Student Affairs

Year: 2018Student Affairs
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Tams-Senpai
Platform: Windows
Version: v0.5a
Language: English
System requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
VRAM: 128 MB
HDD: 600 MB




An illusion, a dream or just mentally confused? You play as the male student who is caught in the crossfire of questioning if the world you are living is real or not but you do know one goal is certain, capture the hearts of those girls who are bound to create a path for you or use them as you go through your own legacy. Will you follow your HEART or will you follow your LUST?



Apologies on the delay everyone, I tried fixing it but OLD save games won't work anymore unless you have a save point before you went to sleep at v0.4b.

I would again ask everyone to start fresh to avoid this issue.

Note: v0.5a ends with an old scene with Izanami.
For the meantime the Chapter 1 will 90% look like a VN styled where you are stripped away on your freedom to roam wherever you are.

There's a reason for this.

1. I am trying to shape up the story and romance of each female MCs.
2. Efficiency, as roaming around sometimes is a waste of time but I have found a way to meet half-way with roaming and freedom. Which I will be implementing on Chapter 2.
- Story progression up to Friday
- 8 scenes (with re-entry of old not included on the below list)
- Landlady - 2 scenes (Nude)
- Izanami - 2 scene (non-nude and nude) | 1 scene (old scene)
- Clio - 2 (3) scenes (Non-nude and nude)


Version Notes:

- Story progression after Izanami and Mom scene, game will return to title.
- Computer (Image previews of acquired scenes are currently unavailable and outdated.)

Common Bug:
- The continuation of your save game does a few bugs on the game which is not game breaking. You will see your character's sprite in asylum not wearing asylum uniform.

New Scenes:
- Hel continuation scene at night (1 image)
- Izanami scene (2 image)
- Clio cafeteria scene (1 image)
- Old scene Hirume re-entry

Please start a NEW GAME.
Story is only up until sleeping on MONDAY night basically after dinner and Izanami scene, a save game will prompt.

- Clicking events triggers interaction.
- Mouse pathing might be having issues sometimes so I made a workaround for events or NPCs when you click them it triggers them right away to make your life easy.
- Keyboard and Buttons might have hard time talking to NPCs or interacting with objects since I have not implemented the omnidirectional movement.
- Optimization for players who are having issues with FPS, option to turn off the sun ray effect. (Click on cabinet)
- Story driven and aligning the game first before Saturday and Sunday (Free mode) is released.
- New BGM

New scenes:


- Remake of Hel looking into the mirror while the protagonist is peeping.

- New voyeur scene (3 images)
- Dream Scene Foot Job (1 image)



Please start a new game to avoid map calibration issues and SAVE frequently!

 Android is still on its experimental stage. Buttons will be implemented soon.

1. Modified dining table to fix with the collision.
2. Optimized performance for old devices.
3. Workaround on Movement and map calibration
3a. Some players reported to have issues with the character path-finding. I'm taking a look at this it might have been caused by the isometric setup and certain plugins that does not match.

- Mouse - I made a workaround for the meantime on the mouse issue. You can now click the events/npc to activate them. (See also known issue)

- Map adjustments - It won't be smooth yet as I haven't made the omnidirectional sprites but it will be implemented soon, I'm just saving up money to have them in one sweep.

4. Computer should now be available to view all scenes.


Sprite will no longer be Pixelize - As part of the plan of revamp and also to align into the isometric map, sprite will be remade to have omnidirectional movement.


- I would honestly say that I have yet to have a fund to remake all of the sprite for the 3rd time but I am aiming this to be fixed by the end of October. Don't worry I am not begging, just give me time the support is enough.

Known issue:

- (MOUSE) Game crashes may experience as there are a few events that triggers when you click from specific tiles. I am yet to fix it, but for now please only click the icons or the NPC that you can see on screen!




FPS Issue - Fixed with an optional plug in (synch on or off), if issue persists please provide feedback I will try to remediate this.

Android - Removing some plugins that is causing issues, will try to update to the latest version of "android".

Typho/Grammatical errors (Proof Reading)

- New suggestion of Izanami and Hel's role to calibrate into the text scripts.

- English isn't my daily and main language but trying to fix it to have fluidity on the story flow.


Hide UI / Text box during scenes - Hotkey is "h".

Addition of Izanami and Hel's role - for example: Landlady and Dorm mate (up to you to decide what is their role in your life).

Text Scripts update - to fit the "new role" of Izanami and Hel. Dorm buddy? Landlady?




