Game of Whores


Year: 2016Game of Whores
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: MANITU Games
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Version: v0.19
Language: English/Russian
System requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
VRAM: 256 MB
HDD: ~2 GB



  A parody game based on the Game of Thrones franchise, you'll play has Danys the Mother of Dragons, following her story line in a parallel universe to the Game of Thrones. The game as a Akabur look to it.


- Endless menu options in the shop were fixed

- Vote counter was updated


- 2 new quests for Rodrik

- Character sprites for Goldy and Pam, you can meet Pam during first Baelish quest, Goldy works in the baths

- 1 animated private dancing CG scene with Daenerys and Sansa

- 1 animated blowjob CG scene with Daenerys

- 1 animated handjob CG scene with Sansa

- 1 animated lickball CG scene with Daenerys

- 1 animated lickball CG scene with Sansa

- Random daily text events (4 for Daenerys and 2 for Sansa) after they finish with waitress job (stat should be enabled)

- Gallery was updated with scenes from 0.17-0.18, now gallery has total of 60 scenes


- All known typos were fixed
- 4th round of "Game of Whores" competition - gloryhole
- Gloryhole CG scenes with Cersei, Sansa and Daenerys
- 1 vaginal sex pool CG scene with Daenerys
- 1 blowjob pool CG scene with Cersei
- 1 blowjob pool CG scene with Mara
- 1 anal animated CG scene with Sansa during cleaning (Extra scene poll winner)
- 1 keyhole solo animated CG scene with Cersei
- Couple images added for Daenerys market walk
- 5 new outfit items for Sansa
- 3 new costumes for Cersei
- 5 new costumes for Daenerys



- All reported and known bugs were fixed
- New location - "Baths", you can visit it together with Daenerys, Cersei and Mara
- 1 interactive CG scene for Cersei with different options
- 1 vaginal sex CG scene for Cersei
- 1 interactive CG scene for Daenerys with different options
- 1 blowjob CG scene for Daenerys
- 1 interactive CG scene for Mara with different options
- 1 vaginal sex CG scene for Mara
- 1 new outfit for Mara
- 1 new Sansa quests with 3 different endings
- 2 anal sex CG scenes for Sansa



- All reported and known bugs were fixed
- Minor UI improvements and new dialogue box
- "Clear the gallery" button in preferences for players who like to start fresh, we highly recommend to do that before starting the new update as an order of a several scenes was changed
- Pre-competition story was partly revised, rewritten and polished in order to suit main story better
- First round of the competition was replaced with a new one to suit main story better
- "Fruit game" with Daenerys was relocated from the garden, from now this is her 5th Quest

- Full gallery support for all "finished" scenes, 47 in total
- Mara loyalty program, each spent coin counts, you can spend those points on Mara's special reward
- New outfits: 7 for Daenerys, 4 for Sansa, 2 for Cersei
- 4 new Tavern quests
- 16 random daily text events after Daenerys ends with her waitress job (stat should be enabled)
- 3 flashing CG scenes for the new 1st round of the competition
- 1 anilingus CG scene for Sansa
- 1 cunilingus CG scene for Daenerys
- 1 Daenerys and Sansa dancing CG scene
- 2 Daenerys's and Sansa's oral sex CG scene on stage
- 1 animated solo tavern CG scene for Sansa



- All reported and known bugs were fixed
- Minor UI improvements
- Name cnanger relocated from girls rooms to preferences menu
- Daenerys blowjob scene is now replayable

- 5 new Tavern quests
- 2 flashing CG scenes + 1 version for Daenerys
- 1 animated vaginal sex CG scene for Daenerys (Extra scene poll winner)
- 1 animated solo tavern CG scene for Daenerys
- 1 new CG option for "Boobs-shot" flashing scene for both Daenerys and Sansa
- 2 flashing CG scenes + 1 version for Sansa



- All reported and known bugs were fixed
- Sansa's quest №2 temporarily removed, would be replaced with another one
- Vote counter updated with the most recent poll results

5 Tavern quests
2 quests for Daenerys
New mechanic: waitress job for both Sansa and Daenerys
10 text events after Sansa ends with waitress job (make sure to enable stat's in settings)
15 text events after Daenerys ends with waitress job
2 flashing CG scenes for Sansa
1 groping CG scene for Sansa
2 flashing CG scenes for Daenerys
1 groping CG scene for Daenerys
- Keyhole solo CG Sansa scene (Extra scene poll winner)
New outfits: 5 for Daenerys, 3 for Sansa, 2 for Cersei


