Price for Freedom: Avarice


Year: 2018Price for Freedom: Avarice
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Team Dead Deer
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Version: Build 19 Public
Language: English
System requirements:
CPU: I3 and higher
HDD: 9.87 GB



Price for Freedom: Avarice is based on the webcomic series, in the same setting and region. The game will tell the story of another cast of characters, in another town, and another time. The format will allow our team to drastically expand on world lore, side stories, and overall depth. It is a top down RPG, heavily inspired by old games such as Baldurs Gate. So expect decent amount of text, and people to talk to.


Build 19.0
- [Patreon] Terri scene with 2 animated CG.
- [Patreon] Terri quest with 1 pinup.
- [Patreon] Main quest bandit fort aftermath.
- [Patreon] More main story progress in Toreign.
- [Public] Osh'To recruitment quest and scene.
- 2 new collectible pinups to find.
- Toreign boat inn location, with two floors.
- Toreign 3 other new locations.
- Mage shop location, two floors.
- Terri animated sprite, including nude version.
- Terri portrait has more expressions to play with.
- Uulk dialogue portrait and updated sprite.
- Admiral Gracer sprite (not animated) and dialogue portrait.
- Mage sprite (not animated).
- 4 Lizard Merchant sprites (not animated).
- 3 nobles animated sprites variants.



Build 18.2
This is most likely the final update for the Hiho build. We are aware it is annoying for some people to download the whole game with every small update, and we will try to make a proper updater for the game, so you can quickly patch it instead.
This one fixes a bunch of smaller bugs with some quests, as well as typos thanks to nice folks from our discord. Please keep reporting anything wrong you find, it really help to improve the overall quality over time.
Hiho first scene is reachable again in the public build (it was made unreachable due to an oversight in the new patreon quest).
And our friends from Thailand wont be stuck in the loading screen anymore (hopefully).



Build 18.1
- [Patreon] Hiho scene with 3 animated CG.
- [Patreon] Hiho 2 new quests and 1 collectible.
- Moira revisit scene 3 new animated variants (oral, missionary, and vag on table).
- Verona post scene lizard ladies flash pinups.
- Camping in the wild allows to redo Samara and Hiho camp scenes.
- 3 new locations for Hiho quest.
- A pinup to find in Hiho quest.
- Basis of the new combat system.
- A new enemy type: Sectants.
- Hiho first scene now happens after the first visit to the temple.
- Add "Hiho at Nathan's inn" event after her first quest.
- Add the party table to Nathan's inn.
- Fix the strongboxes.
- Fix the short freeze during the first combat loading.
- Some combat area have special environment effects.



Build 17
- [Patreon] Moira scene with 2 animated CG and 2 still shots.
- [Patreon] Main quest part 2.
- 3 pinups to find.
- 1 new soundtrack.
- 5 books collectibles.
- 4 new animated sprites: Corpse trader, 3 captive girls.
- 6 new locations (Bandit Fort).
- Increase characters running speed.



Build 16.1
- [Public] Scylla scene.
- Fix all the known issues specific to Mac and Linux.
- Optimize the characters sprites and dialogue portrait textures.
- Various minor bug and typos fixes.



Build 16

- [Patreon] Alenai scene with 2 animated CG and 2 still shots.
- [Patreon] Main quest part 1.
- [Patreon] 1 collectible to find.
- 1 new soundtrack.
- 10 new animated character sprites: Alenai, Moira, Atlathka Footmen, Bandit Lizard, Bandit Boss, Modular Worker, Kimber, Noble, Worker Speaker, Caroline.
- 4 dialogue portraits: Alenai, Moira, Caroline, Worker Speaker.
- Military camp location.
- Alenai tent location.
- Kaldea Government district location.
- Townhall location.
- Slums Warehouse 2 floors location.
- Outskirts village edge location.
- Moira's home location.
- Save are now jpeg images.
- Old saves are converted to jpeg on game launch.
- Sitting mechanic for a few NPC.
- Screen resolution and Fullscreen mode can be changed in game.
- Removed the unity launcher.




Build 15

- [Patreon] Verona second quest.
- [Patreon] Verona second scene with 2 animated CG and 5 still shots.
- [Patreon] Samara third quest with 1 collectible.
- [Patreon] Garroth mini-quest.
- Add the Slums location in Kaldea.
- Shaman hut location.
- Zahra shaman animated sprite.
- New Abomination enemy.
- Items stacks can finally be split in the inventory.
- Items can now be dropped on the ground and picked up.
- 7 new items.
- New Diff system for the dialogue editor.
- SubscribeStar support.




Build 14

- [Patreon] Samara new quests.

- [Patreon] Samara scene with 3 animated CG.

- [Patreon] 3 Samara pinups.

- [Public] Iski second scene.

- Samara sprite rework.

- Reworked Samara first quest.

- New pirates enemies sprites and abilities.

- Samara theme soundtrack (2 variants).

- Nathan's Inn theme soundtrack (2 variants).

- 5 collectible pictures.

- 5 new locations (Galleon).




Build 13

- [Patreon] Osh'To companion quest.
- [Patreon] Osh'To scene.
- [Public] Katrina scene.
- New companion: Osh'To.
- A new species/enemies named Koyt.
- 2 new collectibles.
- 5 new locations.
- Rework the Gatehouse location.
- Rework the Trade District location.
- 1 new soundtracks.
- 1 codex entry.
- Pack Mule passive to increase the max carry weight.




Build 12

- [Patreon] Whole new quest adventure.
- [Patreon] Adventure scene.
- [Public] Terri scene.
- 14 new locations.
- Combat directly in travel mode.
- 6 new enemies with unique abilities.
- 7 new drawings to collect.
- 2 illustrated smut books to collect.
- 2 collectible books.
- 7 illustrated codex entries.
- Customize the main character appearance.
- ~20 new skill upgrades.
- New passives upgrades system.
- ~20 new items.
- Ability to consume food to recover health between fights.
- 2 new soundtracks.
- ~50 new sound effects.
- Revisited the items sold by the merchants.
- New environment lighting system.
- Combat matchmaker & Save editor (Alt + E).




Build 11
- [Patreon] Iski follow up encounter (rest at the inn). - [Public] Katie scene. - Portion of combat damages are carried until resting at an inn or a camp (new item). - Speak to Nathan to rest at the Inn. - Nathan's inn second floor location. - Add 6 more combat skills to Samara. - Add 7 more combat skills to Hiho. - Samara sprite arm tattoo. - Asynchronous combat animations: Removes most of the waiting in combat. - Improved combat cards animations. - Help overlay in combat to quickly show the shortcuts. - Add a way to edit the combat settings directly.





Build 10
- Scylla scene. - Follow up quest with Scylla. - 3 new locations for the Scylla quest. - New skills tree upgrades system. - Main title soundtrack (from AoiichiNiiSan). - Knight on pike location (in the old docks). - Ambient music for the knight on pike (from Psychix). - Hiho updated half body portrait. - Samara updated half body portrait. - Hiho and Samara skills icons. - Ability to equip and unequip your weapon with R. - Play the game soundtrack from the gallery. - Edit the characters relationship from the cheats. - The scenes unlocked are now saved into the save files in addition to globally. - A few more collectible pinups.

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