Overtopia 3D


Year: 2018Overtopia 3D
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: SilverGogs
Platform: Windows
Version: v0.81
Language: English/Russian
System requirements:
HDD: 2.22 GB




  You are caught in the river and you realize that you do not remember anything. The only way to survive is to build up strength.

  Clickable RPG, Increase the army, interbreed monsters, learn magic, develop skills.

  The boss becomes easier with each new meeting, but also gives less money.


Attention! Do not use old saving, otherwise bugs are inevitable. Start a new game! Button "Esc" can cause bugs (pause is not completed). Better not use it.


- Fixed a bug in the dialogue with Pety.
- Fixed a bug in which Louise did not get into the Breeding Hall after all the quests were completed (If you have already completed this quest, then open the console (Cntr + Shift + C) and enter FixBugs.
- Fixed other minor bugs.



-Added armor for female monsters. (Not all)
-Reworked some locations.
-Many bugs fixed.
-Optimization of LODs.








- added a new location (5 new monsters, 4 hybrids) (so far without a plot)
- fixed some known bugs:
- the male mantis did not change the color of the wings.
- Some armor sets did not display hair and skin colors correctly.
- the store has not any item.
- an attack on the base when the breeding place was activated, led to the bug with breeding place.
- Generals could not give a birth until they were not moved to another place.
- problems with materials when changing armor.
- bug with the weapons for lizards. - in the dialogs the armor of the protagonist was sometimes incorrectly displayed.

and etc.

This update is transitional and does not add a continuation of the plot, but only fixes some bugs, and adds some monsters with location, I recommend to skip it and wait for the next.



- More dialogs.
- Now, you need to please something so that it appears in the store. This may not be obvious right now. I will add a dialogue later.
- Things fall from the chests.
- Costumes.
- Bestiary.
- Tavern (quests with Louise).
- In the settings, you can turn off the life siulation in the camp and tavern.
- In the settings you can turn off holyday music, snow, and decorations.
- Added local maps to some locations. Pieces of the map need to be found.
- Finalized the location, and added a couple of new monsters.



- New location - New monsters - New dialogues


Futanari did not seduce female characters. It was impossible to interact with the golem.


- Added new monster hybrids. - Improved dialogues. - Added the ability to the main character becomes futanari. - fixed some bugs. - redeveloped some locations. I got helpers. This will entail some changes in the work. I'll write the details later, but the changes should have a positive impact on the development of the game. Sincerely, SilverGogs.


- Available new location - mountains. New bos and dialogues. - 5 new monsters. So far without hybrids.

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