Overgrown: Genesis


Year: 2017Overgrown: Genesis
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: The Dystopian Project
Platform: Windows
Version: v1.00.2
Language: English
System requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
VRAM: 128 MB
HDD: 637 MB




  Is a survival horror game strongly inspired by The Last of Us. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world based off the USA. Although it was made in RPG Maker, Sex Zombie does not rely on traditional turn-based RPG combat, and instead features a real-time combat system reminiscent of old school shooters.

  In this game, you take the role of a survivor named Juno, and must try to navigate between a failing human society cloistered in fortified sanctuaries and an outside world ravaged by the infection and all the monstrosities that brings with it.


- Fixed a big problem with the combat system; had a missing line of code that was causing a recurring glitch with the melee weapons that screwed around with durability and could outright make them disappear or reappear randomly.
- You can now hand in Dr. Zara's research to General Hawke at Area 66 if you missed giving it to him the first time around at the University.
- Music options in the Gallery now expanded; they now also follow the "unlock" system alongside the Gallery, so more music options are unlocked as you play through the game, and as the Gallery expands.
- Barton's gunshop remapped and relocated to the north side of Hamilton Square.
- You should be able to finish Ending A with the proper sprite transition now, as intended.
- New starting point in the Cheat Room from Juno's apartment, which allows you to jump to Hamilton Square.
- Cheats option from the user menu now gives you an option to reduce Infection.
- You can now hide text at any time with the "H" key; same key used to restore it. This will come in handy for Gallery reviewings!
- Additional controller support added for O:G. Right trigger is fire/struggle, right bumper is reload, and left bumper is minimap toggle.


- Found and tackled a Ending E accessibility error; rewrote the entire event sequence leading up to it so hopefully that's fixed it.
- Ending B has some missing sprite changes when captured by ACE units; fixed freezing issues from accessing B from D and E as well.
- Fixed the starting quest and final quests not being marked complete in the journal.
- Missing fadein and missing sprite change fixed for Ending A, as well as tinting issues.
- Blackscreen bug/freeze after attending Feinstein's trial should be fixed by addressing the character placement and movement, also fixed accidental event loops.
- Reworked and added some detail and laid foundations for Endings D and E for future postgame scenes.


- Game's first "completed" status!
- Added Ending "B", which triggers if losing to A.C.E units in the final level. Comes with a new breeding machine scene + a unique ending room.
- Added Ending "C1" and "C2". They are basically the same outcome, except C2 is inherently evil. This comes with a group scene involving all the civilian leader girls + Juno (or without Juno, if you pick C2). The condition for this ending is to complete the game without doing any civilian leader sidequests or upgrading the shelter.
- Added Ending "D", which is the neutral ending. You have to upgrade the shelter WITHOUT using soldier favours (Base Points only) and complete all civilian leader sidequests.
- Added Ending "E", the 'best' ending. All conditions from "D" must be met, plus all sidequests finished, plus all 8 "Note" items collected.
- Added a great EXPLOSIONNNN effect to killing infected enemies. Call me ArchiGumin.
- Fixed huge bug where you can't complete General Hawke's sidequest before the switch order was screwed up
- Fixed buying duplicate weapons from Taylor and upgrades allowing for repetition
- Went back and rewrote the story for Zara and Feinstein to make more sense from Hamilton onwards. Retcon text in hospital, also, revised background stories for Zara and Feinstein
- Added infection behaviour / masturbation trigger. Basically, if your infection gets too high, Juno will stop and start masturbating uncontrollably after a set number of steps. This dissuades players from stacking infection as the only penalty previously was when resting.
- Reload timers added to weapons, which adds a subtle level of difficulty, especially with high damage but high reload time weapons like shotguns
- Bugged morale requirement to get into the University fixed.
- General Hawke sprite and portrait changed
- Unique and rather sexy BGS soundtrack added to Ending Room A! Also, added the base girl sprites.
- Changed the Area 66 staffer to have unique portrait and sprite
- Removed minimap function for now, kind of makes game too easy.
- Added infection removal before departing Brookside #2 during evacuation
- Added four unique SFW "Acts” images, really sets a more professional tone for the game overall!
- Removed a switch that flips when using the Police HQ computer that screws up Natasha’s sidequest
- Minor typo in dog swarm ending fixed
- Fixed being able to go up to Suits Office's 2nd floor after completing Billy's task without talking to the ground floor Suit
- Suits' faces and spirtes reskinned
- Fixed bug where Fort Patton B3 Lab couldn’t be accesed from B1 in Fort Patton; also, lighting change was not applied to B3, so, fixed that too
- Fixed a huge bug where Dryad goes into harmless “statue” mode and is disabled when you are forced out of University then re-enter the Main Campus


