Pony Waifu Sim

Year: 2018Pony Waifu Sim
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: StudioWhy
Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux/Android
Version: v5.11 Alpha
Language: English
System requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
DirectX 10





  The game is a combination of open town/choosing who to tackle first, dating sim and visual novel (with minigames to boot!). The alpha covers the intro part of the game and gives you a taste of what’s to come. You play as a human character who ends up in equestria.


v5.0 Alpha
No official changelog yet but important to know

Note: You will almost certainly need to start a new game either from the start or by using the 'Skip Intro' button on the Main Menu. Remember you can use 'Ctrl' or 'X' to play in Blue fast mode. However if you really want to keep your old save (at risk of having some issues) spending the night before talking to Blue Fast may work.




Passing time with any pony now no longer locks the game up.

The park date now loads properly on Android.

Modified character names should now be properly set when you re-open the game.

Opening and closing the menu after putting away a book in the library will no longer lock up the game.

A shocked expression of Purple now looks more shocked.

Purple now doesn't flip on the bench unexpectedly. As always we look forward to hearing your feedback and thank you so much for continuing to support our game!




Tonight we are releasing the final date with Purple Smart before we officially move on to Blue Fast's route. (For real this time, the next update will be with her!)

This date fills take you on a walk through Moongaze park, and takes place after the lab. It's full of adorkableness and some cute-lewds, go check it out!

Note: If you have a save from after the end of Purple's route, then you can access this new date by sleeping until the next morning and talking to Purple.




Hello everyone, Alpha 4.2 has officially been released! This version brings with it a complete overhaul to the final date with Purple Smart. It is over four times longer and contains many new lewd images. In order to see it you'll need to replay that date, however.

We are going to rework the old interactive scene back in the game as an easter egg but for right now it is temporarily disabled due to some issues that arose when upgrading several parts of our engine.




Alpha 4.1 is here!

This version adds in a date with Purple Smart that did not make it into the 4.0 release. The library has undergone some minor changes and, after completing the date, you'll be able to check out books to read!

This update IS backwards compatible. Even if you have already completed Purple's route, you can load your save and talk to her in order to complete the new event. Normally the date takes place the day after you go to the cafe.

Have fun and happy reading!




This Alpha release contains the route for Purple Smart all the way up through an interactive lewd scene. (You'll know it when you get to it)




Major performance improvements across the board.

Fixed an issue where character names failed to render on high DPI displays.

Fixed an issue where mousing over to highlight certain elements would cause a slight pixel shift/stretch.

The feedback form now works properly on all platforms




New dates with Blue Fast and Charity!

A fully colored castle!

Improved lighting for the time of day!

Updated poses for the dates with Yellow Quiet, Ponka Pone, and Purple Smart!

An inventory system!

And several different items to obtain!

Note: Controls are now displayed in the settings. H toggles the dialogue box. X is now a fast-forward button for dialogue.




This version finishes up the introduction and lets you explore the town to visit all of your favorite characters. Like we mentioned earlier, Purple Smart has a little extra content in this version.

In the coming weeks, however, we will be adding similar encounters to each of the main characters.

As for your save files, the autosave made at the end of the last alpha should work. However we cannot guarantee that they won’t lead to issues.

Keep in mind that many assets in this version are temporary placeholders, and will eventually be updated to a level of polish consistent with the intro. Additional buildings/areas will be added as the background map becomes populated (as well as other non mane6 ponies).

With this version also comes a wave of tools which we can use to easily add more content, which you will see in the coming weeks.




Alpha 1.2 is here!

This version brings with it a complete overhaul of the User Interface:

-All the menus now follow a consistent style.

-There are several color themes to pick from for the UI.

-All characters (including yourself) can have their names, and the color that their name appears as, changed to your liking.

We are also continuing to work on Alpha 2.0, in which we are planning on having the game open up a lot more with the ability to explore the town.

Note: If you have played before some of the characters names might not appear properly. Just hit 'Reset to Defaults' in the settings to fix this.




Major Fixes:

Renaming characters in the CharacterNames.data file should now properly rename the characters.

The Main Characters name should stay renamed if a save is loaded.

Fixed instances where the wrong name of a character would be shown in text.

Save files will no longer break and show an invalid date/time sometimes.

Moona will no longer appear twice on some loaded saves.

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