Tangled up


Year: 2017
Censorship: NoTangled up
Developer/Publisher: SerialNumberComics
Platform: Windows/Mac
Version: v11 (rus/eng) + Incest patch + Walkthrough v9
Language: English/Russian
System requirements:
HDD: 12.8 GB



  Here is the first version of the game. It consists of 6 days to play, not much to achieve, with the exception of a few hot scenes that need to be unlocked by playing correctly. The initial idea for starting this game is a conflict between sexual motives and morally acceptable actions.



v9 quick fix

1- Characters location 2- Content in female character mother path. 3- "What's wrong Vicky" choice corrected 4- Vicky animation, during foot massage scenes. 5- Missing scenes And that image is from her mother path Thank you.



They both moved in with Vicky, but it looks like she doesn't even own the place. There is no indication of the characters location in this version, not this time, I'll leave it for you to find out. Almost nothing in her mother path, but you know how things are going on with me, so expect something for her path soon. You have to play until 3rd week (of this update as per a1fox3) . Try to learn how to hack the cameras (you'll get it once Vicky asks you) and only when you learn enough (3 skill points needed) you know you reached the end. I hope you like it. The plan was to release something bigger, but couldn't do before month end.


v8 Add-on Additional scenes: 1-End of V7 , more gentle scenes (Thank you a1fox3) 2-Spying on her at night 3-Helena route (The friends' mum, that's her original name) Fixed missing scenes.

V8 Finally! Thanks for your patience, this update is about action, mostly. I won't post any help now, try it first, then a walk through will follow. One thing to note, there are so many additional scenes in old choices, especially while exercising, goodnight scenes, and TV... V9 will take a twist. But before V9, there must be something... If you face problems, please let me know, I won't be available for the next 4-5 hours, but right now I'm here. Thank you I will add you must do 3 photoshoots to proceed. ADD: You should start a new game like SNC said there is new content in the early days of the game now.


v7.0 Fixed Fixed some bugs

v7.0 beta I'm leaving it for you to discover this version, I won't give hints or walk through now... Just kidding... But seriously, try it alone for the first time. OK here's the first hint: When you get the pills from Vicky, then from the next day (and everyday afterwards) visit the pool as soon as you wake up. Try it now and tomorrow I'm going to post some hints, and after some time a walk through. There are two path in this version, the main character path is big and full of varied events, especially at the pool (although somewhat random). Her mother path is short, if you selected yes to the mother in the version before the previous one, then you've definitely taken her path. But don't worry I added an option for you to change path, this option should appear at the start of this V7 (That is in case you are on her mother path) I hope you enjoy it. Please don't forget to report bugs or missing images. Many thanks


v5 Beta

Fix Day 30 Nook Fix



Updated some variables. Changed his room Fixed wrong hair in 3 images Added scenes starting day 16 in Toilet @ 13:00 and @ 21:00



Added an event at 17:00 Added 4 scenes on day 18 in kitchen/storage room. Missing images fixed Fixed 1 error where you get kicked out of the game. Game is one file now.



Additional pool scenes. Kitchen scenes (opens 2 new "routes" for next version). Hot tub scenes. Fitness exercise scenes, with ability to do something with her clothes (still not much in this version, but I have plans for more, a hole is one of them). Ability to enter her room at some point. Few cosplay scenes at night between the Main character and her. You have to buy a suit on day 8. New movie animation with sounds, it has characters from previous novel as cameos, check nook in the afternoon to the evening after few days. Small parents room scenes, nothing important. Vicky -the maid- arrival. In general the scenes advance day after day, pool, study, cosplay... of course some more than the others, and some are event related.

Incest patch

Copy the file from the incest patch folder to the game folder. Patch requires to start the game from the beginning.

Proper playback

If at the end of the 6th day you do not see a short hot scene, this means that you do not have enough points, and you probably missed something important on the third day. Enough points will also allow you to see something hot on the 5th day, they are all connected. Please note that at some points you should do some actions to advance time (for example, visit a corner or relax for an hour in a room ...), this is because no actions take place at this time of the day, but do not overdo it otherwise you will miss important events. Try more, for example, if you visit a place and find nothing at a certain time - this may happen at another time.


1. Download torrent.
2. Run TangledUp.exe.
3. Play.

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