its inhabitants. Rogue criminals and vagabonds came to seek fortune and make a living by hunting and killing the majestic creatures and searching for rare, precious materials. Not only criminals developed an interest for the world, noble scholars started studying the world. They document and research the creatures and tribal people looking for ancient relics, witnesses to the times that were.

  Become the heroine Maya - strong, beautiful and able to call upon her wings, her tribal heritage - in this gripping Adult Action-RPG. Roam the world from fertile forests to dry and sun-soaked deserts, spread your wings and cut through the skies of a world torn by greed and vanity. Find your own way to ensure your survival and embrace the possibilities of fighting and sex.

  Maya’s story is just the beginning. As development continues there will be more characters of different factions for you to experience.


Build 18.12.2020
• Added over 30 new sex animations, see the full list here
• Started implementing demo quest line (You will find a few bits and pieces of it strewn about)
• Added some Christmas decorations
• Added a preview for our prey animal

• Resolved broken pubic hair customization for Kim
• Various improvements to characters, animations and physics
• Adjusted lighting in Fisher Village level
• Various tweaks to NPC routines
• Resolved NPC routine objects staying attached after the routine

Known Issues:

• Setting animation speed and amplitude to zero causes sex toys to disappear

Build 27.11.2020

Added sex pose selection drop-down
Added some older outfits for Jenny and Maya

Resolved crash when changing Frank’s hair
Resolved knife staying on character after unequipping
You can start flying by pressing F again
Resolved not being able to exit the sex prototype
Resolved crash when inspecting NPCs
Resolved Kim’s cum texture
Resolved Kim’s hair being too small on some characters
Various improvements to sex animations and physics
Improved dialogue facial animations
Resolved starting dialogue with a controller breaking the UI
Resolved Gulhragg sit down animation facing the wrong direction
Resolved characters with the same name not being properly selectable in sex and poser
Resolved multiple instances of Max and Alissa being moved into the cutscene
Various improvements to the Fisher Village
Known Issues:

Setting animation speed and amplitude to zero causes sex toys to disappear
Here are the changes from the $25 build compared to the previous $10 build:


Added over 42 new sex animations, see the full list here
Added new character: Alissa
Added new character: Kim
Added new character: Frank
Updated character: Max (renamed old Max to Shorty)
Added preview of feral lion Kerpali (walk around the jungle outside the village to find him)
Added sex toy and item support for sex animations (cucumber is back!)
Added preview for a cutscene (talk to Alissa at the bar while playing as Max)
Added knife combat moves
Added new NPC interactions (couple in bed, throne fondling)
Added fine control mode for position sliders in character poser
Added helmets for some of the raiders
Added control over spot lights in showroom (up/down arrow keys)
Added Shey’s tape costume for Maya and Tanya

Removed Apoc test quest line as it interfered with our new quest system (a new quest line is coming soon for the fisher village)
Improved fisher village, jungle and cliffs
Improved character eyes rendering
Various model improvements for characters
Various movement animation improvements
Various sex animations improvements
Changed inputs for flight (run and hold space to start)
Changed combat weapon handling so you don’t have to draw the weapons anymore
Max characters now use the new movement animation system
Improved handling of interactable objects (look at the object you want to interact with)
Thanks for your great support, we hope you like this new build and look forward to showing you more of the things we are working on and planning for the future :)

Build 2020.09.17

• Resolved a case where the camera could glitch underground while in poser or intercourse
• Resolved textures not fully loading in
• Resolved AI’s not losing aggro when player flies away
• Various animation improvements
• Resolved Maya not having footstep sounds

Known Issues:
• Jungle Trees in Fisher Village have no collision
• Wrong camera angles in dialogue with sitting or lying NPCs
• Pants sometimes disappear when entering sexytime

• Added about 100 new animations, see the full list here
• Added new character: Gunjar the chief of the Fisher Village
• Added new character: Karra the tiger lady
• Added Fisher Village level where our demo will take place
• Added new outfit system for mixing and matching clothes
• Added tan lines to character customization
• Added checkboxes to enable/disable character physics in the character poser
• Added arrow key binds to change brightness in showroom

• Maya uses the new animation system with various improvements
• Many NPCs have routines now
• Improved physics handling for futa accessory
• Resolved cinematic and dialogue camera letterboxes for ultrawide resolutions
• Resolved beds not advancing time

