Incestral Awakening


Year: 2017Incestral Awakening
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Sex Curse Studio
Platform: Windows/Linux/Mac
Version: v1.0
Language: English/Russian
System requirements:  OS: Windows/Linux/Mac
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
VRAM: 128 MB
HDD 214 MB



  You play as Nate Williams, who has recently moved to a new home with his two sisters and mother. Nate gradually begins to discover more about sex, and begins a wild, perverted journey of foreplay with his family, relatives, and friends.


New Content

Added a new group scene! Requires that you complete all current content for all characters other than Twin Sister Sam and Cousin Julia. *Sam and Julia are optional, but you will receive new content for them in this group scene if you complete their content as well!*

Bug Fixes

Fixed typos in family foursome scene.
Fixed typo in Mom Simone and Big Sister Kira threesome revisit.
Fixed typo in Cousin Julia conversation.
Fixed typos in Mom Simone scenes.
Fixed typo in Grandma Edna scene.


Bug Fixes

New game saves will no longer have an issue where saving and then loading the save causes causes money and other stats to reset. We are still working on resolving issues with preexisting saves. Saves made prior to version 0.0048 may still work as intended.
The foursome scene revisit with Big Sister Kira, Twin Sister Sam and Mom Simone will now no longer still show the "New!" label when completed.
Fixed various typos.
Grandma Edna's bust art will no longer be partially cut off in the character select screen.


New Content

Added new scene! Requires that you have the Twin Sister Sam & Mom Simone Threesome, Big Sister Kira & Mom Simone Threesome, and Big Sister Kira Anal. Occurs in the morning.
For those not interested in Twin Sister Sam, the Big Sister Kira & Mom Simone Threesome Revisit now has expanded content! Be sure to check it out! The expanded content also requires that you have done the Mom Simone Vaginal scene.

Bug Fixes

The game will no longer try to create save_dump.txt, which may help some users who had problems saving.


New Content

Added a new Grandma Edna scene! Requires relationship level 11 and occurs at her house during the day.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a letter being case sensitive in the racing mini-game.
Fixed a typo in a Grandma Edna scene.


- Added new character, Vicky, with 2 scenes! You will need to be able to access the Outside zone, which requires Boldness level 4.
You can start her path by successfully completing the "review" minigame once, and seeing an event in the morning. After you see that event, complete the review minigame two more times, and another event will occur in the morning.
- Vicky's first scene requires Boldness Level 4. Vicky's second scene requires Boldness level 5, and requires that you complete the review minigame 2 more times.
- Fixed "all scenes finished for this build" for Kacey from appearing too early.
- Fixed the text window from flashing when switching from one Kira revisit to another.v0.0032
- Added new Kira scene! Requires Relationship level 16 and Boldness level 8. Occurs during the day out at the pool.
- Fixed referencing something that may not have happened for some players, in a Kacey scene.
- Fixed empty dream options from appearing.
- Fixed "New!" notice from appearing on outside zone is player doesn't have enough boldness to enter it.


- Added new Kacey scene. Requires previous Kacey scenes, Boldness level 8, and occurs at Night.
- Added option to rename Julia to whatever name you like!
- Added dream blur that was missing in one of Kacey's revisits.
- Added "New!" notice for zones that have new scenes.


Added new Julia scene. Requires Relationship level 8 and Boldness level 8.
Added boldness requirements to some Kacey scenes.


Added two new scenes with Kacey. They each require the previous scene and occur at night.
Adjusted outfit when sleeping to match all scenes.
Fixed always using Sam's default name for one of the revisit scenes.
Fixed crash when starting a new game plus on the stats screen.
Fixed bug with shopping menu pages.


Note: To enable new scenes, you must progress to the next day.
Added new scene for Kacey.
Fixed message about completing all of Julia's scenes in the build from coming up twice, for her new scenes.v0.0027c
Note: To enable new scenes, you must progress to the next day.
Added two new scenes for Julia. The first requires Relationship Level 6 and Boldness Level 7 and occurs in the hallway. The second requires Relationship Level 7 and occurs in the hallway.
Increased Julia's relationship level cap to 7.
Added a shopping item to make Julia's mini-game easier.
Kira now always uses the correct outfit during the Julia pre-arrival and arrival scenes.v0.0027b
Added music to Julia's scenes.
Fixed the sequence order of Julia's scenes if the player acquires more points than they need for each scene.
Fixed shopping menu not displaying the second page.
Fixed misspelling in Julia's arrival scene.
Fixed "All scenes completed for this build" for Julia appearing twice.v0.0027a
Added labels to replay Julia's scenes in dreams.v0.0027
Note: To enable new scenes, you must progress to the next day.

