Pony Tale Adventures

Year: 2017Pony Tale Adventures
Censorship: Partly
Developer/Publisher: Sneaky Kitty
Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux
Version: v0.4.0
Language: English
System requirements: 

OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android,

HDD 300 Mb.




  PTA is a free, high quality +18 parody fan game that's currently in development that has aspects of Dating Sims as well as Visual Novels.

v0.4 New UI! Completed in-progress BG MANY new characters added Picnic Section adde New Voice Actors New mini animations (mini-mations :3c New cutscenes New loading screen Lots of flavor Lots of love Also ponies v0.3 This time, we introduce the remainder of the Mane Six! The engine has been updated (many times), the writing has been redone (and will be redone again), and so many more art assets have been included! (I’m in love with the character expressions especially, and the BGs are so detailed, I want to kiss a kitty.) First off, the staff cycle. Our team now consists largely of three individuals. Spookitty, that cute kitty you all know and love, as Founder and Illustrator/Animator! errorStream, our equally cute but more technically minded Programmer! We have a lot of plans to make things feel even more alive going into future updates. And me, Silk Wright, as Writer and Project Manager! I’m not cute. I’m mean. Rawr! Deadlines, TPS reports, quarterly earnings, rararara! v0.03b1 TBD version 0.02 95% of art has been completely redone! Continue the tour! Meet a new Mane Character and her family! Two new Scrapbook Unlocks! (NSFW only. 1 for SFW) v0.01.1 SFW version added Typos fixed Button color fixed Meme hidden

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Pony Tale Adventures.exe" to start playing.

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