Build 2020.09.11
• Added about 100 new animations, see the full list here
• Added new character: Gunjar the chief of the Fisher Village
• Added new character: Karra the tiger lady
• Added Fisher Village level where our demo will take place
• Added new outfit system for mixing and matching clothes
• Added tan lines to character customization
• Added checkboxes to enable/disable character physics in the character poser
• Added arrow key binds to change brightness in showroom

• Maya uses the new animation system with various improvements
• Many NPCs have routines now
• Improved physics handling for futa accessory
• Resolved cinematic and dialogue camera letterboxes for ultrawide resolutions
• Resolved beds not advancing time

Known Issues:
• Jungle Trees in Fisher Village have no collision
• Wrong camera angles in dialogue with sitting or lying NPCs
• Pants sometimes disappear when entering sexytime
• Maya has no footstep sounds
• Ground textures sometimes load in blurry

Build 2020.05.15
• Added new intercourse prototype (Maya-Base X Sethro-Base)
• Added new Kerpali character: Borco
• Added over 35 new animations, see the full list here
• Added masturbation poses for everybody
• Added 5 new costumes – 3 for Maya, 1 for Tanya, 1 for Jason
• Added cinematic camera option to intercourse
• Added pupil size character customization
• Added customizable camera angle presets during intercourse
• Added jungle blockout level

• Resolved physical animations breaking when teleporting
• Intercourse cycles through intercourse progression now
• Resolved arrows getting stuck in water
• Improved camera and animation handling during dialogue
• New wings for Maya with 4 different skins
• Improved ocean shader
• Resolved various issues with existing intercourse poses
• Further improvements to character physics
• Improved arm deformation on some characters

Known Issues:
• Crash when starting up game in fullscreen mode while the game window is not in focus
• Intermittent crash while unloading Wild Life level
• VR is broken with this engine version and to prevent issues we had to disable the feature entirely (we hope to bring this back as soon as UE4 has fixes for this)
• Yason has broken face animations during dialogue
• Some sex prototype transitions arent working properly

Build 19.03.2020
Over 50 new animations, see the full list here
New male character: Jason
New level: Shooting range, to test our gunplay and gore systems
New level: Showroom, basic room with a bunch of different light setups to make nice scenes ;)
Complete overhaul of the Oasis area
Countless smaller improvements to all sorts of things like characters, animations, effects, and much more!
Issues we still need to resolve yet:

VR is broken with this engine version and to prevent issues we had to disable the feature entirely (we hope to bring this back as soon as UE4 has fixes for this)
The crash while switching levels or resetting the game is still there but we implemented a level selection screen in the main menu to offer a workaround for now.
Some textures might not load properly until you toggle video settings down then back up

Build 28.02.2020
- 46 new animations
- Added skin displacement for boobjob animations
- New character – Jason (Male Protagonist)
- Added gun gameplay and gore system prototype in Shooting Range level (Accessible via the teleporter)
- Added Showroom level with different lighting conditions (Accessible via the teleporter)
- Added various environment effects
- Added key to toggle arousal of males (Default J)
- Added separate muscle flex sliders for arms, torso and legs to character customizer
- Torches can be placed in the level with the Z key while the torch is selected in the quick item menu (Hold Q)
- New ocean shader
- Added hair highlight slider to character customizer
- Added new hair styles for Sethro and Jason

- Revamped Oasis area (Still a work in progress)
- Resolved crash when despawning a quest NPC with an active marker
- Resolved two misalignment issues with the intercourse system
- Exclusive fullscreen mode is working again
- Resolved camera smoothing being disabled when possessing another character
- Resolved camera adjustments getting reset after exiting intercourse or poser
- Resolved custom inputs getting reset
- Complete rebuild of landscape shader to improve performance
- Resolved interaction prompt staying visible when entering poser
- Resolved right part of Iljah’s back not having physics
- Characters put on clothes again after intercourse
- Added value input for certain sliders (e.g. clothes, skin material) to make it easier to choose specific values
- Better character death behaviour

Known Issues:
- Crash when switching levels or restarting map (quite likely to occur)!
- Crash when starting up game in fullscreen mode while the game window is not in focus
- Dark square on ocean surface when looking down from above
The bad news is that first known issue. We are still working on it but we didn't want to postpone the release because of it since it's quite a foreseeable issue. This seems to be a well-known problem in the UE4 dev community so hopefully we will be able to fix it soon.

Build Release 19.12.2019
Merry Christmas to all!

We have a new version ready for you :)

Check out the changelog here.

