Lust and Power

Year: 2017Lust and Power
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Lurking Hedgehog
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Version: v0.37
Language: English
System requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
DirectX 9




  In this game you play as a young man, whose family inherited a mansion from a distant relative. There you are going to reveal some mysteries and to gain some dark powers. You will have to face demon attacks, to meet some strange persons, to protect your family (mom and sister), and to use their gratefulness to gain control over them and to make them your sex slaves.​


v0.37 Regular
+3 new scenes with Roxie.
(To start her corruption, first get at least 30 points either of her love or her submission, then she'll ask you to train her and after this her corruption options will become unlocked. )

+ 3 new scenes with Cherry

- we added +1 Lisa's scene in the bathroom, which consists of 4 animated stages. Lisa washes various parts of main character's body and gives him a handjob in the end.

- we added + 2 animated scenes Lisa's room. Now the player can touch Lisa's pussy or watch her playing with her pussy.

- we added the progress bar to the part where the main character is sleeping in his room. It's a part of the game where the code still needs some optimization, and the game slows down a bit during this part, so this bar will help players to understand that the game didn't crash but executing the code at the moment (especially helpful on android devices).

- there was a problem with the game showing "the infinite loop" error on slow android devices in that part where the main character is sleeping. As far as I can judge using my own device, this error was successfully fixed in this update.




- game crash if you try to talk to Cherry. Fixed.

- game crash if you visit the bathroom while Kelly is there while she's wearing her red towel. Fixed.

- game crash if you try to use Stun Charm on plant demons in the forest. Fixed.


+ 3 new scenes with kelly


- Jessica's sex scene crashed if you run the scene while Jessica wearing dog outfit. Now fixed. Great thanks to Mirok Natsume, Isaac Tebbit and Doom stack77 for reporting this.

- when you ask Lisa to wash you in the bathroom, game crashes. Now fixed. Great thanks to Dubsington and Zaitsu for reporting this.

- when you ask Cherry to take off her dress or play with her tits, game crashed. Now fixed. Great thanks to Dubsington and Zaitsu for reporting this.

- when you ask Jessica to bend her knees while she has her jeans on, game crashes. Now fixed. Great thanks to Jacek Blonski for reporting this.



- We added + 4 new scenes for Lisa, as was decided by the results of March poll. 3 scenes are in her room in the library, and 1 scene in the bathroom. And yes, Lisa starts visiting the bathroom in the morning again starting from this version.
- We added new quest from Fiddle. It’s a side quest, and it appears after you finish the quest of potion making. You can run it by pressing the button “Recruitment” on the Fiddle menu. After finishing this quest you get several new advantages:
1) Fiddle introduces you to his colleagues in the next office. Starting from this moment you can join to demons during Ann and Susan scenes and not just peek them through the door, but take part in it.
2) You can repeat Ann and Susan hot scenes as many times as you want. You can strip-search them personally. And if you make them strip-dance first and after that make them kiss each other, you can see their kissing scene while they are naked.
3) You can recruit demons in the Fiddle office. Each recruited demon gives you 10% chance that if you meet yellow demon on town streets, he’ll turn out to be one of your recruits and will give you some useful item (wine, batteries or food) instead of attacking you. It makes sense to recruit 10 demons to increase this chance to 100%.
4) You get a special key from the back door of the police station. Starting from this, the option “Sneak in” is replaced with “Use the key” option and you can enter the police station without any risk of being attacked.
Bugs fixed:
- Game crash during Jessica’s handjob scene. Now fixed. Thanks John C. Finley and Martin Libby Sr for report.
- Game crash when you have Jessica give you a blowjob if she is not fully dressed. Now fixed. (in v.0.30.b)
Thanks everyone for your support! Don’t miss the poll, it starts within a day or two.

+3 Jessica scenes
+2 Lisa scenes


- Added + 2 new options (or 4 scenes) for Emma and Kelly in the living room
Each of 2 options has 2 scenes showed differently based on whom you choose to play the main role – Emma or Kelly.
- Added 1 new big scene for Ann and Susan in the police station. 6 illustrations for each girl

Bugs and errors
- Bug: when you try to use ”Feed the dog” option on Jessica playing domination route, it always fails. The scene was available only on love route.
- Logic bug: players could use smoke potions during the fight with red or yellow demons even if they had no such potions in the inventory.
- Image error: when you look at the town map, forest locations are shown as “Under construction”, though they are already exist in the game.
- Image error: when using dark theft on Jessica's pants, instead of pants floating over, a text message floats over saying "jess_skirt" not found.
- Image error: game crashes when Jessica is trying to cover both upper and lower parts of her body with her hands while wearing dog costume.
- Image error: in the kitchen, if you talk with Emma and Kelly about your powers while having Emma’s submission points between 40 and 70, you can get message “image not found”.
- Image error: if you visit Jessica in the bathroom having her love points above 40, the game crashes because of the image failure.



