Take Over


Year: 2018Take Over
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Studio Dystopia
Platform: Windows
Version: v.0.28 Rus / v.0.32 Eng
Language: English, Russian
System requirements:
OS: Windows
HDD: 350 MB



  Take Over is a game about corruption where you need to be careful not to be caught by a ghostly government.

  Control the minds of people in the city, using them and their influence in your favor, or make them work to get resources and money, and finally take control of them.

Updating old saves

 To update old saves you need to make sure to save in your house. Once you do that, load the new version of the game and sleep once, that will auto update the game.

Console commands

To launch the console, press shift + O money serum suspicion supplies celia_corr katy_corr dimi_corr


3 new story scenes: Infiltrate a restaurant owned by Eva, the owner of Folk Inc. and recruit a new agent, Ana, who will help you when the time is right.

4 new scenes in the park - jogging girls, picnic, yoga class, and reading girl. These have 3 versions each, depending on freedom (0/30/60)

3 new scenes for the church - lesbian nuns, comfort, and praying.

Adding a new action in misc choices (menu at home) to watch TV with 4 channels: The War Report, the weather channel, Trends and More! and Morning news - these change once you have finished controlling the TV station and if the city has over 60 freedom.

There is a bug in a journal somewhere, which says that you need to continue corrupting the university when the task is done; this has not been fixed yet (need to look further), but it should't stop or affect the main story AFAIK

3 new story scenes, you can continue them from the HQ. They are all about preparing to take Folk Inc., and also, if you corrupted Vera early game, you will have a special scene when you can decide to corrupt the rest, which will affect the ending (I would say all endings lead to a harem but depending on your choice the relationship changes)

New training for Nela, the butch one, including her 4 scenes. only one version of Nela left to finish all her basic training!

New event scene in the mall, the movie theater: For now, the scenes are short, but as with the others, it will be expanded in the future.

New reports for Dimitria, both for her regular tasks and one for her entertainer task

New reports for Mirjana, same as Dimitria.

3 story scenes, finishing the corruption of the Salija and her people at the TV station.
New training for Nela, this month is the seductress version. Just a couple more to go!
3 New events at the farm, including a variant with public use with Petra.
2 new report scenes for Katy and Celia. If you assign them to work as entertainers/dancers, you'll get to ask them how it goes. It has 3 variants, depending on freedom (freedom < 30/60/+60)
Fixed a few bugs, including wrong texts and missing images, but there are still a few left.

3 new story scenes for Salija
New events for the mall, the PPF HQ and the bar
A lot of bug fixes, including the journal and Katy events at the university.
A lot of small grammar errors in multiple scenes

3 new story scenes, focusing on Hana
3 new events at the coffee shop
4 train scenes for Bimbo Nela
3 new events at the library
1 new event with Katy at the university (public)
3 new scenes at the police station
1 new scene with Celia at the office in downtown
Flirt scenes (Vera, Erika), and social media (if public use for Mirjana, Katy and Dimitria)
A bunch of bug fixes

3 New story scenes at the tv station.
New dominatrix training for Nela at the club. These are 4 scenes, and you'll be able to change her personality if you picked something else when you had the initial choice.
Lesbian scenew/ Katy and Celia.
3 new scenes w/ progression at the laboratory (Dimitria).
2 new scenes w/P at the church (Ljijana).
2 new scenes w/P at the workshop (Mirjana)
2 new scenes w/P at the university
Bugs and grammar corrections at some scenes with Ljijana, but there are a lot of them that still need fixing.

5 new story scenes, where you finally will get to meet Salija and her crew.
2 sex scenes for Maja
4 Discipline training scenes for Nela, in her submissive version (if you did pick a different personality, you can change it to see the content, and will be able to change it back in the future)
1 new threesome scene for Emma and Celia
A new progressive scene where the MC is taking a bath and Katy interrupts him. This scene changes depending on her corruption!(edited)

4 story sex scenes for Dzenana and Maja, you'll be able to choose public and non public routes for them, which will change some sex scenes in the future.
11 new sex scenes for multiple characters: Erika (3), Margaret (3), Luka (2), Emma (1), Claire (1). Two of these scenes are a threesome (Margaret and Emma)!
A few bug fixes, but nothing game-breaking so far.