Additions since the test build:

- Added wing texture customization to Skin category of the character customizer

- Added a bunch of new animations which can be read about here under the “new since testbuild” section

- Added a secondary weapon slot in the inventory (Default key to switch weapon is X)

- Added ammo indicator

- Added survival needs system (Hunger, Thirst, Sleep - Has to be enabled in the game settings menu)

- Added hidden christmas quest

- Added new cliff models around hunting grounds

Improvements seit dem test build:

- The character can swim in the ocean again

- Quest markers do not get reset after dying

- Resolved deformed character body when possessing another character while being naked

- Added loading screen while respawning to avoid spawning in an empty world while it is being loaded

- Salivarius has his idle animation back

- Futa Jenny can cum now

- Improved quest dialogue camera angles

- Alpha Hyena should not spaz out anymore

- You can spawn characters at the hidden christmas location now

New Known Issues section (ist die komplette liste im whats new screen):

- Resolution and fullscreen settings are broken at the moment due to an engine bug. This will be fixed once we upgrade the engine

- Weird shadows at the starting area

- Item icon sometimes does not appear while dragging and dropping it in the inventory (Drag and drop still works, though)

- Kral's pathfinding breaks when teleporting to Oasis before completing quest line

- Futa Jenny has no dick physics while wearing naked costumes

Build 2019.10.18 #4
-Big efforts to improve performance, Improved LODs, streamlined materials, set up Level Streaming, etc.
-Added new character: Tali (female minotaur)
-Kral shouldn't get stuck in his tent anymore
-Changed combat: Left mouse: attack, left mouse hold: heavy attack, right mouse: block/parry
-Implemented a better Loading Screen
-Improved the Quest Line
-New Sex Anims: ZuriXDjablo, KralXKiraXZuri, MayaX2Minotaurs, YasonXMaya, BolXZuri, TaliXMax, TaliXMinotaur. You can find a full list here
-Added 20 of missing Anal/Vaginal Variations

Known Issues:
-You can still suddenly die when jumping or running at certain areas and situations
-If you don't give Chakkar the fight he was promised, he will start to go rampage in town
-Player lips don't move during voiced dialogues
-Hyena combat still has a few bugs
-Landscape collision and floating meshes are still an issue

Build 2019.09.13 #3
-New sex animations, click here to see the list of all animations
-First implementation of a quest line with several parts
-Added a few generic tribal characters and kerpali variations
-More combat related features
-New environment effects
-Blocking/Parrying added to combat
-Alpha Hyena (Relevant for quest line)
-Idle characters in the world
-New sounds
-Hyena kill counter (visible when you die)
-New tribal characters (available in the spawn menu)
-Loot containers
-Lipsync for spoken lines
-"Region entered" notifications
-Boss healthbar
-This "What's new?" Screen

-Big redesign of the Kerpali village along with improvements to models and textures
-Dialogue system overhaul
-HUD overhaul
-Combat improvements
-Water reflects sky correctly now
-Climbing improved
-AI improved
-Combat VFX improved

Known issues:
-We currently have a serious performance problem in this build
-Frame stutter when you first load up the map due to streaming issues
-Tribal males lacking clothed pose for their genitals
-Dialogue camera sometimes not aligned with the character
-Faces and poses sometimes don't work correctly in dialogue
-Sometimes characters don't face each other during dialogue
-Sometimes characters fail to get to their destination
-Sometimes characters have a slight height offset during sex
-Tribal males hair doesn't look as intended

Build 2019.08.02 #3
Added more sex animations: Shey X 2Goatmen, Minotaur X 2Girls, Lesbian Fisting+Climax, Max x Maya Doggy, Max x Shey+Jadeen
Added an equippable torch (check quick access items on the left)
Updated lighting from torches and fire
Improved Cave Interiors
Detailed the ruined sci-fi ring Artifact
Fixed character collision radius and increased group-sex-gather distance (MMMMMMF is back on the menu boys!)
Added Auroras to the night sky
Characters should now be able to follow more reliable and get stuck less often
Multiple smaller fixes to sex animations
Added an “eating” animation when consuming a healing potion
Added Keys to go through progressive sex states (R and T keys, check inputs)
Added underwater look for still waters (for ocean and rivers these will follow in the next releases)
Reworked collisions for several areas of the Kerpali village
Updated character butthole textures (should be more visible now)
Some balancing changes and bug fixes in combat (please test these and continue to give feedback :)
Updated blood effects
added shore sand to oasis area
Various little fixes and tweaks
Known Issues:
Blood effects are still heavy work in progress
Hyena is unaware of obstacles when following
Can't switch clothes when in combat mode
Can't kick Chakkar
When an NPC is knocked out (ragdoll but not dead) while in combat mode it can’t get up and has no collision
Massive delayed level mesh pop-in on startup
The rabbits have the dialog functionality still active
Water will look strange until you lower the effects settings in video settings down and then up again
Sci-Fi ring Artifact has bad collisions
Bad LOD settings for Cave meshes resulting in holes in the cave walls when playing at high FOV
You can still see enemy health bars in the distance after you respawn
Changing clothes while in ragdoll resets ragdoll state
Characters go to T-Pose when kicked
Some holes in the terrain

