One Room


Year: 2018 One Room
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Akari Blast!
Platform: Windows, Mac
Version: v1.2.3
Language: English
System requirements:
HDD: 987 MB




You play as an over-worked man (called 'Uncle' in this translation) living alone in a small apartment. One day, on your way home from work, a school girl named Yuu approaches and insists you share your apartment with her for 1 week with no immediate explaination. In exchange, she will tend to all the cooking and housework (and sexual favors, of course). If you manage to keep her happy, she might hang around after your allotted time is up.


Progress -1: Prologue

Proceed without permission unless you put evening or fall asleep. There is no problem to skip

Progress 0: First week. Release of album

Listen to "Evening things" three times and "Believe in the evening story", "I will talk more than once" (v1.0.3)
"Heading for the station (LP 100)" on the last day's option

Progress 1: Endless rush

Return from shopDo "Work"And an event occurs, so repeat this twice
When evening uses PC, "brief technical book" lined up in shop after "hard technical book" is bought
Since obtaining the "simple technical document", it increases by 1 each time the date changes
When "Evening skills" is 4 or more, "Working", the evening will help the work
An event will occur during the day of the next day and Sundays will be able to rest.

Progress 2: Favorable rating 80+

Bought "Duty Clothes" and invite you to a date "LP 200" on schedule (Scene 04 - 05)

Progress 3: Lover relationship

Even if you are not prepared for contraception you will not be rejected
The BGM of the room changes. Most elements are freed
Release all postures other than lateral positions. I will buy the latest job change guide
Epilogue (scene 14) is released when date is changed

Progress 4: Favorable rating 120+

Addition of room etch's reaction

Hair style

Two ties: speak with evening in the morning choice
Ponytail: When the degree of progress is 1 or more, when you take a bath, the evening becomes a ponytail on the 3rd turn, so speak at that time


Sleep back: When you are on the bed, select "From the back"
Doggy position: After the degree of progress 1, examine the gym clothes bag placed on Friday night (more than two condom required for appearance of bag)
Crutches of crutches: attack sleeping evening sleeping (scene 08)
Piled back: Let the frustration of the evening, open the door with the second peeping event peeping event peeking (Scenes 09 - 11)
Woman on top posting: Micro bikini "Invite to date (LP 200)" (Scene 12)
Rear woman on top posture: Use gym clothes after getting on woman on top posture or examine gym clothes bag and get it up
Direction: acquire all postures other than progressive degree 4 & lateral position

How to sleep in the evening

Drink coffee and act until the 9th turn, or have a chamomile and sleep after the 4th turn

Level of satisfaction

"Sexual satisfaction" of evening. Pleasure gauge goes up or goes to peak (Including event)
After the virgin melancholy, it will come down as the date changes according to the degree of bitterness. For this reason it does not become 100
When it becomes 50 or less it is regarded as "frustration"

H-scene where conditions are difficult

Scene 06: weekday, progress degree 3 or more, SP 3 or more, previous day sex and do not blow job
Scene 07: holiday, progress degree 3 or more, the number of peaks of the previous day 4 or more
Scene 13: weekday, progress degree 3 or more, SP 3 or more, frustration in the evening, seeing scene 08 (with current data)
Scene 14: Refer to Progress Level 3 of Simple Chart


It increases about 700 to 3000 each day
Amounts are determined by progress and likelihood, evening skills


Basically bathing, stroking your head, going up when you drink coffee, falling when you get sexual harassment
I feel tense, I can not ask for a blowjob when I am somewhat dissatisfied.

Good mood effect

Plus value of popularity, prematureness becomes 1.5 times
You can get up with your position selection
Ejaculation with a room etch & doing a culmination brings up a special impression fight (cleaning blowjob, semen overflow)

Ejaculation frequency (SP)

It is recalculated based on LP at the time of the date change and rises up to 4 per LP 200
Energetic agent doubles ejaculation frequency on that day

Pleasure gauge and cum

Parts and behaviors that are easy to feel depending on the number of hearts and the sensitivity of each part are different (for this reason the gauge does not go up even if you do things hard)
Heart 2 or more is ready for insertion
Heart 4 or more to the culm is even more specialized judgment, for example Nakaqui is impossible unless it is a virgin or lack of vaginal sensitivity

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