4 new story scenes: Now you'll be in charge of corrupting the TV station. Introducing two new characters: Maja, the not so bimbo agent, and Dzenana, the director of the Dept. of Knowledge.
14 new repeatable sex scenes, with 2/3 sex scenes for the next characters: Alexandra (Vera's boss, can be found at the HQ), Dana (At the university), Alenka (At the bar in midtown), Giovanni (at the club), Claire (at the club) and the Barista/Manager (at the coffee shop)
New locations: Midtown (a choice inside the downtown menu), TV station (midtown), Bar (midtown)
125 new renders and images
12k words of content (4k for the main story, the rest for the sex scenes)
Fixed Katy's submissive sex scene bug.

4 new story scenes, finishing Jovanka's storyline
3 repeatable sex scenes for Jasey, Ljijana, Jovanka, Elise, Petra.
3 new locations (police station, church, farm), although for now these are just so you can access these characters, I'll be adding small events int he future too.


4 new scenes for Ljijana and Cynthia, finishing their storyline.
4 new scenes for Branka and Jovanka, including an optional scene with Giovanni.
A few bug fixes, including some of them in the journal.
Over 10k of story and 90 new CGs!

4 New quests for corrupting the university with Emma, you will get to meet and corrupt a landlady named Petra. After these quests we’ll be ready to almost wrap up this storyline.
4 new quests for Branka, here you’ll get to meet Elise, pictured above, which is the daughter of an important mafia boss. You’ll get to know her, possibly hate her, and start to corrupt her.
4 new quests for Cynthia. She and Ljijana progress in their relationship, an important step to finally start her personal and intimate corruption.
Bug fixes, which are more common with Emma due to her transformation.

4 new quests for Emma. These are more focused on your relationship with her than just corrupting the university.
4 new quests for Branka. Branka’s quest are more about the city and the world you live in.
4 new quests for Cynthia. Cynthia’s quests are about her relationship with Ljijana, they are focused on the relationship of these 2 characters. At this point in time you are more of a witness than anything else, but that will eventually change

Work with Branka to take over the department of measure! Get to know her new team more personally!
Help Cynthia corrupt the priestess, using her persuasion and machiavellian tactics.
Let Emma help you to continue with the task of corrupting the university, with 3 different routes! (NTR, public and personal use)
over 14k text worth of story!

8 relatively long scenes, where you get to deepen your bond with other characters, and will get ready for what’s next.
The introduction of new main characters. These will cover almost all of the roster for this game (there are few left, but these may be secondary)
Bug fixing, although there are still a lot of work left.
over 12k of text! Including many sexy scenes!


Adding a new character, Alenka, Mirjana’s friend and a logistic expert that will help to run big scale operations, something that no one else in your team is properly prepared to do.
The first scenes of corrupting the university, with the help of Dana and Jacey.
Capturing a chemical facility, either using one of your main girls (Celia, Dimitria, Katy or Mirjana) to seduce the owner, or a generic girl from the staff if you haven’t trained them in public use.
Various bug fixes

Added 7 new quests to Erika’s story, you can fully corrupt her now and then use her knowledge again.
Added a new character, Dana, the principal of the university. To corrupt the university you first need to get her, this includes 7 new scenes of content too. For now, there isn’t anything after you finish corrupting her, next update will be about corrupting the staff and else.
Various bug fixes, although I suspect there are still many more, please report them!
The changelog may be short, but there are over 100 new renders and 12k words in this update, so is really similar to past updates, except more focused.

Two new dates for Vera, which are critical for the story!
Two new dates with Cynthia! This will also unlock sex scenes for her!
Two new dates with Branka, and as with Cynthia, it will unlock an anal and sex scene.
Two versions of a main story scene, depending if you have gone through the love route or the corrupt route. This is available once you finish dating or corrupting Vera’s team.
Corrupt Margaret scene if you have gone through the corrupt route.
The first three scenes of Erika’s corruption. These scenes are kinda long and don’t have sex in them.
Submissive girls events for the club.

NOTE: This version has been updated with some important bug fixes. The game wasn't broken or anything, but a lot of the content was blocked. This links have the newest version.

Hello patreons! Finally a new update for the game! Sorry if I haven’t been too communicative this month through patreon (you can always find me in discord tho!) but it’s been very busy and I had to reorganize a lot of things for my current projects.

Nonetheless, most of this reorganization is over and next months should go as smoothly as ever, and also should be mention that this has not affected this month’s build, just how much I’ve been talking about it.