Build 2019.07.19 #4
New Areas available!
Kerpali Canyon Village, the main village where our Kerpali friends now live
Canyon Hunting Grounds, nice forested area of the canyon
Updated general landscape material to represent better the different biomes that will appear in Wild Life
3 Teleporter stones now help you to get quickly to relevant locations to explore the new areas.
First Demo of Combat released (Currently only as human females - not Shey): One of the teleport stones leads you to a combat testing area with some hyenas to fight. Pickup spear that is placed in the area and press R to draw weapon, left and right mouse buttons execute light and heavy attacks respectively.
New Character: Jadeen, a Tribal lady (based on Shey’s proportions)
Over 75 new sex animations (among which: gay and lesbian animations, check out the full list HERE!)
Max X Ryan, Kral X Ryan, Kral X Rawn are the pairings for gay animations
Some additional sex animation variations for a few existing poses
Implemented basic controller support (it's far from done yet but you can already try out movement and combat - UI doesnt work yet)
Added a HUD with compass (and some markers), quick access item slots (still WIP and not fully functional), health and stamina bars and action signs
Added new Spear weapon for Maya (Can be found in the combat testing area)
Added a lot of new sounds for environment, movement and combat
The Character Spawner now is permanently on the player (open it with T key)
Kerpali characters now live in the Village and no longer creep around in the Oasis
Adjusted some movement values for characters (please give feedback about how the movement feels)
Fire from fireplaces now burns you
Added some blood VFX for combat
Started implementing simulated cloth and hair (maya hair and tribal clothes and weapon feather for testing atm)
Added rabbit and fat rabbit creatures (spawnable via the character spawner). They don't do much, except for walking around and dying (death behavior not done yet).
Added ragdoll on death and death screen
Controls changed:
Flight now starts with hold F key
Camera reset now with V key
And many other smaller fixes, changes and balances
Known Issues:
Water will look strange until you lower the effects settings in video settings down and up
Nav-Mesh has some issues in some areas resulting in NPCs sometimes not being able to walk to certain areas.
Drawing weapon during flying can cause strange behavior

Build 2019.05.16 #3
New fixes and adds since the 25$ test build:
Build performance problems from the 25$ test build should be fixed now
Flying now has sounds and some FX
Shey Bikini costumes now have sex variation models
Added a new hairstyle for human females
Customization for multiple characters of the same type now works
Manual Day/Night cycle changes now don't interrupt at midnight
Fixed reflection/roughness/specular textures for kerpali penises
Various fixes to sex animations physics behaviors, sounds, droops and poses
Added droop spawn chance slider in game settings
Reworked some physics settings for Zuri/Kira/Rasha/Maya/Lala/Milanna boobs, should look and behave better now
Pubic hair and Skin customization should no longer result in blurry textures
The new poses applied to Shey and Aoi types too
Video settings brightness and saturation now properly carry over to the sex and poser states
Improved the look of on-skin fluid effects
Rawn body should be customizable now
Fluid droops should no longer have a chance to affect previously engaged characters
Kerpali penises now can have cum like in previous builds
Character physics should now be more noticeable during walking and running - butt physics are back!
Minotaur body textures improved and penis overhauled
NPCs should now stop at a more reasonable distance around the player when following
Character Look-at pose now doesn't snap out when inputting a move direction
Moving up or down steep slopes causes camera to misbehave - fixed
Some floating glitches when flying - fixed
Poser mode now has a z-axis slider, sex mode now correctly tracks floor when moved in y and x axes
New Animations:
Maya X 2xGoatman spitroast
Maya X Kral X Rawn Climax Scene
Shey X Max new boobjob sequence
Shey X Kral X Rawn BJ, CowgirlDouble, Climax scene
Zuri X Kira lesbian anims
Known Issues:
Climbing obstacles sometimes doesn't work reliably on sloped obstacles
Shore wave transparency glitches at a certain viewangle
Due to minotaur model updates some textures dont work perfectly