It looks like there was a major bug with the forest location in the previous version that blocked some new content.

Errors that cause game crash:
- error: if you have killed 2 or more plant demons, you jump to the forest cave each time you search the forest even if you have already found the cave. This makes impossible for you to meet the guard of the Order of Light. Thanks Xavier, Dubsington and Zaitsu for reporting about this. Now fixed.
- in the beginning of the game, after the intro, if you visit Kelly in the bathroom for the first time before you have visited Emma in the bathroom, game crashes. Now fixed.
- while Lisa still didn’t move into your house, when you visit her in her hideout in the town and offer her some food, the game crashes. Thanks Cat Hunter for reporting about this. Now fixed.
- in the livingroom, when you ask the girls to 69 or kiss or double blowjob or dance or grope their tits or use strap-on dildo, in case one of them has not enough love points or submission points for requested task, the game crashes. Thanks Dubsington for reporting about this. Now fixed.
- the option “Wash me” with Kelly in the bathroom worked only if you have more than 70 submission points for Kelly. Otherwise the game crashed. Thanks Anarchitect for reporting about this. Now fixed.
- if you use hypnosis skill on Emma and fail to win, her health bars don’t disappear after the mind battle and stay on the screen forever. Thanks Anarchitect for reporting about this. Now fixed.
Image errors:
- The forest area and the cloud portal area were marked as “Under construction” on the town map, though they are already exist. Now fixed.
- The button “Take off your bra” for Jessica has the image of common underwear instead of Jessica’s bra. The button is replaced with the right image now.
- At night all the buttons for the rooms on the house map were outlined with a yellow frame except two buttons – Emma’s room and Kelly’s room. Now the buttons for girls’ rooms look just like the others – outlined with a yellow frame.
- When you use “walk the dog” option with Jessica, while she’s wearing a dog costume, her bra changes from original to alternate and back with each her step while she walks. Now fixed.
- Lisa had an option showed as “Locked” and this caused a lot of questions because this option was impossible to unlock (it doesn’t exist yet). Now fixed. The “Locked” button for this scene was replaced with “Under construction” button.
Text errors:
- The text on the bottom of the Relations Screen describes old corruption system that doesn’t exist anymore. Now fixed.
- If you ask girls to lick each other’s pussies in the living room, if Kelly is against this idea she may mention “kissing” instead of “licking pussies”. Now fixed.


- Added + 2 scenes with Emma and Kelly in the livingroom according to the choice you did in the November poll.
- We added a new quest for the Demonhunters faction (including 1 new equipment item and 1 new ingredient for potions). If you go to Mad Man Rex and talk to him about further quests, you’ll get a new task. As a reward you’ll get a special Demonhunter’s charmed knife that will let you to get special ingredients after battles with demon plants, tentacle monsters or magic golems. At the current moment you can meet only demon plants in the game, so the only special ingredient you can get in this version is the evil flover. You’ll get it each time you kill a demon plant having the charmed knife with you.
- We added 1 new potion – a Smoke Potion. The reciepe you can buy if you talk with Cherry. To make this potion you’ll need 1 Health Potion instead of wine as a basis, and 2 evil flowers. You can cook this potion just like the others – clicking on the gas stove in the kitchen. This potion can be rather helpful in battle – if you think you can’t win, you can always open the bottle and the dense smoke fills the area. This way you can escape any battle at any moment to avoid being killed.
- We also added third faction to the game – the Order of Light. We added 1 new character – Roxie. We also added a bunch of minor characters – the guards of the Order of Light. They are represented with the same body but 9 different types of hair so they won’t look totally similar to each other.
- We added 2 new locations – the forest portal and the cloud portal. They are connected so you can travel between them easily.
- We added 3 quests for the Order of Light and Roxie.