Well before I continue, here is th changelog!


Added two new jobs for Celia, Katy, Dimitria and Mirj (CKDM), these are entertainer and courtesans for the club. There are some scenes for them as entertainers, no scenes for them as courtesans. Courtesan jobs will use public use, of course, but entertainers won’t.

A new anal scene for CKDM, it’s amazing it took this long to add this, but I really haven’t had time, but this month I wanted to finish most of their content so far.

Oral, vaginal and anal sex scenes for Vera, Branka and Cynthia. You can see them all if you corrupted them, but not all of them if you are going through the love route.

8 exhibitionist events in different locations for CKDM.

Updated the journal, all the new characters are there now, added the nightlife tab, among other things.

Added mechanics for the club, now it will provide money once properly unlocked, you can also assign manpower to increase it’s earnings.

You can now assign manpower to all the other tasks (intelligence and insurgence tasks), so you can now assign your main characters to whatever you prefer with more freedom.

Some bug fixings, although I am aware there are some that still need corrections, specially ones about consistencies

Added the first two dates of Branka and Cynthia! If you decided to go through the love route with Vera, you’ll be able to date these two too!
Added the corruption for Branka and Cynthia! If you instead decided to corrupt Vera, you can also finish corrupting them two after you’re done with her. The scenes are more lengthy than the dates, since the love routes are slightly more slow paced, nonetheless, so even if it’s only 1 scene the amount of content it’s similar.
Exhibitionism training for Celia, Katy and Mirjana, with 4 scenes each, this will be a requisite if you want them to work on the club (not added yet)
Fixed many bugs, including the intelligence bug. Tried to test the game more throughly, but since there are too many variables, there may still be some bugs around, so please report them!
Added a bunch of events in the club that you can activate when you sit around.
There are 9 events that involve the MC, and 4 that are public use (which will only appear if you check the right policy in the club facility). Also, some events will only appear if you made Nela submissive or dominant, because BDSM stuff is usually more delicate. In the future, only theme-related events will appear, but this is just like a tease of the variety.
Over 120 new images!

Claire, she will be the manager of your club. You will be able to corrupt her in this updaste and get her ready to take over the new facility.
Added a special character, you will see more about her in the story. Must be said, she will be more custom than other characters and will be a more in depth figure for you.
Added the club, a new facility, for now you will be able to repair it and inaugurate it. In this version is not possible yet to assign girls to work in it, nor there are events, but the main story where you get it running is there!
Last step of corruption of Vera, a very lengthy scene must be said.
Next date for Vera (if you didn’t corrupted her), this route will be slower than the corruption one, because building strong relationships isn’t as fast, specially when one side is a paranoid secret agent.
Exhibitionism training for Dimitria.
You now can corrupt the library up to 100! Also, you’ll have a sneak peak of what’s going to be in the next update at the last scene!
The next step corrupting Vera’s team! When you are done with the library, go to the PPF HQ and you’ll have the option, save a lot of serum tho!
First date with Vera: For those who like more slow paced, meaningful relationships, the first date with Vera is available, so long you didn’t corrupt her in the past. This scene doesn’t has sex, and it may take you more time to actually get in her pants following this path, but it should pay off!
Emma transformation, finally! Although she has no sex scenes yet, you can have a sneak peek of her new model. To transform her you need to finish your date/corrupting Vera, then call her.
20 new public sex scenes in many places! These locations include the office, coffee shop, library, mall, park. For the scenes to appear you need to have trained the person up to 100% public use, or allow the public use policy in the right facility. If you don’t have 100% control of a location (i.e. coffee shop and library), these scenes won’t happen.
What to expect in the next build:
Exhibitionism training
New body transformations for 1 or 2 characters.
The brothel! This may be the last set of tasks available for your agents, and since it’s kinda complex, once I am done with it (which may take 1-2 months) the story will continue again to a faster pace.
next step of corruption for Vera, Branka, Cynthia and Margaret (up to 80, but not CREED yet, so no transformations nor special trainings).
New dates, hangouts, flirt and sex scenes!