* The entire University level is now in the game. This is one of the biggest maps in the game, as well as the biggest interior map. Almost the entire map needs to be explored to complete the quest here, all while you're on the run from an unbeatable enemy, making this possibly the most difficult level of the game.
* The University quest can now be completed. This can end up as the final quest, as it features multiple endings. This is the penultimate quest in the game unless you end the game at the University.
* The Dryad boss enemy has been added. She's like a fem futanari Mr. X, stalking you throughout the University, unkillable and undeterred. Given her overwhelming superiority, her only weakness is that she's cocky enough to give you a chance to come back and try again even after she catches you.
* FIVE new scenes added: Dryad Deepthroat, Anal, Impregnation (Gameover), Swarm Gameover, and Ending "A".
* Dryad Gallery unlock now only happens after completing University, not before (players on ver 0.10 will already have it unlocked, you lucky guns you).
* Viewing the Walker animation in the Gallery gets you stuck in place; fixed.
* Resting in APC now also cures Infection, making Infection-curing items unnecessary after reaching the Fort, thereby letting you pawn them off for Base Points.
* Added fire button to the controller mapping for people using controllers.
* Retrofitted Juno's sprite to better represent her outfit.
* Minimap feature added to the game. Press "M" to activate or deactivate.
* Removed a couple of text/dialogue mistakes, such as Cassie's "Now bitch now!" thing.



* Sound effects for weapons do not trigger; fixed. * Some text over UI issues fixed. * Lighting does not change to nighttime if skipping to Fort Patton; fixed. * Removed text inconsistencies ("This is what Geoff needs!" exclaims Juno, despite having never met a man named Geoff in her tragic life.) * Failed Quests tab removed; failed quests simply disappear now. * Juno teleports over Cassie after the working station upgrade; fixed. * Gallery not unlocking if cheat room is used at the beginning fixed. * When in the Gallery, HUD automatically switches off; switches back on when leaving Gallery.



* You can now proceed to the introductory phase of the University. No gameplay yet, but it sets the mood nicely, and there's a new CG scene for you to encounter, introducing the Dryad final boss, and giving you an idea of what to... expect. * Final shelter improvement (Security Station) now available, accessible by talking to Natasha after completing the first two upgrades with Sofia and Cassie. Completing all the shelter improvements manually (ie. Base Points instead of begging soldiers for help) is a requirement for the fifth ending. * Endgame counter added to the various "Notes" items scattered around optional areas of the game. Collecting all the Notes is a requirement for fifth ending. * New lesbian scene with Natasha + Rebecca (only available if Rebecca was rescued). * New blowbang scene with Juno + Natasha (optionally Rebecca, if rescued). * Gallery updated with the aforementioned three new scenes. * Gallery updated with a music system. * Weapons UI has hopefully been thoroughly fixed (previously, loading a game fucked up all memory of the "saved" ammo and ammo types for weapons, which we finally remedied by introducing mini save files in the ABS itself ); fire rate now works as intended; every bullet causes damage when it hits the target (previously if you shot too fast you would fire without damage and waste all the ammo); and going into the Menu while reloading now interrupts the reload process. * Big issue - all saves before 0.10.4 don't work properly as they lack the fixed weapons UI. To remedy this, I've added a cheat room in the beginning of the game. Climb up the stairs from Juno's bathroom in her apartment, and you'll be able to gather weapons and items, trigger event switches, and go to a save point of your choice. * Increased difficulty for Cold Pines; added two more roaming packs of hounds * Fixed the "dark" effect persisting when entering Hamilton Square for the first time * Fixed the text blocking the UI in the first part of East Greer - keep an eye out for these blocky texts and report them if you find them! * Various minor typos have been fixed here and there.



