Tales of Arcania


Year: 2019Tales of Arcania
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Homie
Platform: Windows
Version: v0.5.3
Language: English/Russian
System requirements:
OS: Windows
HDD: 800 Mb




You have to take on the role of a slave trader, explore the surroundings, look materials and food to improve your Castle of Pain, go to an unknown territories in the raids for new slaves or just buy them on the market, improve equipment and weapons, look for allies, perform Guilds contracts, this and much more awaits you in Arcania.

  Choose between a male or female character, develop various skills that will help both in battle and in the obey of slaves.




1. New race! - Half-kins! In total, the game will have 4 or 5 half-human races - cats, dogs, foxes, wolves (tannuki optional). In this update - Half-kins Cats. 2. Over 1000 new pics! 3. Fixed a bug in the guild, the race was not checked during the closure of the contract, now everything works correctly) race matters)) 4. Fixed several errors and typos in the text.


completely redesigned prologue, now the selected character also "pumped" skills in the training of slaves, a new map and locations with the corresponding NPCs, "Castle" turned into an "Mansion", fixed a few bugs and typos in the text, other minor fixes.

3.1 (112 votes)