High School Of Succubus


Year: 2018High School Of Succubus
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Two succubi
Platform: Windows/Android
Version: v1.47
Language: English
System requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
VRAM: 128 MB
HDD: 901 MB


We are Kseneris and Lucefina, two succubi, who are creating the game High School Of Succubus. It's an adult adventure game. The game is free so you can play it right away.



- Traditional Year’s-End Orgy
- Girls New Year night
- Added Viki’s sprite and emotes in a dress.


- Viki’s little secret.
- Threesome with Rob and Emily.
- Added some more pics to random events. (1more naked sleep pic, 2 before lectures and 3 during lectures)
- Emily and Rob’s place background.
- Added some new emotes for Rob.


- Traditional Halloween morning.
- HUGE dorm party!
- New costumes that you can buy in Kikn Shop.
- New costumes for the Halloween party for Ash, Viki, Brenda and Dan.


- Another letter from a peeping person.
- Hooking up with Ash (With 2 various endings so you need to go to the dorm once more)
- Added a button to check what Kelly is wearing under her skirt.
- 2 new characters with a bunch of emotes.
- Dorm has more repeatable events now so Kelly can go there to have some fun with the girls.
- You can now call Steve over by calling him.
- Book got updated with new and some old characters.


- Kelly coming over to the dorm catching Viki gaming.
- Kelly’s corruption level up! (3000 corruption to trigger and opens up some small events)
- Getting Steve under the table. (No panties required)
- Ruined swimsuit.
- More gloryhole cumshots.
- Kelly now can go out with no panties. (Also her dress got shorter on sprite)
- Events with Steve on the lecture is now repeatable (new and old one)
- Kelly now can go to the dorm to hang out with girls (new and shower event became repeatable)
- Brenda and Ms. Fox got new emotes.


- Steve coming over to Kellys’ place
- Miss Devis offers Kelly to pass an exam easily (2lvl 1500+ corruption)
- New college gloryhole system (New art + old/reworked art, lots of varieties!)
- Kelly got new emotes.



Events: - Ash wants another round of their game (Café) - Sex with Steve in library - Helping Viki to earn money to make cosplay costume (Viki will call Kelly and ask for help)


Other changes: - Double dildo added to the sex shop. - Viki got some new emotes. v1.26 Events: - Miss Devis calling Kelly on the final training. - New locker quest. - Morgarith making plans on Ash, Kelly and John (Starting event no panties/evening, second one – next day).


Other changes: - Morgarith and Ash got some new emotions.



Events: - Ending of “Shower with Viki before PE” event - Succubus invades Viki’s dream (need to finish shower events and have > 360 Viki’s corruption.) - Returning the favor to Steve (library, no panties, make him lose control once more) - New locker quest


Other changes: - Viki’s dream invasion unlocked.



Events: - Nightclub with Becca (Wait for Becca’s call) - Kelly tries to go to the club again (In a week after event with Becca) - Locker blackmail (New feature: “Tasks from unknown blackmailer”)


Other changes: - You can now buy a red dress. - Added Kelly’s emotions in a red dress. - Added Ash’s emotions in a club dress. - Club and toiler backgrounds added. - Locker added to the game.



Events: - Steve making a move (library, no panties) - Miss Devis’s little punishment (after the lecture) - Brenda’s blackmail (college, “Brenda went to café” event finished)





Events: - Brenda and Dan meet Kelly at her shift (no panties on the lest shift) - Meet Rebecca (Walk on a beach topless) - Becca calls Kelly to the beach. - Peep on Viki at PE shower (More progress)


Other changes: - Added new character and emotions.



Events: - Morgarith invades Ash’s dream (Repeatable 300+ Ash corruption) - Catwoman cosplay events with Viki (Progression event. Catwoman costume required) - Slave Leia costume event (Finish Catwoman events and wait till Viki will finish costume and call Kelly)


Other changes: - You can now purchase Catwoman costume. - Ash’s dreams invasion is now available. - New emotions added.



Events: - No panties fun with Ash (progression event/repeatable) - Brenda interrogates Steve (After class) - Morgarith making Kelly buy a bikini!


Other changes: - You can now purchase bikini. - Kelly can now walk on a beach. - “Pants off” button added for last shift in Cafe. - Ash now have a personal event.



Events: - Library flashing (progression event/repeatable) - Failed exam (two weeks after Miss Devis announcement) - Pantyless shift (corruption level 2)


Other changes: - You can now purchase black underwear. - Library location added. - “No panties” button added for Library. - Steve and Miss Devis added to the Lustonomicon. - You can now sort characters by gender in the Lustonomicon.