Added a new story event with Vera when you visit the PPF HQ. In this case, she will explain you all about facilities.
Facilities! These locations will provide with basic income and changes to the city, you’ll be able to upgrade certain tasks for your agents, and in some of them you’ll be able to put policies in place, as in how they dress, or how they attend customers, etc.
One facility fully finished: You’ll be able to corrupt the coffee shop, flirt with the barista, and even transform them if that’s what you wish!
Four partially added facilities: The secret bunker, which you need to repair to conduct insurgency tasks, the PPF HQ, where you can upgrade your agent tools for their security tasks, your house, where you can put different policies for Celia and Katy (still WIP), and the library, where you will get introduced to a new character and agent, named Jasey.
New four tasks! Now all the tasks for insurgency and security have been added. These include raiding, sabotage, intelligence and misdirection. There will be certain upgrades for your raid and sabotage tasks in the next update, will you can find new updates for your security tasks in the PPF HQ facility inside the journal.
You now can research all the five body types, adding BBW, petite and bimbofication! in case you have extra research, you can start using it in this way. RIGHT NOW you can’t transform any character with these, although you can transform the girls at the coffee shop into bimbos!
New mechanic: Manpower! When you capture facilities (or in special occasions), you will get certain amount of man power. These can be assigned to any tasks, and will perform just slightly worse than one of your regular agents, so even if the roster of characters doesn’t grows significantly, you can still run big operations (right now it’s only available for labor tasks, which includes wage slavery, doing research or producing serum)
Also, public use training can be completed for for Celia, Katy, Dimitria and Mirjana (right now, just with their normal bodies).

New transformation! You’ll be able to give them a strong, muscular body to your girls now! This is for the four girls. New set of actions (Sex, BJ, etc.) for the four girls in their normal, ideal and strong transformations. Last voyeur scene for the four girls.
New training: Public use! The first 2 out of 4 scenes for the four girls, in their different TFs! New social network! You can check their SpyBook profile from your computer at home, just click in “Browse internet”, it includes scenes for the four girls from 0 up to 100 of corruption, new images and news will appear depending on their traits. New small events in the coffee shop (1), park (2), office in downtown (1).
New skills: Advanced tasks (for Celia and Katy), and combat training for the rest. New locations in the map(all of them WIP): Park, mall, downtown and PPF HQ. A new guide! It was done with the version 0.5, but that’s where the story ends so far, so it covers all the game pretty much. I will go more in depth with this guide in the future tho! Around 15k words of content and over 500 new images! I think the biggest update so far! (not sure if with writing, but definitely with renders)

NOTE: Some people have reported bugs in the journal, thes earent critical and so far there isnt new content in that section, so you wont be missing anything.

Hello patreons! Here is the alpha version of Take over! As promised this is focused on sexy content: first of all what I had to do is to create new sex scenes (kiss, grope, hj, bj, sex) for the current characters (Celia, Katy, Dimitria, Mirjana).

I also did it in a way that it should be easy to redo these renders with new body transformations, without losing so much time posing

There are only few hours left to the poll, and focusing on world building and mechanics have been the by far the most voted option. This doesn’t means I wont advance the story at all, is just it will not be my focus right now.

The changelog is short (I mean, I could make it longer if I was specific with each girl), but remember that this isn’t all the content that you will see this month, just part of it:

Fixed few bugs with the journal. As far as I know it should be working now, I have an old save that I use for testing, but there may still people finding troubles, please make sure to send the report!
Sex content for Dimitria, Mirjana, Celia, Katy. This amounts to 20 new scenes with a total of 7k words and around 200 renders!
TL;DR ahead!

With that said, what’s next for this month? And after that? Well, first of all I need to set up the code for everything to come; to handle the random events, new locations, etc. For the most part the new journal is working very well, or at least the reports were few and already fixed, this means I could expand that piece very easy, plus I already did most of the assets for it.


Well first of all I need to finish the last training scene for the current characters, before working on the next. I want to add certain special dates or actions, which should change depending on the triggers. These training should also open new, fun events.

Transformations are also an important thing, of course the problem here it means that each new one adds a lot of extra work, so it’s very likely that I will add these changes little by little each month, let’s say I add the strong body transformation only for Celia this month. I probably will do a poll to see what you guys want first, and which character.


What I want is to characters to be able to move a lil bit around the city, or at least to make it so you can visit them at their current workplace (and by that I mean to the place you assign them to go with tasks). Because of that I will have to redo the code for the house, laboratory, workshop and every location. I am hopeful that this won’t take much time, but it could.