* Storyline now progresses a little more towards "The University". * Fixed an instance where approaching the Hive without killing the Elite Hivelings yet triggers a gamebreaking movement glitch. * Fixed another gamebreaking movement glitch in Fort Patton (Shelter), when you approach commotion from the top rather than from the side as intended. * Fixed Tactical Rifle upgrade being nonexistent. * Fixed Cassie's upgrade not requiring Base Points to perform. * Fixed Cassie's lesbian scene being available even after her gangbang. * Fixed the Walker Gallery display not erasing picture after completion. * Using Cheat Menu for ammo stops you from using the weapons with that ammo. Fixed.



* Fixed the Car Key not being used for the car at Cold Pines (registers Disinfectant instead) * Fixed a random transfer point to a testing room at Juno's apartment in the beginning.



* Base upgrades now available as part of an extensive secondary questline; Sofia upgrades the medical station, and Cassie upgrades the working station for the shelter at Fort Patton. Both girls have two separate encounter types (one gangbang, one lesbian). You can only activate one in the game, but doing either one unlocks both in the Gallery. * Extensive quest log system added to the game, now actively tracking all objectives and informing you of potential traders as well. * Main story content altered a bit - you now see Dr. Peters for a brief segment in-between the Jamesway Bridge - Downtown area. Main story does not progress at the moment, as we mainly reworked and back-added content to overhaul O:G a bit. * Hound Swarm CG set + scene (in Cold Pines) has been added. * Reptile Swarm CG set + scene (in Jamesway Bridge) has been added. * Hivemind CG set + scene (in Downtown, Hivemind bossfight) has been added. * Cassie's base prostitution CG set + scene has been added. * Cassie's lesbian CG set + scene with Juno has been added. * Sofia's base prostitution CG set + scene has been added. * Sofia's lesbian scene CG set + scene with Juno has been added. * Hiveling behaviour has been fixed; they now work as intended, only temporarily going down, before reviving within 5 seconds. They will permanently be destroyed when the Hivemind is defeated. * Hivemind fight reworked a little, and the glitch with the gates not opening after the Elites die is fixed. Losing to Elites renders the swarm scene instead of default Hiveling scene. * New key item, the Flashlight, has been added, and a new darkened environment has also been introduced in several stages of the game. Flashlight is essential, or at least highly valuable, in navigating these areas. Must be powered by Batteries, which can also be found in such areas. * New pixel-themed font replaces default RMMV font, bringing everything more in-line with the retro graphics for O:G. * Cold Pines National Park completed revamped, and qualifies as its own independent stage of the game with its own puzzles to solve. * The Park area of Hamilton Square has been minimized and reworked. * Weapons UI overhauled with new icon graphics and reloading system; reload no longer automatic, and being attacked cancels out a reload. Rangefinder also added to all weapons. * Overhauled and fully customised GUI, now including an interactive UI portrait of Juno. * New Infection system affects the general display of the game when Infection gets too serious, as well as changes the UI portrait of Juno. Minor anti-infection item (Disinfectant) also added. * Several new items and their corresponding icons added. * Upgraded portraits and added expressions introduced for Juno, as well as Billy, Donny, Barton (the gunshop owner), Dr. Feinstein, and more. * Multiple weapons and items sorted, reorganized, and added. * Text flavour and outdated text in several areas have been changed/corrected, as well several minor tile issues and glitches fixed and removed across the board.

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