Build 2019.05.03 #4
Here is a quick release notes about whats new:
New movement system, much more responsive, characters can now climb obstacles
Refactored flight system, new smoother animations, new features such as barrel rolls, simplified starting (by holding space), overall improved feel. You can now also look around while flying by holding RMB.
New fluid-on-skin system using a completely different technology, let us know how you like it.
Characters can now get wet when stepping into water.
Feature to spawn/despawn characters (start by entering the airship and interacting)
New Character: Chakkar, a tigerman and great warrior of the Kerpali tribe. (pic related, shares all anims of Kral, also currently his voice lines)
New Character: Ancient Goatman, the crazy old elder shaman of the Kerpali tribe. (shares all anims with goatman , also currently his voice lines )
We upgraded to UE4.22 so lighting has been overhauled in certain regions, let us know if you find any issues regarding lighting.
Added some new environmental effects to the level like fog, leaves in the wind, fireflies, and more)
Shey now has Voice Acting
Added a total of about 80 new animations with these pairings:
Maya X Max X Shey double boobjob
Max X Shey Boobjob
Djablo X Shey Blowjobs, doggy
Bol X Shey Blowjob, Plank, Sixtynine, Standing
Minotaur X Shey (lots of anims here)
Kral X Maya X Rawn DoubleBlowjob, DoubleCowgirl
Kral X Shey (lots of anims here)
Sethro X Zuri (lots of anims here)
Rawn X Zuri (lots of anims here)
Maya X Sethro full blowjob sequence
Shey X All Human Males gangbang
Shey X Bol X Yason doggy/bj , cowgirl

Build 2019.03.12

Added the Tentacle-dude as interactable Character near the fireplace (Patreon exclusive)
Character Customization now has basic save/load functionality
Added new animations:

Shey & Djablo
Zuri & Kral
Shey & Max
Bol & Maya (doggy hole variations)
Bol & Maya & Yason (2 threesome poses)
Shey & Rawn
Shey & Tentacles
Maya & Tentacles
Other changes:

Added undress-all characters button (Alt+N)
Depth of Field settings have been changed. Focal range is now much longer.
Shey is now in front of the airship
Edited Male characters “crown jewels” physics - they shouldn't break that easily anymore.
Fixed Serenia hair clipping for different hair styles
Added slight influence to lower legs when changing thigh thickness
Still missing:

Solo animations with toy (this turns out to be a bit of a bigger task so it will probably be added to the next version after this one)

Build 2019.02.26
Added a customization feature! You can edit clothes, sizes for breasts, butt, thighs and balls, hairs type and color, skin type/color, pubic hairs type/color, eyes color and glow.
Added a new Character: Shey (Human Female). Shey is quite a bit bigger than the other females and needs all animations manually adjusted so there aren't a lot of animations for her yet.
Reworked the Intercourse system. This is mainly internal data-management work but it also brings a few visual improvements (softer / better transitions between variations, group-action possible, new droopy fluids, lifejuice stays much longer and even after the action, new progression variation setup some select poses have it already enabled ).
Added progression variation system to a few poses Maya X Max Blowjob, Maya X IlJah Blowjob, Maya X Mino StandingA, Maya X Sethro Missionary, Maya X Rawn StandingA.
Added 2 group-action animations. FFM Boobjob, MMMMMMF gangbang. You can start them by having all required characters follow you and when you talk to one while everyone is in range, an additional option will appear.
Added lesbian animation poses!
Added first solo anim (L-Key)
Added droopy fluid FX to all lovemaking animations.
Added ability to pose multiple characters at once. Any character that is following the player and in range, will be poseable using the poser.
Added rotate and translate controls for intercourse and poser.
Changed skin wetness system to be driven from the customization UI using the respective slider
First person camera now uses the correct Field of View setting
Made some animation edits
Edited a costume morph target for Tanya
Edited Jennys skin texture
Some general shader and look edits
Some tweaks to physics
Added jiggly thighs to female humans
Added Maya feather costumes and one new costume
Added Saturation slider in video settings
Added motionblur checkbox in video settings
Added framerate limit in video settings
Flying now triggers on key press (not key release)
Added slowmotion button (G-key)
Boobjob animations now have a variation version for 2 different sizes which fixes clipping for all characters (using the anal/vagi variation sldier)
Turn off physics while changing love positions to prevent glitches
Added button to clear cum (Del. - key, you may need to change that in the input settings if you have a different keyboard layout)
NPCs now turn towards player when talked to
Inputs UI now handles double assigning buttons better
Still missing:

