Starship Inanna


Year: 2019Starship Inanna
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: The Mad Doctors
Platform: Windows/Mac
Version: v.8.6
Language: English
System requirements:
Windows (32-bit/64-bit)
CPU Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
RAM 512 MB or more




  Starship Inanna is a visual novel game being developed by The Mad Doctors in the Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine. At it’s core it is a Choose Your Own Adventure style story set in a sci-fi universe akin to Star Trek or Mass Effect.

  You take on the role of a Commander of the Titan Empire, who has just been assigned as second in command under Captain Alexandra Zal. The crew of the ship is comprised of select races of the Empire which the player will be able to interact with and have relationships with (that means plenty of sex (if you want it)). There is much to discover as the Inanna begins her adventure to unknown parts of the galaxy. As Commander you will be sent on missions to different planets where you will encounter new cultures and civilizations. You will run across slavers, enemy races, omnipotent beings, and more. The choices you make as the story unfolds will have consequences, some subtle and short term, others may take much longer to play out.

Patreon Codes

Ep3 Gallery Code: Andromeda, Inflation Theory, Sonique
- exclusive Ep4 Scene: Pussy Protocol
- exclusive Ep4 Gallery: Discovery
Ep5 Exclusive Scene Code: Forward Observer
Ep5 Gallery Code: Mort Central
Ep6 Gallery Code: Engage
Ep7 Gallery Code: Corsair
Ep8 Gallery Code: Atlas16


-Fixed picking Adam first in Episode 8 - Hegemony skipping secondary choices and causing Michael/Cea scene to occur when having sex.
-Fixed a few typos.

-Changed the credits in the game (which I forgot to in 8.5.5)

-Fixed Ashe/Rin/Sam suddenly becoming Kani/Adam/Rachel path in Episode 2 Female
-Fixed a few typos in episodes
-Modified a few Kani lines in Episodes 1 and 3 to better reflect the detail from the in-production Kani history short story (basically correcting some timeline and world building details that were too broad when those episodes were written).

-Fixed Sam/Ashe scene in Episode 2 Male Gallery not working
-Changed OGG files to OPUS files, reducing the size of the game by a chunk

-JPGs replaced with WEBPs which has reduced the size of the game by more than half with not much dip in quality
-Fixed Adam/Michael pairing sex scene not working in Episode 8 under some conditions
-Some typos fixed


- Fixed gender pronoun issue in Episode 8 for Jane - Fixed John showing up during Jane's intro for Episode 8 for an image on the Aloshan story - Fixed an image call being in dialog in the Aloshan storyline in Episode 8 - Changed the executable name to remove spaces so Linux users can just play the game without modification


- Fixes a bunch of gallery problems (Certain scenes were not unlocking in the gallery, unlocked stuff should work now.) - Fixes a few more gender mistypes - Fixes a few more typos - Fixes not being able to exit a Patreon Exclusive Gallery - New credits, with new Ensign Tier included (per the recent change to the tiers)


- Fixed Jane being referred to as he, him, Master, Father, etc. in Episode 8 Hegemony Story - Fixed Corbin's Episode 1 scene not activating in the gallery - Fixed Corbin's Episode 2 sex scenes not showing under the Ashe/Sam/Rin path - Fixed Chole making a surprise appearance with Nikka during Corbin's scene in Episode 2. - Fixed other small typos


- Fixed transitions errors in Jane (Female Commander)'s story line that were throwing errors. - Corrected dozens of spelling errors/typos - Corrected being able to select Rin with Rachel or Sam.


Will you delve into the Hegemony, or take on a scouting mission for the Aloshan? This episode comprises two full storylines, depending on your choice at the end of Episode 5. There's over 35 sex scenes this time, plus some hard hitting choices depending on your path. Episode 9 will continue this dual-storyline trend. This Episode release also finds a new servant available for the Female Commander, retconned and added all the way back in Episode 1 with interactions in all subsequent episodes where other servants had scenes.


- Added a fix for the Episode 5 FathersName glitch if you have a sister (does require a restart of Episode 5, if you're already passed it don't worry, I'll toss another check in before it's important) - Fixed a glitch that would shift from Jane to John between Episodes 6 and 7. Requires you load a save from before the third block of the episode 6's character interaction or replay Episode 6. - All audio now in .ogg format - Lots of images have been compressed to reduce the size of the game (there should be pretty much no perceived loss in quality). - Rogue .wav files that were taking up space have been removed - Few typos fixed throughout


- Added a scene to Episode 6 to avoid players getting stuck in a loop if the only characters available in Block 3 are, presently engaged. Ashe now has a short conversation with the Commander (with new art for it, nothing big though, just under-armor suit) - Re-rendered the crew member doors in Episode 6 - Bunch of typo fixes in early episodes


- Fixed a bug in Episode 1 if you talk to Chloe or David in the Infirmary - Episode 7 title screen now reads Episode 7 (still embarrassing) - All Wiki links in Scene Gallery now point to the respective World Anvil pages. - Minor typo and grammatical fixes.


- Patreon Exclusive Gallery fixed - Credits actually updated this time.


Initial Release. Go on the mission to Gorivaz to rescue Anaya and see the beginning of where the choice you made in Episode 5 is going to take you.


