Ways of Life


Year: 2018Ways of Life
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: RALX Games Productions
Platform: Windows/Linus
Version: v.0.64
Language: English/Russian
System requirements:
HDD: 4.09 GB




You are a young man whose father recently left you mysteriously. You need to find out what happened to him, but in the meantime you can have fun with the girls and even discover the secrets of your family.


- Added Tara, Lara, Valerie, Kathy, Ostara, Lynda, Tiffany personal background
- Replaced Vitoria solo XXX scene with animated one
- Replaced Moira solo XXX scene with animated one
- Replaced MC Caught in bedroom by Sasha XXX scene with animated one
- Replaced MC Caught in bedroom by Moira XXX scene with animated one
- Replaced MC Caught in bedroom by Victoria XXX scene with animated one
- Removed Doorways
- Fixed game crashes on Android
- A lot of bugs has been fixed
- Now dates will increase characters Affection

- Added In-Game Problems Troubleshooting Guide
- Implemented new Romance\Talk system!
- Reworked all game events to fit new added stats (submission \ inhibition)
- New dates are now avaiable for all characters in the game
- New approaches are now avaiable for all characters in the game
- Replaced Powers on Moira XXX Livingroom all Scenes with an animated ones!
- Replaced Ostara XXX MainPlot Scene with an animated one!
- Replaced Victoria XXX Garden Scene with an animated one!
- Now when you will hit ESC button, game won't quit anymore
- Added characters stats that will be showed during dialogues
- Helping Vicky with Dishes reworked
- Fixed Moira+Vicky trio Restaurant Scene
- Fixed Building closing times
- Fixed unexpected crashes on World Map
- Injected Stats Legend in Relationship Screens

Special note: The "just talk" lines are not the final ones.

- Main Plot Continues: Who's the real Bethany?
- New interactions avaiable
- New location added: Hospital (follow the main plot!)
- New location added: The Otherworld (follow the main plot!)
- New character added: Kathy
- General optimization: The game will now go smoother
- Put basecode for general game threesomes
- +200 characters sprites injected (events will trigger differently now)
- New game base framework
- Fixed main character computer betting
- Fixed online courses
- Fixed other reported bugs


- New Game framework: Game size has been epically reduced!
- New events triggering system: Game will run smoothly
- New save management: Now game saves will be stored inside your game folder (no more errors)
- Fixed all black screens\missing images
- New date event: Moira and Sasha in Cinema!
- New date event: Moira and Victoria in Cinema!
- New date event: Sasha and Victoria in Cinema!
- New date event: Moira and Sasha in Restaurant!
- New date event: Moira and Victoria in Restaurant!
- New date event: Sasha and Victoria in Restaurant!
- Fixed missing character sprites

- Added new XXX Scene with Sasha
- Added 2 different XXX events for Ostara Date
- Added bonus XXX event for Ostara Date
- Added new XXX Moira scene
- Ostara date not hanging anymore
- Fixed bug when using powers in kitchen
- Fixed bug with Vicky in garden
- Fixed watching TV with Vicky event
- Fixed Vicky cinema date XXX scene
- Fixed Moira sprites
- New feature: From now you will be able to get one special event of the month.
- If you will play the game on the January month, you will be able to play the special new year celebration event
- Added 3 special XXX scenes for the new year celebration event

- New Sasha Pool XXX Scene
- New Victoria Pool XXX Scene
- Fixed Ostara's hangout event
- Sex scenes with Ostara now triggers correctly
- Erased one-step authentication process
- New Drm system
- Fixed Multilanguage triggering (now both Russian and Italian will show up correctly)
- Fixed game crashes on Windows NT\7
- Fixed bugs with audio system
- Fixed save compatibility