This is the initial version of Student Affairs after the revision, it contains the prologue of the game where we fixed the story line.

You'll notice that it is only prologue but will have new and various scenes that was not included on the older version. 10+ scenes.

This release does not include the mini-games yet.
BGMs are currently work in progress so you'll notice that most of the maps does not include any BGM.

Additional notes:

Opening the door requires to to press CONFIRM (Z by default) on some instances while inside the room it does not require you to press the confirm button to get to the next map.
You may notice that it requires to get to a better "spot" before you can get out of the map, this is being calibrated at the moment if the event of going out of the door fits the tile.
Feel free to provide your feedback on this.

You will notice that the indicators are like a give away. (Chat with NPC, Go here, Go there)
This is intentional on the prologue but will be harder as the chapter proceeds.
Don't worry hints will be given!

Game configuration for PC:
The default configuration of the game is up, down, left and right arrows, z for confirm and x to cancel, hold shift to run/dash or can be fix via "options menu > always dash ON".
In the options menu you may reconfigure this.


- Mnemosyne - Non nude scene.


- Added test mom pixel to be ready on September overhaul. - Redesigned Clio's trigger scene at shopping district during the evening.


- 2 Clio (Pink Hair) scenes (No Sex Scenes) - Class Hallway 3/3 (Afternoon with item) and Shopping District 1/1 (evening). - Lust potion (Shady Merchant) - Shady Merchant available now in the evening (Weekdays).


Bug fixes: - Alot of bug fixes (Izanami black screen and Weekend stuck) - Library introduction scene. - Library room invisible bug. - Event availability.


- Minor bugs fixed. - Resized all maps and scenes to scale with 1080p (Some maps may experience degraded pixels these will be fixed in the next update as they will be refreshed) - Image looping fixed on some maps.


Character progression: - Hirume mechanics changed, you need to unlock "grocery scene" before proceeding in having sex with Hirume. - Mnemosyne can be seen during the evening (weekdays) in Shopping district. - Enabled Dating with Clio. - Clio can be seen in the morning (weekends) in Arcade.


- Various bug fixes has been applied.


Disabled: - Clio Dating scenes. (temporary) - Clio on free roam. - Mnemosyne on free roam. - Uzume on free roam.


UI: - Quest journals are being experimented and will update soon.


Scenes: - 3 new Hirume scenes. - Fixed Izanami's scenes to be more progressive and less tedious. (5 scenes including the fantasize event) - Peeking scene was modified.


Items: - Removed Spy Camera - Added Love potion. (give it to someone who is energetic!)


Maps: - Modified Arcade to be less spacious and efficient. - Remodeled house to progress with the new story. - Remodeled outdoor of the house as suggested as old outdoor was inefficient and too much space without any content.


Pixels: - Outdated pixels are still being used. - New pixels to be rolled out next month when it has been completed.


Events: - Fixed Izanami's alley event to enable a scene. - Izanami undressing event no longer requires a spy camera. - Acquiring lust and love points has been improved. - Less requirements for a scene.


Mechanics: - Time and Day cycle has been modified. - School re-enabled.


Fixed Clio's dating option Fixed Izanami's dating option Fixed Izanami's missing bust image when responding during morning if 20+ love. Fixed responses of Izanami and Clio Fixed tutorial at the lake where Izanami is left in to the party. Fixed looping questions when dating Izanami and Clio


Mechanics: - Small changes on intro - Dating system (Clio and Izanami) via Lake (for now) - Gift system (Clio and Izanami, cooked foods only) - Working is now available in grocery store - Love system progression (little)


Scenes: - New scenes Izanami scenes (Undressing, sleeping and dreaming) - New dream scene (Izanami and Clio)


Character introductions: - Mnemosyne (White hair) - Uzume (Green hair) - Hirume (Yellow hair)


New maps: - New maps: (Shopping District, Flower shop, Library, School hallway, Classroom)


Items: - Love potion (Can be bought to shady merchant every morning in the shopping district.) - Spy camera (Can be bought to shady merchant every morning in the shopping district.)


- Fixed sound effects bug and other errors.


- Added Clio emotions when flirting and complimenting. - Fixed door bugs - Fixed Clio accompany route dialogue bug. - Optimized file size


Game mechanics: - Time (Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, Midnight) - Cooking (Functional - ingredients in the chest for testing purposes, currently boring and will improve in the future)


Scenes: - Shower Scene (Izanami) - Midnight Scene (Izanami)


New Maps: (Introduction only) - Grocery - Library - Arcade Plaza - Flower Shop - Lake

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