Sven Bømwøllen

Year: December 2002Sven
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Phenomedia AG
Platform: Windows
Language: Deutsch
System requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win98




Sven is a black lamb (a guy-sheep) with a raging boner. His only wish is to go and merrily smash every sheep around him, but he also has to be careful. The sheep dog and herder are constantly lingering about, and Sven has to time his romantic escapades quickly or he’ll get beaten up.


As an arcade game, Sven is fun, dumb and very simple. The challenge is to navigate Sven through the herd of sheep and shag away by pressing the Space key. You do this to every sheep on the map, but have to be careful not to get caught by the dog or his master. What’s cool is that the sheep get gradually annoyed if they don’t get any action. Their mood is hinted by a sun icon over their heads – if the icon turns into a dark cloud, that sheep is getting angry. Eventually they turn into devil sheep and will attack Sven. When they’re in a bad moon they also refuse Sven’s advances.


Little details abound. You can pick up certain bonuses, such as mushrooms that give you super speed or turn you invincible. Occasionally a sheep mermaid will jump out of the water, giving you a chance to increase your score. Aliens might appear randomly in later levels, and beam up your sheep for God knows what reason. It’s a very lighthearted game, and the only minus I can give it is the lack of level variety. Too often you play in the same place, and it does get repetitive

2.9 (102 votes)