There should be new locations to visit in the city, like the restaurant, mall, gym, and others that have already been mentioned or visited during different dates and hangouts. You’ll be able to see events that should change depending on how much you corrupt the city and its political institutions, with the idea in mind that the less control the government have, the more wild the citizens will become (imagine being socially suppressed for over a decade? People is pent up!)

I don't promise deep relationship with these citizens, but I can promise sexy action!

It should be said I am still thinking about having or not facilities, which would be related to the tasks of course. We’ll see!


All the tasks for the game are for the most part already planned, implementing them could be super easy of course, but just looking at numbers change every day ain’t that funny, so I will take it slow so you get detailed (and graphic) reports of what you girls do instead of just “It was a very harsh day at the office”.

These events will change depending on their training (they all need to go through CREED to be assigned to a task), so this also means there will be a lot of fun action.

Future tasks, and what they mainly produce: Raids (money), sabotage (freedom), dancer (money), prostitute (+money), trafficking (money), intelligence (intelligence...), misdirection (reduces heat)

They have pros and cons, and of course many of those are just sexy so, it’s a good redundancy IMO.

v0.5 official

4 Scenes to corrupt Luka, one of Vera’s closest allies. This will be divided in a route where you can let Emma corrupt him and have fun with him, or don’t. Each scene has some sexy content in it, and the last step of corruption has 4 different sex options.
Continuing the main plot! This includes researching a male serum if you want to corrupt Vera, or just partner with her and assault the People’s Police Force headquarters!
New journal after you’re done with this part of the story.
Basic management, including 4 tasks (Research, produce serum, regular jobs and counter-intelligence) and supplies management.
Over 150 new renders and images!
Added a “Update names”, this will run over the “names”, making certain updates easier. You can do this through the computer at the MCs house.

v0.5 alpha

Hello patreons! Here it’s the alpha 0.5 version of Take Over! Now it must be mentioned that I feel like this version will feel shorter than previous not, even if not, this is because most of the (OPTIONAL) sexy content in it its for public use/sharing Emma and some bi content with Luka, the guy down there.

Now if the story goes like this it’s because I find it kinda fitting for a character like Emma, who is a perv, to push the boundaries of the MC as much as possible, but never to the point that you would have to do something you don’t want.

So if you like voyeur, sharing, or even some bi stuff, 0.5 will be for you! But if thats not the case don't worry, next updates will be more vanilla and straight forward as past updates, since I’ll be introducing new characters to corrupt and have fun as with the first characters, including the agent Vera.
Also I had to invest a lot time redoing the journal, but this is going to be tricky: The new journal will only appear after you finish the story line in 0.5, think of it as the MC upgrading its own notebook after so much shit happens. And not just that, but the game will also have more mechanics in 0.6 and 0.7, and I’m kinda excited by that part, but you guys we’ll see in time!

Without further ado, a short changelog for the alpha:

-Three kinda long scenes with over 5k of words and over 50 renders.
-Continue the story, decide to side with Vera or corrupt her! For now the content in this alpha only includes its path towards her corruption.
-The first 2 out of 4 levels of corruption of Luka.
- Research and develop a male serum at your lab!

0.4.5 official

Hello patreons! Here is finally the release of 0.4.5, it includes the content from the alpha version (which was only Dimitria’s) and new one too! I tested it and AFAIK there are no bugs but again, one scene here or there may have an error, but I doubt anything significant so just hit “ignore” and keep going if this happens.

Without furhter ado, the changelog:

-Four hangout action for Mirjana and Dimitria, if you want to check it out feel free to cheat and reduce her corruption to 0, 40, 60, and 80/100.
-Voyeur training for Mirjana and Dimitria, including the CREED scene and 4 scenes to increase her skill up to 70.
-Transformation scene for Mirjana and Dimitria! Again this is for the ideal body, all new scenes have these variants, old scenes don’t tho.
-Single hangout scene for Vera, Margaret and Erika!
-Total content for this update around 12k words and over 150 images!

Now let’s talk about 0.5 and future updates: 0.5 will be about the story again, giving you the chance to corrupt Vera, more intimacy with Emma, and changing things a little bit about the gameplay, since I’ll try to reduce micromanagement (aka creating the serums yourself) as much as possible, also improving he tasks that you can give to your faithful soldiers or workers so you can get more money and supplies.

I also will add things that will consume these resources, but we’ll see over time since I don’t want to make the game too hard or punishing, at least to the point that’s not fun.

