Year: 2019Kincaid
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Cookiedraggy
Platform: Windows
Version: Build 2021.05
Language: English
System requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
VRAM: 128 MB
HDD: 50 MB




Kincaid is a lewd metroidvania-style platformer with a sci-fi theme. Our protagonist is an archeologist, exploring uncharted planets and their wild life! Join our playful and naughty wolf girl Kincaid, as she sexplores flora & fauna and meets new friends (with benefits~) and adversaries! Kincaid is not alone: She is joined by her sidekick Ai, an artificial intelligence that lives inside her ship's computer and provides support from the orbit. An exciting adventure full of hot action, burning lust and erotic surprises unfolds!


Build 2021.05


  • Gecko enemy (including pixel act animation and gallery entry)
  • Charger Kobold
  • Bomb Lobber Kobold
  • Flapper Kobold
  • Diver Kobold


  • Blaster now gets charged for each melee attack
  • Defeated enemies drop energy pellets used for the healing ability
  • New enemies have been placed in all areas of the world
  • Wolf fight has been made a bit easier to account for the new healing system. The wolf drops healing pellets when he gets attacked during his magic attack phase.
  • Attacking a slingshot pellet throws them back at the enemy now, dealing damage. This also works for bombs of lobbers and flappers!


  • Sometimes jumping off a ladder would play the jump sounds twice
  • Some minor bugfixes



Build 2021.03


  • Sound effects for the tiger
  • Sound effects for the flight teacher scene


  • Kobolds have been updated to the new design
  • Kobold threesome is "juicier". ^w~


  • A game crashing bug with the respawn manager
  • Fast vertical movement messing up the parallax scrolling
  • Major refactoring of the cutscene system
  • Pausing/unpausing during respawning deals extra damage
  • A bunch of minor bug fixes



Build 2021.02 Hotfix


  • A short cutscene to help people find the missing friend
  • A sign at the start of the game to guide the player towards the new content


  • 18+ warning now reflects key rebindings
  • Mason dialogue now shifts over to the elevator to better demonstrate how to access the new area
  • Elevators now have a consistent way they are operated (interact button, instead of Up, like doors)
  • Kincaid now remarks on the mini slime running away when she drops it, to make it more clear to the player what is going on
  • When the queen is riding on her favorite dildo, the pillow where it usually lays on, is now empty


  • One of the particle systems did not work
  • Kincaid is able to roll through hazards - now hazards ignore i-frames again
  • Releasing the jump button after using a bouncing platform would cancel the jump
  • Opening/Closing temple doors positioned the sound loop in the wrong spot, making them inaudible
  • Respawn manager did not work properly - downed enemies respawned too early
  • A bug where Kincaid would just slide back and forth when standing on a jumpthru platform and touching another one above it (mainly one spot in the kobold village)
  • 'Naughty Villagers' gallery entry now unlocks with older save files where the player already finished the quest and has talked to the queen
  • Fixed some areas where the player was able to dash/doublejump out of the level bounds and fall into oblivion
  • A bug where Kincaid would be able to push blocks when she was stunned
  • Game crash when getting grappled the exact same frame she hits an enemy
  • Returning to the main menu while the mini slime rides on your head would crash the game
  • Visual bug after defeating the wolf - The fader was on the wrong layer
  • Destroying a wall critter with the blaster would crash the game if you left the room and returned immediately
  • Defeated kobolds that don't respawn would leave orphaned hitboxes behind
  • Tiger grabbing you out of a dash puts the act-object deep into the ground
  • Pressing the Interact button near a sign and a kobold NPC would trigger both interactions, making them overlap
  • Tiger freaking out near ladders if you touched them
  • A small visual issue with KO'ed tiger animation
  • Kobold hunter got stuck on slopes when attacked and pushed upwards
  • Kincaid looking up/down now respects screen-locking combat arenas
  • A bunch of not so nice word repetitions in the CG for the tiger
  • Some more minor word smithing in Interactions and dialogues




Build 2021.02
New Stuff:
Head to the village and talk to the mason in the lower left corner. He will give you a quest and you'll be able to access the new area with his elevator. Have fun exploring!
Here's what's new:
Sabertooth Tiger as a new enemy type has been added.
Stone Mason quest has been added (reward has not been fully implemented yet).
Old City ruins are has been added (a total of 21 new rooms).
Mini Slime Mini Quest has been added!
Note: Full sound treatment for the tiger will come with a later update as the effects have not been finalized by the time this build has been completed. We will deliver a build with the full sound treatment with the next quality of life update.




Build 2020-10
6 new sex animations (for Kobold NPCs)
Lots of new player animations
Sunken Temple area (accessible shortly after defeating the wolf)
New water system
Underwater mechanics and hazards

Air attack now has a dedicated animation with a hitbox that reaches above Kincaid's head, making it easier to hit flying enemies.
Energy system and Glove blaster have been completely redesigned. Energy now works with charges. Healing and shooting require one charge. Blaster does a lot of damage.
Glitchcaid Rift has been removed.
Dash ability can be found in the Sunken Temple area
Metroid-Critter-Crawlies have a more forgiving hitbox

Metroid-Critter-Crawlies can't be used to get unlimited energy anymore.