Inetractable tentacle guy
Solo animations with toy
Known issues:

Sometimes clothes and hair will disappear on certain camera angles: Current fix: make a minute edit to rotation or translation in the respective settings
Editing skin or pubic type may result in blurry textures. Current fix: Toggle Effects settings around until its displayed properly
Colors may look different when entering intercourse or changing video settings. This is due to an internal change of how we handle brightness. Solution: Press the DEFAULT button on the settings menu to reset everything.
Sometimes droop meshes will connect to the character previously having an intercourse. Solution: None, but the issue lasts only for a few seconds-minutes after changing partner.
Movement behaves strangely sometimes on specific surfaces. Fix: We will fix all this when going back to working on movement system improvements.

Here is the changelog of all the new things changed and added since the september builds:
Added a new Character: Sethro (Human Male) and a few love making animations (x Maya)
Added a new Character: Rasha (Kerpali Female) and a few love making animations (x Bol, Rawn and 1 anim for Max so far)
Basic implementation of a swim system (Experimental)
Added A Dancing/Poses feature like you know from last year builds (i-Key)
Added a few climax animations for various characters (Bol, Max, Sethro, Mino, Rawn, Kral, Djablo - other will follow)
Added first person view in normal play mode (h-Key)
Added “life-juice” FX (f-key while in love-making or while being a male without pants)
Added Key Binding System (never again look for a key, you can adjust almost all!)
Added keyboard controls for love making (check keybind options for details and customization)
Added ability to have clothes on for love-making scenes (works on most clothes, there is an slider now in the lovemaking UI, warning if you scrub too fast the physics profiles can’t keep up, minor issue)
Added Option to control different Physics areas (Experimental, check Settings>Game)
NPCs now randomly walk around (very early implementation needs to be improved)
Added some new love making animations (there is a few for the new character and some for existing ones)
Tweaked movement settings slightly
Implemented credits for Member+ tier supporters
Added option to show FPS (Settings>Game)
Added Brightness Slider (Settings>Video)
Some edits to the level
Love sounds should no longer overlap at high animation speeds
Improved look-at behavior for NPCs
Added clothes for Bol and Max and Tanya (More characters are being worked on)
Separate FOV settings for first and third person camera
Separate volume settings for Male and Female voice
Added Purring sounds for feline Kerpali (in suitable animations)
Added reset button for individual settings that puts the element back to default.

Above is what the 25$ test version from last week had so far. And here is the additions and improvements since then:
Added Climax animations for the remaining characters
Added 2 poses for Human Female X Zuri/Kira
Added new poses for Human Female X minotaur
Added a new pose for Maya X Djablo
Added Jenny’s costume and a few variations of it
Added clothes for all remaining characters (mostly place-holders)
Added the ability to change moisture level on skin (J-Key for normal and with sliders during intercourse)
Fixed IlJah’s belly jiggle
Fixed a few animation issues
Slight improvements to the “life-juice” shaders
It also now stays much longer on the skin (upped from around 10 to 50 seconds)
Physics behavior for clothings during intercourse now works as expected
Added some missing sounds to different characters intercourse anims
Improved climax animations to distribute the “juice” better over the partners ;)
Cursor now also goes away when Hide-UI feature is turned on (good for making videos :)
Some minor improvements to skinning (sonia hair, jenny costume)
Added a bit of dirt and painting to Jenny’s texture (to make her look more badass)
Some fixes to the environment
Added settings to adjust the length of a day and the start time
Fixed Male/Female voice sound settings
Added an animspeed slider to the dance/pose UI
most BJ poses now have the corresponding climax in the Anal/Vaginal variation slot included
Sometimes intercourse used to start with a slight offset between characters, that should be fixed
Improved NPC behavior, they should avoid running into each other better
Now all male characters can ejaculate (just like that) using the F key
Some male genitals were freaking out when toggling off clothes, that should be fixed now
Swimming speed has been increased
Minimum FOV set to 40 (better for close-up views if you dont like the fishhead looks from high FOVs)

2.9 (156 votes)