- The scene gallery menu has been totally overhauled (version 7.0 will see more menus change to this style). - There's a bunch of fixes to the pronouns and images when playing as a female character throughout the game. - Rin now has previously missing images in Episode 2 showing up correctly (scene with Rin in pod) - Episode title cards now work (and were moved to the beginning of the episode, rather than the second scene as, when doing a straight through playthrough, the transition between episodes was nonexistent and sometimes very confusing, better to just make it apparent.) - Every image in Episode 2,3, and 4 with the old hegemony font has been edited to use the new hegemony font. - Just a bunch of typo and grammar fixes throughout.


Not available


- Main menu fixed and working. If you are on 5.0 you can just update from Preferences. if you installed 5.0.5 please re-download from the site. Episode 5 - Alpha - Having a glitched family when starting the episode keeps you with a glitched family even after you select a save fix. This has been fixed and is in the current alpha2 (released 12.22.2017 @ 11:06am CST) - Fixed dialog in Michael scenes having incorrect descriptions or old descriptions (will be in the beta) - Fixed Crew choice menu activating and progressing correctly (will be in the beta) - Fixed Kani sex scene triggering glitches when she calls you by name (will be in beta) - Fixed certain flashback dialog throwing a crash when you have no parents or siblings. (will be in the beta) - Fixed Episode 3 having a To Be Continued screen even though Episode 4 has been out for months - Fixed E3_Ashe_Sex being undefined if you never did anything with Ashe in E3. - Fixed Cea scene having glitched dialog when Cea's experiencing Vaginal. - Surprisingly indev was able to play through more before, there's an error with the image loading that throws off an entire conversation and hides it behind errors. Working on it.


- Fixed Bojin scene in Episode 3 being swapped (being virtual as opposed to an amputee or vice versa) - Fixed Cea talking to the Female PC as if she was a Male PC in Lorent City. - Fixed Female PC referring to themselves as Male in Episode 4 with Alex - Fixed a glitch in Episode 1 that would not define the 'next time' with David in Episode 2 (Sadly requires replaying Episode 1) - Fixed David's scene in Episode 4 not unlocking in the Gallery (requires replaying the scene in Episode 4) - Fixed a few more typos in the game.


- Fixed a bunch of typos in Episode 4. - Fixed Male image showing up for Female Commander in one scene in Episode 4. - Fixed glitched variable in Chole female sex scene in Episode 4.


Ep 4, v4.1.0 - Public Release:
- New main menu, Game Update moved to Preferences Menu. - Scene Gallery reorganized, and replaced all text buttons in the Scene Gallery. - Fixed old Jump Gate images in Episode 1 (and corrected some text). - Fixed Family variable from Episode 1, causing crash in Episode 2 under certain conditions. (Sadly one can't fix errors in Episode 2 without replaying Episode 1.) - Family/Parents discussion/variables in Episode 2 rewritten in prep for Episode 5. (No need to go back for this, we're going to have a save creator before Episode 5.)


- Fixed Asa scene in gallery causing crash. - Fixed Patreon Only scene causing crash in brothel. - Various small fixes to dialog.


Ep 4, v4.0.0
- Patreon Only Release


- Fixed No Parents/Sibling glitch under certain conditions in episode 2 - Fixed Tren Office images not showing at all - Fixed Xylin's song Ferocity not playing under certain conditions - Fixed Episode 2 Chole/Asa shower scenes incorrectly showing Male image at start when playing as Female. - Fixed a bunch of typos and grammatical errors - Fixed a few lingering 'badge' images.


- Fixed Xylin's song Ferocity in Episode 3 Sam discussion looping endlessly over the rest of the session.


- Fixed having just a Sibling requiring having parents under some paths in Episode 2.


- Finished adding QoL update to Episode 1 and 2 (PC name/location in save screen should work through all three episodes now) - Fixed Nali dialog in Episode 2 where she called the planet the wrong name contradicting later dialog. - Removed dialog in Episode 1 where you define that you have parents, Episode 1 now just has you define your Sibling (if applicable). - Fixed Parent/Sibling glitch in Episode 2. Added some new dialog if you have a Sibling with no parents (which is now possible).


(use update function in main menu if you already have 3.4 downloaded)- - Fixes accidental retention of a menu choice from testing that allowed users to bypass requirements for Ashe's sex scene in Episode 3. - Fixes some Quality of Life issues for Episode 1 (M/F)


- Public release


- Fixed a bug where watching multiple scenes in the Patreon Exclusive Gallery would crash the game


- Fixed a bug where Female PC conversation in the medbay on the Inanna would glitch if Rachel was not podded with Nali in Episode 2 - Fixed a bug where the Patreon Only scene with Kera didn't unlock under certain conditions - Fixed a bug where going to the Patreon Gallery would cause the game to not save after playing - Fixed a bug that prevented the Patreon gallery from having the tool-tip mouse over system - Fixed "back to main" buttons on all Gallery pages. - Removed the "Back to Main Menu" images and opted for text buttons (cutting down on needless images)


- Fixed a typo in the variable check that made it impossible to play the Patreon Exclusive Scene with Kera -moved the "Five Days Later" image to the end of Episode 2 where it makes more sense on a continuous playthrough (as putting it at the beginning of 3 made it lose context when jumping straight to 3 from the main menu)


- Fixed a bug in the episode selection screen that prevented saving the game (game kept thinking it was in a menu screen, where saving is not allowed). - Added image and wait time to make a conscious break between Episode 2 and 3.


v3.0 - Patreon Early Release
- Release


1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on Starship Inanna.exe" to start playing.

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