- added + 3 new Jessica hot scenes, right as you voted in September poll. Now you can touch her breasts, touch her butt or ask her to take off her bra. - added + 1 new hot scene with Kelly in the bathroom. Now you can ask her to wash you, and she'll finish doing this with a handjob. - added a possibility to use hypnosis skill not only on Lisa, but on other girls too. Now you can use it on Jessica or Enma or Kelly by visiting their rooms at night when they sleep and clicking on their heads. Their mind traits of the girls differ from each other.


- Fixed bug with Lisa's dancing scene that wasn't able to start on Lisa's domination route with certain numbers of love points. Now it works well.


- Each time it was Jessica's turn to attack you, the game crashed. This error was fixed. - Each time yellow demon tried to use his special attack (bite), the game crashed. This error was fixed. - Dark Ball, Dark Storm, Demon's Ball and explosions looked rather small. Now they look bigger. - Additional information about damage, healing, energy restore, "stunned" condition and poison that appeared each turn on the screen in battle was hard to see because of party-coloured background. Now such information has small background patches that make it much easier to see it. - The battons for your skills in the battle were adjusted a little. They look more orderly. The information about how much turnsof cooldown left now easier to see. - The Ultimate Cheat Code could couse troubles in v.0.21, because it made skill levels higher than possible maximum (it's 5 for v.0.21). Now it works properly. - Lisa's dancing scene, where she dances with her back to you. It showed a little bit clumsy (her legs were floating in the table surface). Now this amination is adjusted properly.


1) Lisa’s content: - All old Lisa’s texts were remade in order to fit to the new corruption system (two ways of corruption – the gallant and the dominant). The amount of her texts was extended twice. - Added the following new options for Lisa: o You can give Lisa a compliment o You can dominate Lisa o You can try to impress Lisa with the Dark Ball skill or with the Dark Storm skill o You can use Stun Charms on Lisa o You can use Dark Theft on Lisa - The result of “inside the mind” battle for Lisa changed. Now if you win, you can choose of you want to increase her love points or her submission points. This is still the most effective way to earn any Lisa’s points. - We replaced old Lisa’s underwear for her regular outfit for all existing scenes with the new one. Now she wears an underwear with white and blue stripes. - We created a wardrobe spell for Lisa that changes her regular outfit with special sexy outfit (available for $15 and higher Patrons) . Now you can see all her existing hot scenes in a new light. - We added new illustrations for two old Lisa’s hot scenes (Lisa taking off shirt; Lisa taking off skirt) - We added two new hot scenes with Lisa (Lisa taking off bra; Lisa dancing for you) - A hint: you’ll get success with Lisa’s hot scenes only if you have either her love points or her submission points no less than 40.


2) New battle mechanics content - The whole system for battles was replaced with totally new one. No Random Number Generator anymore, no unlucky series of missing attacks anymore. Now when you attack you will always know that you’ll get expected result. - Instead of RNG we added a cooldown parameter to each skill. You won’t be able to use some skills each turn. Instead of this you’ll have to wait several turns to be able to use it again. - All skills have fixed effect. No random damage anymore. - Each skill will have only 5 levels. You won’t be able to increase skill after you reach level 5. - A text info about how skill changes with each level was added to the Skill Information Screen. In previous versions you didn’t know how new levels affect your skills. Now you’ll know it. - The Mental Shield skill was transformed into two new skills. In previous versions when you used Mental Shield, you increased your chances to block enemy’s attack, and at the same time you restored some energy. Now you have a separate “Collect Energy” skill that will let you gain some energy during the battle. And you also have “Mental Shield” skill that creates a shield on the battle ground. This shield has its own health points and stays till the end of the battle or till the enemy destroys it. - A new skill was added – “Berserk Rage”. This skill adds1 point to the damage of all your other skills. So if your Dark Ball could deal 1 damage to the enemy, after you use “Berserk Rage” your Dark Ball skill will deal 2 points of damage till the end of the battle. “Berserk Rage” can be used as many times as you want in the battle. - New skill crystals images were created for the Skill Information Screen. Now they have colors – red for attack skills, yellow for tricky skills, blue for support/defense skills and green for skills that you can’t use in battle. - New buttons were created for skills in battle. - Now enemies can use “Berserk Rage” too. - Now enemies can block some part of damage you deal. Under the health/energy bars there are two small icons that show the effect of “rage” and the amount of damage that enemy can block. Enemies can block more damage when they take a defense stance, and they are totally vulnerable when they try to cure themselves or cast “rage”.