- New Login system (Mobile devices fully supported now)
- New game base framework (Last macOS and Android supported)
- Secure authentication through game improved (switched to a more secure encryption)
- Fixed crashes\freeze during gameplay
- Moira scenes now triggers correctly (no more black screens)
- Date events fixed and working correctly
- Lust and Affection are correctly increasing with Vicky and Sasha
- Fixed black screens and events during Victoria sunbathing
- Fixed MC skills triggering
- Put a new base for new XXX actions
- The game will now handle images differently (no more black sprites)
- Random events will now trigger smoothly
- XXX scenes are now triggering correctly for Vicky and Moira

Fixed login bugs and cheats (now cheats won't freeze anymore) (two steps auth working correctly)
Injected Ostara Cinema Date + XXX Scenes
Fixed compatibility for Android
Fixed wrong scene triggering
Fixed game freezes on MAC
Fixed typos
Fixed loading locations delay
Fixed found black screens during gameplay
Fixed power use on characters


v0.5.3a Fixed black screen when tapping "Back to the game" from game stats options Fixed Locations: accessibility\hours Now you can watch tv with Vicky New location added: Interrogation Room (Police Station) Fixed some typhos Fixed\Removed choices scrollbox New sequence: getting job at RALX Now you can work at RALX! Added XXX Vicky Restaurant Date Scene Added XXX Sasha Restaurant Date Scene Added XXX Moira Restaurant Date Scene Freshly coded the Replay Scene Gallery (it includes all scenes in the game, so you will be able to replay them once unlocked in the game) Now the game will know if you're a patron, and you will be able to access exclusive content.


v0.5.2 Fixed Sasha's approach for date (if you don't have money) New Relationship Screen New Bar Location added You can now randomly meet Sasha at the Public Park You can now randomly meet Moira at the Public Park You can now randomly meet Tara at the Public Park You can now approach Moira at pool during the late evening Fixed black screen when picking choices in garden Added Teacher XXX scene [Lunchtime > School toilet] Added Vicky XXX scene (in mc mast. sequence) Added Moira XXX scene (in mc mast. sequence)


v0.5.1 Special note: The main bug (black screens) happened due to the engine version upgrade: we managed to fix it after all the reports, found the bad code and fixed (since it happened only on the exported version and not on the base game). Fixed Relationship Screen [No more black] Fixed NPCs Status [no more black] Fixed access to Bethany's Home Fixed missing language (ita\ru) bug Added n.2 Ashley XXX scene Added Bethany XXX scene Added Kara XXX scene Added Sasha XXX scene


v0.5.0a Progressing the plot you can now roam around Bethany's home New location: Bethany's Kitchen New location: Bethany's Bedroom New location: Ashley's Bedroom New location: Bethany's Bathroom New location: Bethany's Dining Room New location: Bethany's Private Library New time cycle injected for Bethany's home Added: Bethany Sleeping + Approach Added: Bethany Preparing Breakfast + Help opportunity Added: Bethany Preparing Lunch + Help opportunity Added: Bethany Preparing Dinner + Help opportunity Added: Ashley Sleeping + Approach Added: Ashley Studying Added: Bethany's Bathing + Peek Added: Ashley's Bathing + Peek You can now join Bethany and Ashley on Breakfast You can now join Bethany and Ashley on Lunch You can now join Bethany and Ashley on Dinner Added Bethany's Home UI


v0.49a - Main plot progression: To Ostara - You can now work at the Police Station - Fixed Moira interactions in the house - New Travel Mode (Removed old map due to lack of compatibility) - Direct input from keyboard for texts now avaiable - Added RALX Tech Inside - Added Police Station Inside - New MAC framework, game will now run correctly on MAC - New Character: Tiffany - New Character: Lynda (Female Cop) - Ashley Remastered - Father Intro Remastered - Moira Intro Remastered - Bethany's Home cutscene remastered - Moira + MC talking on the sofa cutscene remastered - Drinking with Moira cutscene remastered