Events: - The girls and the nude beach. - Peep on Viki at PE shower (Progression event/repeatable) - Viki’s photofap pictures (Progression event/repeatable) - Viki’s new swimsuit (Viki’s corruption 210)


Other changes: - This update we added a new system of other character corruption. Fist will be Viki. - Kelly can sunbath with no top. - Book changed. - Corruption levels added.


New system is containing some changes that will allow us to make different personal events for characters. So there’ll be 3 types of events: 1) Farm events that will be needed to corrupt characters around Kelly. 2) Events that will unlock on certain corruption level. 3) Story events.


Also we are showcasing Corruption Levels system. The system includes the character progression between levels. If character’s corruption lever is higher – Kelly can’t corrupt that character but they can corrupt Kelly.



Last year orgy! (Succubus New Year) - The girls New Year party (Ashley will call Kelly and offer to have a party. Champagne bottle required.)



Events: - Boss blowjob event (When you’ll come for handjob bonus, boss will offer you to increase it) After that boss blow job will become repeatable with bonus scenes.


- Brenda’s next training (She will call you, just wait) - New upgrade for school girl outfit (New toy in the sexshop – magic wand) - New random event in café while Kelly serve tables. (Random event while working)


Other changes: - You can now buy Magic wand at the sex shop.



Events: - Joint lecture with Brenda (On the lecture) - Library occasion (Ash will came up to you after lectures) - Dan breaks a lecture (Dan will catch you before lectures) - Kelly masturbation with dildo (You can find it in a bedside table, repeatable)


Other changes: - New character added: Steve - New background: Library - You can now buy Dildo at the sex shop.



Events: - Tentacle attack. (It will trigger at the morning) - Halloween party! (Huuuuge event! Ash will call and invite you, but you will need to buy a costume :3)


Other changes: - New background: Dorm hall. - Kelly, Ash, Viki and Brenda got their costumes and emotes. - You can now buy Halloween costume.



Events: - Public blowjob. (Stay till the last shift in Café so John will offer to leave together) - Brenda’s pet training. (Brenda will call Kelly - Nude beach peeping events (2 more pics added)


Other changes: - New background: Street. - New emotes for John and Brenda.



Events: - Maid outfit got first upgrade! (Ears and tail plug) - PhotofAPP event in school girl outfit. - Nude beach peeping events (4 different girls added) - Succubus finishes her job (Invade event)


All of those events are repeatable. To repeat the succubus invades even you need to check the book and the event will happen at night.


Other changes: - You can now buy school a girl outfit. - Added a tail plug, cat ears, and a collar. - New location: Nude beach. - New mechanics for nude beach and succubus invades.



Events: - Gloryhole now has a blowjob event! - Check your phone! Kelly will start using PhotofAPP. (highlited in her phone) - PhotofAPP event in maid outfit. - Kelly will ask her boss for a bonus to her paycheck! (triggers in Friday after photofAPP events) - Random event (Kelly’s skirt rises from the wind)


All those events are repeatable. We are going focus some updates on events like that as majority of people voted.


Other changes: - Now you don’t spend time when you moving on the map. - You can now buy red lingerie. - New shop and maid costume added. - Boss got his own model and some emotes. - Added mechanics for earning money in photofAPP and bonuses from boss.



New outfit: top and skirt. You can buy it in the store.


New events: - Wet t-shirt contest (Ash will call you then call her back when you will buy new clothes) - Hanging out with John in a beach bar (After wet contest just meet him in the bar) - Repeatable gloryhole handjob and titjob (college toilet)



- Gloryhole for two (triggers on the lectures) - Succubus detention - Viki’s naughty hobby



- Succubus lectures - Succubus swap (patron suggested event) - Trying out some public stuff (Lectures and then at work)



- Helping John at the bar (Serve tables at last shift) - Examination day - Girl’s little secret (event triggering on the lecture)



- Eggtoy event - Dare game on the girls party - Brenda will call Kelly



- Bj for John (cafe) - Photofap (Kelly will make some pics at home) - Succubus invade Kelly’s dream (320corr+, night)



- Viki’s phone (on the lecture) - Gloryhole (on the lectures) - John and Kelly (café) - Event with boss (cafe)



- Event with Brenda (she will call you,corruption 160+, after institute) - Peeping into classroom (after institute) - John will make a move (no bra, in café) - Girls will have a party (call ash)



- Visit sex shop and buy a toy - Visit café with no bra - Random event with Brenda after PE - Ash and Kelly sunbathing topless

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