Vault Repopulation

Year: 2019Vault Repopulation
Censorship: No
Platform: Windows/Mac/Android
Version: v2.3
Language: English
System requirements:
CPU: Pentium4 2.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
VRAM: 128 MB
HDD: ~150 MB




As the name of this project suggests your main purpose is to repopulate the vault and find new friends in the outside world.​


You can find a 3 new characters in the game with some missions and new scenes.

Some dialogs were fixed and some options in the game now have new stories or characters that will appear and make the game a little more complex. I tried to fill some blind spots in the game and hope the new characters can close the gap in the places that have less scenes.

Catie finds her new home in your vault, Daria will protect the Milkypolis and Denisa is the proud member of the Sisterhood. Hope you will find them funny and attractive.

Basically, this game update is all about the remakes, interactions and new scenes so you will find a lot of old scenes with a new look and some new things. Dwellers, backgrounds, priest, Thalia, Holly mother and the others get a decent look finally so I hope you will enjoy it.


I add save for this version for anyone who want to just have fun... Just copy it to save folder and it will work... What is new in this update? - You can now pick a gender. That will affects many scenes and options in the game - If you pick a woman, you can make futa research and then cancel it if you want - new character - irys "personal trainer" with 2 scenes - You can now have fun with captured creatures - 2 new scenes for Furiosa + option to play with her - Hall of fame to honor my patrons - some endings is now different - If you want numbers this update have 145 new pictures 5581 new lines and many edited old scenes / dialogs


- Stats system is now implemented in the game. Battle system vault dwelers even some of scenes is unlocked with stronger skills. It can inrease game difficulty for non cheating players but still it is fun (I hope) - Experience system - basically almost everything is now rewarded with experience which can be used to increase your stats or stats of your defenders - Defenders new and old character of vault repopulation can be used in daily vault defense which can be activated or deactivated in the main room - New characters Grace, Nursie, Slimara, Flora and Furiosa can bring you new events and some of them have new xxx scenes - New enemies mainly in daily battle and capturing / hunting monsters for Flora. Three new monsters - Fury, Slimy and Floater. Every one of them have 3 difficulties. - New story and possibilities in vault and minimap vault locations Armory and Rooms


- New character Alice is located in sisterhood she have 3 new scenes - New battle system in testing phase for now every battle needs different strategy to win - New scenes for Sam and reaction depending on how you decide to cure her 3 new scenes for her - Some mission help reworks to make it more clear - One hidden location but not so hard to find


- Scenes and dialogs with Deandrea is fixed + some of her missions is little edited - scripts and other things - New character with funny story with possibility to choose her end - she appear near slave city after 20 day - Mission edit and mission check too, now it is more clear - milkgirl rework with new scenes - slavemarketgirl and option to assign obee - l.a.b. - milkgirl and sam if you complte her missions in right way - some things in sisterhood is different now you need to build BFG to gain her support - some picture was edited and compresed game have now less mb So hope you like it old saves will not work on new content...

How to activate cheats

Push blue area in "Control room". Then appear dialogue where you can add days/population/coins.









Game manual

Daily events:


- Day 3 new dweller come to vault
- Day 48 You was poisoned now you need to hurry visit Big Ronda in Market Square
- Day 50 you die if you didnt visit Big Ronda
- Day 55 new dweller come to vault if you want her
- Day 65 Big Ronda come to warn you
- Day 80 stupid scene dweller have fun
- Day 90 Chitsa come to warn you now you have 10 days to prepartaion
- Day 99 Chitsa come to kill you You can survive if:
- You gain sisterhood supprot - donate sperm to them more then 10 times
- You gain milkypolis support - if you complete priest story
- You gain Slave city support - if you complete begar mission
- You give her a gift you can buy in Deandrea shop
- Afte That you can complete game if you visit Big Ronda and chose option: So what can I do for you?


Vault possibilities:


In main room:
- check mission progress
- LAB tutorial
- You can send LAB to explore the wasteland 4 scenes is hidden and appear 2 in slave city, 1 in sisterhood, 1 in market square also you can earn some coins here
- Talk to obbe to gain some information or try to find some money
- Got to wasteland


In Lab room:
- go to milking room
- make a research for your armor to have possibility to visit wasteland
- Bulid body for Lab and Obee
- Obee missions available
- Make some research


In Living room:
- Research sex options with dwellers need sugar for that
- interact with dwellers or make a new one
- Research for more fun - it will unlock new rooms in vault you need fev injection


In Radio Room:
- upgrade radio station to attract more dweller
- broadcast to wasteland to attract some dweller
- assign dweller to breeding or finding coins or send them to mission
- dweller can kill gecko or deathclaw then you can sell them to Trenia in market Square


E room:
- Assign dweller increase daily income
- Use milk protein to increase breast size
- have fun


- Assign dweller increase daily income
- have fun
- inspect larder


- have fun and fun


Milkgirl story:
- go to map tap on milkypolis
- choose look arround options until you see an ambush
- be brawe and protect milkgirl now she appear in milking room in vault
- make some research in your lab and buy serum from Deandrea
- now you can milk her


Ina story:
- Day 5 Ina first appear you can increase her affection
- Day 10 Ina second appear she can give you coins
- Day 15 Ina third appear some funny scene here also she can give you coins
- Day 25 Ina fourth appear now you can pick coins or xxx
- Day 40 Ina need 1000 coins if you give it to her you can find her later in Market Square. If not she dissapear from game.
- Day 45 Ina cone to thank you if you give her coins in day 40


Milkpolis story:
- Talk wit priest and be nice to her
- after a some talk you can have some fun with her
- after more talk she give you acces to grotto
- you find Artemis here now you can have fun with her if you want
- talk with priest she send you to market square
- talk with Trenia and help her hunt deathclaw
- back to Milkypoils grotto and milk Artemis
- Artemis appear now in milkypolis temple you can also milk her here or have some fun if you support 5000 coins in local milking machine
- If you didnt milk Artemis more than 3 days she appear again in grotto


Deandrea story:
- after day 20 talk with Deandrea and offer help she want to find another smart deathclaw
- go to bar in slave city and drink some beer - buy drink to hunter and listen to him
- inform Deandrea
- after day 40 talk with Deandrea and offer help she ask you to help with the hunter
- look arround slave sity and talk with hunter
- you can solve this quest peacfully and go to milkypolis temlpe and offer him deathclaw milk
- you can solve this quest by killing him just be bad guy and ask sisterhood for help
- after day 60 talk with Deandrea and offer help she want to find smart deathcalw
- go to hideout and ask sisterhood for help - tell truth
- go to Deandrea and inform her
- after day 80 Deanrea want to visit your vault you can pick whatever you want


Slave City story:
- In Slave city tak ith beggar and donate her 10 times
- Then she need 1000 coins to repair their hut
- Go to reparied hut in slave city and talk with slave leader
- Have some interaction with her
- What else you can do here?


- In milkypolis you can visit new milking machine and have some fun or gain information
- Also you can sell or buy milk here or donate milkypolis religion
- A lot of Cg scenes and fun - artemis - priest


Market Square:
- You can buy some thing in market Square here you can buy almost every important item in game
- have fun in den if you help Ina
- Talk with Big ronda and gain some information
- Have fun with Trenia


Slave City:
- Visit local bar use local toilet
- Visit slave market - WHY NOT???
- Cg with laveleader and begar


Sisterhood of Steel:
- Complete mission from paladin
- Then you can enter to Sisterhood hideout
- Talk with Riaki and complete her missions
- Talk with Thalia and complete her missions

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