0.4.8d Fixed all known bugs Reduced the lag Fixed compatibility for Android 8.0 Fixed compatibility for latest Mac OSX version (you have to trust the game app from the settings) Added date system for Moira Added date system for Sasha Added date system for Victoria New date locations added: Restaurant New date locations added: Cinema New opportunity: You can now kiss Moira back from the date New opportunity: You can now kiss Sasha back from the date New opportunity: You can now kiss Vicky back from the date New XXX scenes added: Moira in cinema New XXX scenes added: Vicky in cinema New XXX scenes added: Sasha in cinema


v.0.4.7A Fixed most of the lag in the game Scripts updated, the game shouldn't crash anymore Fixed stuck images on the background New event on Sunday: Shopping all together Added XXX cutscene for Moira Added XXX cutscene for Sasha Added XXX cutscene for Victoria Slimmed down the code, the game should run smoother UI more responsive (still needed sometime to click two times, we're still inspecting the issue)


v0.4.6 -Main plot progression: Tara Introduction (new character) -Main plot progression: Bethany and the Demon Goddess -Now you can play with sasha on the pool! -Fixed all known bugs -A big part of the base engine was re-coded\edited.


v0.45 - New Engine! - The Engine will now work interfaced with your O.S. clock's date, which means, different month\day may trigger different events - Official LINUX support added - Re-rendered some cutscenes in higher quality - New characters approach\action system - Added XXX kitchen Moira+Vicky+Sasha+MC scene! - Added XMas Moira Bedroom - Added XMas Vicky Bedroom - Added XMas Sasha Bedroom - Added XMas MC Bedroom - Christmas kitchen cutscenes! - Fixed ALL known bugs - Added Italian language - Added Russian language


v0.4.4a Not yet


v0.4.3 Main plot progression: Bethany got the necklace Added Bethany new cutscene Changed old Bethany cutscenes with better ones Added Moira power-based XXX scenes Bethany has finally a good and sexy appearance Fixed boosting stats bug Fixed game freezes The online-buy delivery system is working properly


v0.4.1b Fixed known bugs Ultimated skill system Help button injected Fixed some grammar typos City Hall rendered Seaside rendered Gift Shop rendered Misc Shop rendered Candy Shop rendered RALX Tech rendered Police Station rendered Now you can train agility in the public park Mc will now go to sleep once the late night will come Fresh new working World Map Now you can meditate on the Bed to train your power Now the game won't freeze anymore School 1st floor added School 2nd floor added MC Wake up cutscene added You can now use your powers on Moira during her yoga session You can now go through the Dana smartphone picture event You can now approach sasha at night! You can now approach vicky at night! Added School teacher's room The game mechanic has been totally re-designed: Save games will be compatible with future versions


v0.4h: Fixed item delivery


v0.4g: All reported bugs should now be fixed


v0.4h Cheats have now been changed. Main UI Re-Design Fixed known bugs New cutscene mechanics: this will be a solid base for v0.5 Due to the new mechanic, previous versions saves will not work. Main plot continue: Let's go to Bethany's House! New location: Bethany's Home New location: The Gym locker-room Now when helping Moira you will get a tip New character added: Ashley! New character added: Human Ostara New Massage sequence with Moira in Her Bedroom (Clothes On) New Massage sequence with Moira in Her Bedroom (Lingerie) New Massage sequence with Moira in Her Bedroom (Naked) New Massage sequence with Moira in Her Bedroom XXX Demi-animated Scene Kara locker-room XXX Event New Victoria XXX Demi-animated Scene New Human Ostara XXX Demi-animated Scene


v0.3 Main plot progression! Moira new yoga sequence Slimmed down the code: The game will now run smooth New opportunity: Helping Moira with the Yoga New opportunity: Helping Vicky with suncream New Main Plot Event: Moira and MC Drinking New Main Plot Event: Mc and Moira sleep together in moira's bedroom after drinking New Segment: Added MC + Moira adult scenes New Main Plot Event: Bethany will come at home! Gym Instructor introducing MC to gym tools New location: The Gym New opportunity: Now you can train yourself at the Gym! New location: The Bank Fixed day\time bug Fixed game freezing during gameplay in MC Home Fixed Characters\Related locations

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