- All reported and known bugs were fixed
- Scene replay gallery, once scene is being unlocked you can replay it from the main menu, currently 12 scenes available for replay, the rest would be added in 0.14
- First music theme!
- Redrawn "masturbate on Sansa" scene, preparing the game for upcoming "Day-Night" cycle mechanic (Poll winner)
- Around 20 skimpy clothing items adopted for each girl (Poll winner)
- First part of the cleaning mechanic, currently only for Sansa, to unlock this ask her to clean Cersei room before she moves in, not Dany
- 19 random text events after Sansa ends with cleaning
- Sansa watching you and Cersei having fun CG scene
- Interactive CG scene with Sansa while she does cleaning:
~ Spanking
~ Cunillingus and anilingus animations
P.S. Scene to be expanded. Same styled scene would be added for Dany soon



Changelog version 0.11 --------> 0.12b:
- All reported and known bugs were fixed
- 3rd round of "Games of Whores" competition (3 animations)
- Animated blowjob scene with Sansa at the market
- New questions and answers for "guess game" in the garden with Dany
Vanilla/Submissive Cersei route:
~ Drinking CG scene with Cersei
~ Flashing CG scene with Cersei
~ Animated handjob scene with Cersei
~ Vaginal sex CG scene with Cersei
~ 13 random small facts and dialogues while drinking with her
Saves strictly from 0.11 should work, but no guarantee, check yourself please



Added: - New credits screen added to the main menu - New background added to the clothing shop - New original character - Mara, from now she's taking care of the clothing shop - 2 Mara's quests - Animated titjob scene with Mara


Sansa: - 3 new costumes - Animated blowjob CG scene in the garden


Daenerys: - 2 new costumes - Now you can play with her boobs in the room if she's being topless, based on TheBigBg mod, thank you for idea, buddy! - Solo CG scene in Wonder Woman costume during her walks


Cersei: - 2 new costumes


v0.10 Sansa update
Added: - Now you can rename characters in their rooms - Preview of statistic feature, this would count all sexual interactions later, you can switch it off in settings


Sansa: - Now you can hangout with Sansa at the market and garden, this will raise her PP - Kissing in the garden CG scene - Handjob in the garden CG scene - Flashing at the market CG scene


Quest №3: - Spanking in her room CG scene - Spanking by Cersei


Daenerys: - "After striptease" sprite scene happens also in pink mini bikini - Now if her SP>50 - she would change her pubic hair style once a week


- Bugfix


v0.9 Reboot Update
This is the first out of two "Reboot" updates which aims to improve already existened parts of the game.


Many chages has been done, I've reworked the story part a lot, now you have a choice: - Personal routes: play only "personal" routes of characters without "slut" content. - Main route: play main route with both "personal" and "slut" routes of the characters.


You do this choice during third quest of Daenerys, please pay attention. Some parts of the game was temporarily removed, such as clicker and topless charity, will be added back in next update with improvements.


Added: - New background for Market location


Daenerys: - Vaginal sex CG scene - Garden handjob CG scene - Market walks sprite scene - After striptease sprite scene - 1 new costume, topless/tits out option for almost every costume - Repeatable charity action in Flea Bottom as an alternative to tavern dances in personal route (once a week) ~ If PP is high enough action ends with cunnilingus scene


Bugfix: - Wonder Woman walks fixed - Garden and market walks now possible in any costume


Sansa: - 5 new costumes


All: - Second round of "Game of Whores" competition - Increased amount of money you gain after work/strip - Beginning of the cleaning mechanic (optional humiliation)


Cersei: - New background for Cersei room - Cersei room and wardrobe is accessible now - First part of Cersei personal route


Daenerys: - All clothing from Dany Clicker! has been added - White t-shirt for wardrobe has been added - Slutty santa costume with small side conversation based on it - Continuation of the side-story based on Wonder Woman costume - Now she can wear all costumes for market walks - 6 new variation for old Daenerys costumes (Cabaret, Pyra, Leia and Aqua) with small side conversations - Maid outfit (part of future mechanic)


Sansa: - Maid outfit (part of future mechanic)


- Bug fix


- New background for city garden - First part of Dany's personal route including: ~ 1 new mini-game ~ 3 new CG scenes - 9 pubes-options for Daenerys, now you can touch her pussy - Now you can sell Dany's panties in the tavern - 4 new costumes for Daenerys


- Minor bug fixes - Now you can check amount of SP/PP points by clicking on status bar - Rewritten and removed some parts of "Intro" and first Daenerys quest - New poses and costume for Daenerys striptease in tavern - New hair option for Daenerys, 1 new color for mini-bikini, 1 new costume and 4 new various items - 2 new quests for Sansa: ~ Sansa striptease option in tavern (part of training mechanic) ~ Dress up mechanic for Sansa, now she has her own wardrobe ~ 4 new costumes for Sansa

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