The idea is focusing on the story 1 month, then the next month focusing on content, so after 0.5.0 is released I will work on 0.5.5 which will be just new sexy content (voyeur scenes, new training, new random encounters, etc.) and no further development to the plot, in this way I make sure to game has a good balance between story and fun.

I want to thank you all for your support so far, and any new feedback, suggestions, bug reports, etc. Are always welcome, and please feel free to either leave them in a comment here or in the discord!


Hello patreons! Here is the release of take over alpha build! I think there are not too many bugs if any, but please let me know any error that may be there since there are many variables here and there that could mess things a little bit. This preview focus on Dimitria, for those who like her! The final release of 0.4.5 will include as much content for Mirjana, plus some content for Emma, Vera, Margaret and Erika, mostly SFW content though. As a note cheating is not recommended unless you have already reached 100 with her, since she having 0 corruption is key to trigger certain story events. Hangout action for Dimitria, if you want to check it out feel free to cheat and reduce her corruption to 0, 40, 60, and 80/100. Voyeur training, including the CREED scene and 4 scenes to increase her skill up to 70. Transformation! A short scene where you change her body, the results can be seen above! In total around 4.5k words of content. This plus Mirjana and the others means this monthly update will be above the 10k words in length of content, which is good IMO. And that'd be all for now! Full release will be around day 20 or so, so stay tuned!


New social interaction for Celia: Hangout. This is a less sexual interaction that you can find in the Action menu (like kisses, groping, etc.) There are two options for this: Hangout in the house, and going to the restaurant. In total there are 8 scenes (at corruption < 40, < 60, < 80, and 80+), including a voyeur scene if you have trained Celia in the last scene.
Voyeur training: Includes the initial training in CREED and 4 different scenes to increase her skill up to 70, it opens 2 scenes in hangout's too!
Ideal transformation: The first transformation available for her! It will increase her breasts and ass signicantly although not to silly levels imo! All the new high tier scenes have their normal and transformed version, old sex scenes are not updated yet.
Over 200 renders!
And that'd be all actually, I strongly recommend if you are using an old save to cheat and reduce Celia's corruption to 39, 59, 79 and 100 to see all the hang out scenes she has, since they are the main dish for this update!

This also includes a lot of rebalance, trying to make the game less grindy and faster to play. I apologize if it felt like a grind fest, but its hard to find the exact point to make it not too easy but enjoyable.

-A lot of bug fixes.

-Now you get more serums when producing with supplies (2 instead of 1 and 7 instead of 5 for the batch)

-Adjusted Dimitria “ask for money” favor.

-Wage can now be increased up to $30 a day (once when Dimitria’s corruption is at 40 and again when at 80 or more)

-It now takes 3 days before Vera and Hilde visit the lab, instead of immediately after corrupting Dimitria.

-There is a hidden stat that tracks how many “illegal supplies” you’ve used (increasing your suspicion the more you do it). Now after delivering serums each week to Vera this number will decrease, depending on her trust on you.

-Reduced trust requisites for some of Vera’s favors and the new Vera sex scene. Also significantly increased how much trust you get per delivery, specially if you deliver more than what she asks for.

-When you discover the serum for the first time, you now get 5 serums instead of two.

-Working now reduces 10 points of suspicion instead of 5, and resting also reduces suspicion now (5 points).

Over 200 new images. Most of the new content is focused on Mirjana and a new character, Emma.
Over 30k words of new content! Almost doubling the content up to 0.2!
Introducing 3 new characters: Emma, a college, open minded woman and roommate of Vera, Margaret, a very forward psychiatrist and Erika, a conservative biologist that obsessed with transforming the citizenry.
Finish the basic training using CREED, available for Celia, Dimitria, Katy and Mirjana!
A very rough and basic transformation for the main girls, for now it only changes their sprite but you can expect more TF content for 0.4

New level of corruption for Celia, Katy and Dimitria. It includes new kiss, grope, etc. scenes for each of them!
New random events! Two for Katy and one for Celia and Dimitria.
The plot keeps moving, introducing two new characters: Vera, the detective, and Mirjana, the sexy engineer! They don't have much content yet, but this introduction will show you where the story is going!
Over 140 new images! I also have re-worked some of the older ones, although there is still some work left, it's going good!
Initial version

3.1 (81 votes)