Kincaid Build 2020.08


Flight Instructor sex scene (including a mini-quest)

Sounds for the wolf (combat + sex act)

Sounds for the kobold threesome

A bunch of new abilities including heal, swimming, dash and grapple shot

More NPCs and the existing ones have been fleshed out

Moss huts have been decorated

Ice shot (not accessible in-game right now)

Energy system (replenish enemy using melee combat)

Currency system (not used in-game right now)

Rocks that are breakable using charged melee attacks

The ability to look up/down (by holding the respective buttons)

"Glichcaid" gauntlet (accessible from the Treetop Palace after talking to the kobold queen)


The way invincibility works has been changed. Certain animations now have specific i-Frames, instead of the whole animation (ie. roll) giving you invincibility.

Dodge roll cannot be spammed anymore and has 2 charges.

The way insta-death work has been changed. You now loose one health and get reset to a soft save spot.

Most enemies don't respawn until you have been a bit further away. Some enemies come back instantly (like mosquitos).

Blaster can now be used in all 4 directions.

Blaster now uses energy and does damage.

The game cannot be paused anymore when a cutscene plays.

Damage blinking looks nicer.

Mosquitos don't follow you endlessly anymore, but return to their post after Kincaid gained sufficient distance to where they spawned.

Kincaid now properly faces NPCs when talking to them.


Messed up wolf hitboxes have been fixed.

A bug where losing would allow you to continue playing anyway.

A bug where sometimes the music would double up.

Melee attacking through room transitions doesn't trigger loading the next level.

Kobold would skip taking care of Kinny's pants in the sex act on game over.

Climbing down a ladder kills you.

Drowning would cause the game to crash.

Two save spots were missing from the minimap.

The Mason Death Fall.

A bug where Kincaid would jump after closing the last dialogue box.

Firetrap sounds don't stack anymore (caused loudness).





Build 2020-06


Gallery mode, accessible from the main menu. Unlocks are global and not tied to a specific save file.

Minimap (accessible via TAB on keyboard or SELECT on the gamepad)

Kobold village + first batch of NPCs

New music (village theme, mines/deep jungle theme, jungle boss theme)

Some special effects & Lighting effects (used mainly in the village for now)

Small transition animation for the wolf, picking Kincaid up

Cutscene & Dialogue System


New & improved way of handling parallax backgrounds (not noticeable by player, but gives some performance improvements)


A bunch of minor things.




Build 2020-05

Pausing and unpausing during a threesome doesn't deactivate the invitee but the animation keeps playing.

Small collision bug in the cave. Kincaid would get stuck if you double jumped from the save spot.

Double-Tapping the jump key allows for a fake double jump.

Movement key mapping resetting every time you go back to the main menu.

Ceiling slopes can't be used as ziplines anymore.

Becoming invincible if the wolf flames are the last thing that hurts you.

Jumping on a defeated slime doesn't push you into the ceiling anymore.

Menu getting skipped in HTML5 build.

HUD disappearing sometimes when you lose and respawn.

Gamepad stopped working in HTML5 build.

Jumping from ladders had no sound.




Build 2020-04


Kobold threesome! If there are more Kobolds around they will now come over to observe the fun. If you want you can invite the lucky winner for some 3X fun!

Zooming into sex acts.

Inputs are remappable now - both for keyboard and for controller.

D-Pad support!

Input buffering for a lot of the action keys. This means that things like jumping still register, even if you pressed jump slightly before landing. Similarly works with dodge rolls, slides and attacks.

Corner forgiveness for head bumps. If you barely hit a corner now, instead of sending Kincaid flying down, we gently nudge her around the corner without interrupting your jump path.

In-game tutorials and reminders for controls and abilities.

Multiple save files and the ability to erase them.

Play time is tracked per save


Health got an overhaul as another step towards more metroidvania-like systems. You now start the game with less HP. Health items increase your Max HP and save points heal you fully. As a result, there are now less health items in the world (but altogether still more than you need to max out your health!)

Dodge rolls can now be cancelled with a jump or an attack.

Increase slime's attack animation speed slightly.

Sneaky slimes now do damage if they catch you, instead of only stunning.

Kobolds are stunned for a little bit longer.

Kobold pellets are a bit faster.


Various bugs I introduced during a long refactoring pass I did on the whole game (cleaning up the code-base, making things more efficient in the long run)

Some typos in CG scenes

Have fun everyone and thank you so much for your support! Thanks to you the game just keeps getting better and better!




Build 2020-02

Even though there is no new lewd content, there is still a lot of new things to discover! I made two new tilesets and redid the whole starting area. The whole area spans the size of the temple.

There is a new piece of music, which is playing in the illustrated game over screens. A bunch of new sounds have been added, including some environmental sound effects and sounds for the slime enemy. The wolf enemy will be voiced next!

We also fixed the controller issues! So you can finally play again with a controller.
Aside from that there have been a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks. Going forward we will try to be more organized so we can have a proper changelog. 




Build 2019-11

A Big, Juicy Package.
The wolf sprite has a total of 444 frames of animation (100 frames for combat and 344 for sex act), 8 high-resolution CG illustrations and 10 high-res overlays for the CG sequence (cutouts of her face, the woof and internal shots). The encounter story that comes with it has 1260 words for the script!
The world itself has not grown or changed much, since we are reaching the point where we are going to restructure the world soon anyway.

Auto-Save & Continue.
The game now autosaves at the various checkpoints within the game. It is still unclear where they exactly are, but we tried to space them out in a fair manner. With the next update we will introduce proper save spots in the game.
You can continue where you left off if you choose "Continue" from the main menu!


1. Extract and run.


Jumping - A

Attacking - S

Ducking - Down

Rolling - 'D' or RT on the controller

Sliding - Ducking + Rolling

Blaster - Q or B on the controller

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