- added a piece of text to the Emma's old scene of first time sex on gallant way. In this text player informs her he's going to have sex with not her only but other women too. - added + 2 scenes with Emma and Kelly talking about the player in the livingroom (you can just eavesdrop but not take part in thier conversation). To see these scenes you should visit the livingroom when Emma and Kelly are both there. These scenes can be seen only before you inform Emma about your affair with Kelly. These scenes can be seen only if one of the girls (Emma or Kelly) has more submission points than love points. - added + 1 scene with Emma and Kelly quarreling in the livingroom ( you can try to help them in several ways but some options demand certain number of love/submission points or you won't succeed). To see these scene you should visit the livingroom when Emma and Kelly are both there. These scene can be seen only before you inform Emma about your affair with Kelly. - added: Emma and Kelly can watch TV together and you can join them. - added: if you make Kelly undress in the livingroom, Emma can enter the room and see her. You can hear her approach and warn Kelly so she'd put on her clothes before Emma comes or you can not warn Kelly and let her make an explaination for Emma. This scene is possible only after you made Kelly and Emma take off clothes on the livingroom at least 5 times each. - added: if Emma sees you and Kelly undressed in the livingroom, you can confess your affair with Kelly. It is possible only if you already had sex with Kelly. If you din't have sex with Emma yet, this will lead to a bad ending. If you already had sex with Emma, you will only loose some progress with girls but you'll open hot options with Emma and Kelly together in the livingroom. - added: after Emma learns about you and Kelly, she'd want to talk with you about Kelly's future in her bedroom. - added: after Kelly learns about you and Emma, she'd want to talk to you about your sexual experience with Emma in her bedroom. (Possible only for gallant way and if you have more than 40 love points) The following options are unlocked after you let Emma and Kelly know you had sex with both of them: - added: when you watch TV with Emma and Kelly, you can make them both get topless - added: when you watch TV with Emma and Kelly, you can make them both take off skirts - added: when you watch TV with Emma and Kelly, you can make them both take off panties - added: when you watch TV with Emma and Kelly, you can make them both dance - added: when you watch TV with Emma and Kelly, you can caress two sets of boobs at the same time We didn't plan add new art for this update because all the scenes demand only art that was used in the previous updates, but we changed our mind and added two small pieces of new art: - new background (4 variants) for stripping and dancing scenes in the livingroom - now when you offer Emma help with cooking in the kitchen, you can see main character peeling potato


- 7 hot scenes in Kelly's bedroom (touch pussy, masturbate, use vibrator, handjob, blowjob, titfuck, classic sex) - 2 regular scenes in bathroom (entering while Kelly wears the towel, entering while Kelly takes a shower) - 3 hot scenes in bathroom (show breasts, take off the towel, wash together) - 1 regular scene in the living room (switching the channel while Kelly is watching TV or asking for her permission to do this). It's a new scene with new texts and new art. - 2 hot scenes in the living room (grab Kelly's breast, ask her to dance). It's new scenes with new texts and new art. - 4 regular scenes in the kitchen (talking with Emma and Kelly during the meal)


Hi everyone, v.0.18 is finally out and it contains new Kelly's coppuption mechanics, most of Kelly's remade scenes and some new art. If you're curious, you can try it. If you want to see all Kelly's scenes, wait for the next version where we finish remaking Kelly's content. Anyway, this version still has something new to see. Old saves will probably cause errors, be careful.


- now you can corrupt Kelly in a gallant way or in a dominant way - we remade or created 15 Kelly's ordinary scenes/options (each has several versions based on your choces) - we remade or created 10 Kelly's hot scenes/options (each has several versions based on your choces) - we added 2 new illustrations for Emma's bad ending (which you can see if Emma's love points reduce below 5%) - we added 2 new illustrations for Kelly's bad ending (which you can see if Kelly's love points reduce below 5%) - we added 1 new illustration that is common for both Emma's and Kelly's bad endings. - we added 3 new illustrations for the scenes where Kelly takes off her clothes - we cut all Kelly's scenes that we didn't remake yet (bathroom scenes, living room scenes, 5 bedroom scenes). We'll return them back in the next version.