Added a new character, Julia! After a week (7 days) has passed in game, a special event occurs in the morning, and the day after Julia arrives!
Added 4 scenes for Julia.
The 1st scene requires Relationship Level 2 and occurs when sleeping.
The 2nd scene requires Relationship Level 3 and occurs during the day at the backyard.
The 3rd scene requires Relationship Level 4 and occurs when sleeping.
The 4th scene requires Relationship Level 5 and occurs at night in the bathroom.
Added a mini-game for Julia.


Note: To enable new scenes, you must progress to the next day.

New Simone Scene! Requires relationship level 13 and boldness level 8. Occurs at night.
Increased Simone's Relationship level cap to 13. Increased Boldness level cap to 8.
Now correctly records Kira & Simone scene revisit so that it doesn't always appear as "New!"
Improved the animation performance in Simone's scene.


Note: To enable new scenes, you must progress to the next day.
Previous save files from older builds are compatible!
Weird, looks like this build needs a patch from somewhere...

Added music to some Sam scenes that didn't have it.
Added new Simone scene with an animation. Requires Relationship level 12 and Boldness level 7 and occurs at night.
Added a new Kira and Simone scene. Occurs at night when you have progressed enough with both characters and fall asleep.
Increased Simone's relationship level to 12.

We hope you enjoy this update, which has a brand new animation for Simone, and contains a scene with both Kira and Simone 8)v0.0024
Note: To enable new scenes, you must progress to the next day.

Added revisit for Sam's swimsuit scene. Try finishing Sam scenes to see more of the revisit!

Artwork Fixes

Fixed an image in a Kira scene where she had two right feet.
Tweaked Kira's face in a scene.


Note: To enable new scenes, you must progress to the next day.

Added two new Sam scenes. One requires Relationship level 9 and occurs in the player's room during the morning. The second requires Relationship level 10 and occurs in Sam's room.
Added new Kira scene. It requires Relationship level 15 and Boldness level 7 and occurs in the living room. Art for this scene provided by Idlecum.
Increased Boldness level cap to 7.
Sam relationship level cap increased to 10.
Kira relationship level cap increased to 15.
Fixed grammar error in one of Sam's scenes.
Added a sound to one of Sam's scenes.
Fixed error in one of Sam's scene revisits.


- Two new Kira scenes, one with an animation! The first requires relationship level 13 and boldness level 6. The second requires relationship level 14.
- Three small Kira conversations when choosing the "Talk" option from the menu.
- Max relationship for Kira increased to 14.
- Adjusted choice line width so that Kira's giant frame doesn't cover choice text.
- Improved compatibility if you rollback immediately after loading an old save.


- Added an option in Kira's racing mini-game to click on the letters instead of needing to type them.
- New Sam scene! Requires relationship level 8 and boldness level 5. It occurs at night.



New Content
- Added 5 new Simone (Mom) scenes! The first requires Simone Relationship Level 7 and occurs when visiting Simone at night. The second requires Simone Relationship Level 8 and Boldness Level 5. It occurs when going to sleep at night. The third requires Simone Relationship Level 9 and Boldness Level 6. It occurs when visiting Simone during the day. The fourth requires Simone Relationship Level 10. It occurs when visiting Simone at night. The fifth requires Simone Relationship Level 11. It occurs when visiting Simone during the day.
- Added a conversation with Simone that occurs after going to the park.
- Added a conversation with Sam that occurs after going to the park.
- Added a conversation with Kira that occurs after going to the park.
Tweaks/Balance Changes
- Increased Simone Relationship Level cap to 11.
- Increased Boldness level cap from 5 to 6.
- Default volume reduced from 75% to 50%
- Displays "New!" on a location icon if a non-bust art character has a new scene.
- Added an option to disable the dream blur effect when replaying scenes.
- Added an option to disable the dream music when replaying scenes.
- Improved display of choices in case there are many choices at the same time.
- Added an option (disabled by default) to allow mouse-wheel scrolling if there are so many choices that a scroll-bar is required. Enabling this option will disallow using the mouse-wheel to go forward or back in time when the cursor is placed over the choice area. The back button on the quick menu may still be used however.



- Added a new zone, "Outside"! Going to this zone requires a boldness level of 4. (Currently the zone only contains a park location, but we intend to add more!)
- There is a new scene located in the park at night! (Woman's design in the scene is WIP)
- Added some sounds to the Kira animation introduced in 0.0018-Alpha
- Improved transition to the Kira scene introduced in 0.0018a-Alpha
- Added a sound to the Kira scene introduced in 0.0018a-Alpha
- Adjusted display of choice options to allow for easier selection when there are a lot of choices.
- Increased the relationship points gained from the "Slide Puzzle" mini-game by 1.
- Reduced the number of tiles to match in each pattern in the hard version of the "Repeat Pattern" mini-game from 7 to 6.
- Fixed a bug that caused a tile to flash during the interaction phase of the repeat pattern mini-game.

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