- The bathroom is opened in this version - Fixed bug where you can’t give chocolate to Emma in her room - Fixed bug where you see Emma’s sprites from the living room while you try to undress her in the kitchen - Fixed bug where you visit Emma in her room while she’s in the underwear and the game crashes


- The bathroom is closed for this update. It will be opened in the next version. - We changed the number of the update from v.1.7 to v.0.17. It looks like most of the players prefer this way of version numeration. - We remade all Emma’s texts. About 8000 strings of new text was written and corrected and coded. Now you have to interact with Emma more for her corruption, and you have two ways of reaching your goal: you can be gallant or you can be dominant. Making choices you can earn love points or submission points. Don’t try to earn the maximum of both kinds of points – you don’t need it. Emma will remember your choices and will respond according to her attitude towards her. - Added new options for the kitchen: o Give Emma compliment o Help her with cooking - Added event where Emma meets you in the kitchen after you managed to get some food and bring it home. This event helps you to earn Emma’s points for her corruption. - Added Emma’s bad ending event. This happens when you forget to bring food home or when you mistreat Emma too much. - Added new options for the living room: o You can make Emma take off her clothes in the living room (4 options) o You can touch Emma’s breast while you watch TV o You can make Emma dance for you in the living room - Added new options for Emma’s bedroom: o You can give Emma a compliment o You can give Emma a lewd compliment o You can discipline Emma o You can give Emma a bar of chocolate o You can ask Emma for the keys (in this version her room is locked when she’s not there and at night, so if you want to get in, you need to get the key first) o You can use the Dark Ball or the Dark Storm (no matter which one) in Emma’s room if you want to impress her or scare her. o You can use the Stun Charm skill on Emma o You can use the Dark Theft skill on Emma o You can refuse Emma if she tells you to leave her room and to go away. - Added 2 illustrations for Emma’s scenes in the livingroom - Added 4 illustrations for Emma’s scenes where she takes off some article of her clothes - Added 3 new sprites for the main character


- Added two new scenes with random women that you meet during your raids (the content was chosen by a patrons’ poll). Now they thank you for saving them with two more ways than just a blowjob. - Now the exterior of the houses that you break into during your raids doesn’t look the same each time. Now each time you approach the house, the new illustration is constructed of 44 separate pieces of art (some of them you can see only after you’ve found the police station). - The interior of the houses also looks different now each time you enter. We created 35 separate images to construct the new illustration for each time you enter the house. - Now you don’t have to go to bed at 23:00 anymore, and you can do anything you want in your house during the nighttime. 6 house locations were recolored for the night. - Added one more creature – a Macabre. You can meet Macabres if you try to leave the house at night. - Added one Emma scene. You can see the scene if you visit Emma’s room at night. - Added one Kelly scene. You can see the scene if you visit Kelly’s room at night. - Added silhouettes of the elements on the interface panel in the right part of the screen. Now when you start the game, the panel doesn’t look empty during the intro - Added one animated illustration for the intro. You can see it when the player gets the dark power from the ancestor during the intro. - Changed the sizes of all information screens like inventory screens, the dark book screen, the screen of progress with female characters, the skills screen, the hints screen. Now they are smaller and they don’t obscure the info panel on the right part of the screen. - Changed the interfaces of the player’s inventory, the player’s room inventory, the kitchen inventory, and the interface for trading with Cherry: a) More cells for the items were added to support future needs of the game. b) The inventories of the room and the kitchen now have some art. c) The main player’s inventory now has two separate sections – the equipment (that doesn’t have any weight for game purposes) and the items that have weight. - The interface with items in all locations was replaced with hotspots instead of highlighted areas (that was necessary for the future needs of the game) - Now the image of the player doesn’t disappear when you enter the areas with clickable parts. - We replaced the quest log with the icon of your Inner Voice. We also added some scenes with the Inner Voice giving you some hints about the quests. Now your can hear some advice from your Inner Voice instead of reading it in your Quest Log. - We remade the potions system: a) The potions don’t have weight anymore. b) Now you always have your potions with you and can’t leave them at home. They become a constant part of your equipment. c) Now the potions have consistent effects. For example, the health potion gives you 5 health points and the energy potion gives you 5 energy points no matter what level of potion making skill you have. d) Now the potion making skill level increases your chance to create more potions from one brewing. - New options for the bed in your room: a) You can sleep until you restore your health completely (available when you don’t have your health bar full) b) You can sleep until you restore your energy completely (available when you don’t have your energy bar full) c) You can sleep until the next morning (available at anytime except 8:00) - Now when you steal Jess’s clothes, you can see the animation of them flying from her towards you. - Now you get more experience points when you defeat the higher level demons (3 points for the demon in a yellow shirt, 4 points for the demon in black shirt) - Now when you try to break in Cherry’s house for the first time, the battle with her door doesn’t happen automatically, but manually (like the battles with other normal doors) - Fixed bug when the poison reduces your health to zero, but you don’t die for 1 extra turn. Now you die the moment when your health becomes zero. - Fixed bug with the logo of the game in the lower right corner of the screen. In previous versions it disappeared when the text was displayed on the screen. Now you can see the logo constantly and it doesn’t disappear. - Fixed bug when the door of the Demonhunters’ club attacked you and you didn’t get any damage. Now you get damage.


- added + 2 locations in the police station: the hall and + 1 office - added + 2 new characters: Ann and Susan - added + 4 scenes with Ann and Susan (you can watch then once a day while you visit the police station) - added + 3 new Lisa scenes - all the texts of the police station were corrected and all grammar mistakes were cleaned. - added music and sounds


- added + 3 Jessica scene


- added + 3 new Kelly scenes - now when you are in a battle, you can see your chances of success for each skill. This should help you to make more effective decisions during the fight. This will also help to your better understanding of how the levels of your skills affect your chances, how your energy or your opponent's energy affects your chances, and what's the difference between your various enemies. Have in mind that high chance of success doesn't guarantee the success. - about 100 misprints and text errors were corrected and fixed (thanks to Deonast who reported about them).


- intro was totally chahged - the texts of Emma and Kelly were changed a little. Now they are not related to the main character. - added + 1 location: the base of the Demonhunters - added + 1 random character - Demonhunter raider - added + 1 character - the inner voice of the main character - added + 1 character - The boss of the Demonhunters - added new Demonhunter quests - added + 1 new item - an amulet that essentually increases your chances to avoid damage while charged (click on it in your inventory to charge) - added new house map interface - added new town map interface


- added +3 Lisa options in her room - starting from this update Lisa visits bathroom - mind battle remake (new balance, effects and animations added) - some sister texts cleaned - all Lisa texts cleaned


- added + 2 Mom scenes in the bathroom (while she's taking a shower) - added + 1 Mom scene in the kitchen (while she's cooking) - several sister texts were cleaned and extended - fixed bug with nude girls become dressed again when the screen fades while loading house map. - the chance to meet a nude female character in their bedroom was reduced, because on the early stages of the game they kicked away the player if they are nude and it was difficult to start their corruption. Now that will happen not so often. - now the main character winks from time to time in some scenes. In my opinion, it's hard to notice and I'm still not sure if I really should do it, but I just wanted to try this.


- added +3 new scenes with sister


- added +2 options with sister when you meet her in the bathroom after she took a shower - added +1 option with sister when you meet her in the bathroom while she's taking a shower - added +3 backgrounds for town streets during raids - now you won't find 0 food in the house where you've fought a demon - increased chance to find 2 food in the house where you've fought a demon - decreased chance to find 0 food in abandoned houses


- added +1 new mom scene - added +1 new sister scene - added +1 event: the main character meets a random woman and saves her from the demon chasing her - added +1 animated scene of random woman rewarding the main character for saving her - new texts are written and added for about 10 mom old scenes: - the amount of text was extended - now mom reacts differently on the same requests in her bedroom on the different levels of her corruption - added 3 new sprites of main character - giving chocolate - giving batteries - with arms crossed - fixed bug that causes error when you try to communicate with mom in the kitchen while her corruption is 14 or more - fixed bug that causes error when you make Jessica pose or play with boobs or be a dog while she is naked. - fixed bug that doesn't show properly how Jessica submission grows - fixed bug that doesn't allow red demons to restore their health in battle - fixed bug in the living room so family members don't disappear while you watch TV anymore


- two more types of demons added for battles. - the first demon that you meet in the game is less strong now. It's much easier to defeat him now. - during the first two days you may meet only weak type of demons when you break in the house. The chance to meet stronger demons in the houses is higher after the 8th day. The ability of the demons to restore their health is reduced. - added two new scenes of the demons having sex with random females. You may see them when break in their houses. Added a huge number of random females for these scenes.


- added +3 new Mom scenes added - added +1 background illustration for the town street added


- added +3 scenes with Jessica - we've made full text corrections for the intro. We also corrected all the texts of Jessica events and of all the dialogues in the mom's bedroom.

Wardrobe Spells

sister: sexykitten
mom: sexymaid
jessica: sexybitch

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