Four Elements Trainer

Year: 2017Four Elements Trainer
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: MITY
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Version: v0.9.3e
Language: Russian/English
System requirements: 


CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 ГГц,

RAM 512, MБ

DirectX 9,

HDD 700 МБ






Four Elements Trainer is a massive undertaking set in the universes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and will be four complete games all united into one. Along the way, you'll find plenty of (fuckable!) characters, quests, stories, fights, and mysteries to unlock. Everything you see in the game is able to be completed -- content that hasn't been finished isn't included. There's no tease! It's all content!







If you thought you'd never see a new version of FET again... well, I've had those kind of moments too. It has been a long time since we could set foot in our perverted version of the avatar world and I've missed her a lot. 18Titans is fun to work on too, but it was still there to fill the hole FET had left.

After such a long time, you won't be able to NOT expect a lot out of this build and I'm going to have to disappoint you right there. This isn't the result of many months of work. This is a build where a member of our little team is carefully trying to pick up where we left and this build will reflect that.

Since Cbob told us all in the last sokka tier post that this week was "a go" and since a lot of you guys have been waiting for a very long time, I decided to push forward extra hard and finished the early access build in record time. I'm not entirely certain what that will mean for it's stability, but since the bughunt was reasonably stable I think it will be fine. *crosses fingers*

In the future we'll allow ourselves the usual three days of close scrutiny again. Sooo.. if Cbob is talking about dates again in the future, ask for a receipt from Marty!

BUGHUNTERS!! You awesome all-dancing all-singing finders of faults... we managed to get a lot fixed in the short, short time we had because of you. Of course we also incorporated some other feedback you gave us.

There are small changes all over the place, but the biggest take place before/during the snowstorm, the first time you see Jinora wearing orange, but the biggest change is that we added a short Jinora scene at the end during day 11.

It's a very small one and not really sexy, but it's another important step to getting in her panties eventually. A pic of it is in the header.

Should you download this build again just for that? Only if you are really curious and don't have a data cap. Speaking of caps. I managed to shrink the file a fair deal so that should help.

I think that's all I needed to say... but if not I'll add to this post later.






As much as I dislike having to release these new versions with only minor bugfixes, the last one still had a bug which can potentially lock players out of progressing.

You might not have encountered it, but the problem occurs when talking with Korra about the Equalists during book 4's love route. Doing so would make her not want to talk anymore for that day in version 0.9.0b.

Not a problem the first time, but it can cause BIG problems later on if you repeat the conversation again and is able to lock you out of progressing. It's fixed in this new version, but as long as you don't repeat the Equalist conversation later you should be safe in the old one as well.




This is basically 0,9.0a with a few small bugfixes. I would've uploaded this way earlier but for the very first time ever cbob's email got caught by my spam filter and I was just waiting patiently for him to send me something which he had already sent!

Quick recap, this build contains the start of book 4's love route. The main differences between this version and 0.9.0a is the fact we added some music and fixed some parts of the sexdoll mini-game. For some people the mini-game was over the second it started and for others, the clicks wouldn't always properly register. Should be fixed in this version.

So if you didn't have trouble with the mini-game earlier it's probably not worth downloading this version.




- extra dog walking scene
- extra end scene (fly high in the sky)
- washroom scene (gotta get clean!)
- new versions of old korra scenes (indicated with a heart)
- new version of old equalist scene (visit the cells)



[same as 0.8.7a]
Oh no those are saggy breasts that you chose to see despite all of my warnings



Equalists invade! Oh no!
Face-to-face with Amon! Will this be the end?!?!?!!?!?!11111111111
You're on a blimp! And what's that? Korra's naked? What's she doing? Oh. OH. That's nice.
Help Asami in a way she doesn't even know she needs! Get rewarded! Friendship is magic!
Southpole adventures continue! A surprise for you, and a birthday party! (can you create the best birthday party ever?!? Probably not!)
Squash Pema and Lin's beef!
Be a terrible pseudo-daddy! A couple times! Don't get caught!
Help Shady make a sexy city-wide Movers with lasers!
Take Korra on a walk!
Did you get Korra pregnant? Why did you do that?
Finish the slave route!
more equalists in prison!



Fixed the Goblin bug
The mask is now properly 3 respect
Bunch of bug fixes and various small edits


Bunch of bug fixes and various small edits



You can sort your mail!
You can return to the south pole. Including a few older scenes which you now can replay there will be a new:
- Eska scene
- Desna scene
- Eska/Desna scene
Ask everyone where Korra is.
- anal/vaginal with Asami
Get lube (not what you think!)
- Korra teaches Equalist how to bend. Or not.
- Equalist girl appears. Or not.
A shocking revelation. Or not
Provide Korra with mental support. Or not.
- Korra sad sex
Be Shady's/Asami's errand boy!
- Yangchen anal/vaginal
- Yangchen boobjob
Fix what's borked! Look at the airships




Okay this should be the last 0.8.5 version.
0.8.5c works fine, but it was missing a couple of things we had planned on.
In general the differences between 0.8.5.c and this one are few. We added some more hints about what to do next along the way. For example, finding Kyoshi in this last build had a lot of people stumped, so we added something which will make meeting her a lot more natural.
There's some minor bugfixes and we added a new scene for Toph's mom at the end of book 3's slave route. It's when you pick "give toph a little sister".
So if you're one of those people who has to be careful with the amount of data they can download each month, there's no major reason to download this immediately.




Okay, small explanation. We wanted to have this finished way earlier and could have finished it way earlier... but we got some good feedback from the bug hunters about things besides bugs. That made us want to add and change a couple of things to make it a better build.

The changes we thought of seemed very doable within the set time frame. But, we got too greedy and found some more bugs along the way which also took up time to find and fix.

So instead of waiting until we finish all of that, we decided to release the version minus the more ambitious changes right now. Once we finish the version with the extra's we'll upload that one, but until then please have fun with 0.8.5c!



v0.8.4 [a-b-etc]:

- visit a cold island!
- Visit Katara and don't have sex with her!
- Visit the sauna
- Finger Korra during a visit to the sauna
- Force Korra to walk around with her panties filled with sperm
- Korra gets it in the ass!
- Korra's mom get's it in the ass!
- Eska get's in the ass!
- Yes, there's a lot of ass-action going on!
- Zhu Li poses for you in the nude.
- Get a blow/handjob from Eska/Desna (never forget, twins can't be trusted!)
- Help Shady make some kick-ass tea.
- Senna inserts Korra's college funds indirectly... in her ass (this build's subtitle could be "anal-island"!)
- Look at a bunch of "spirit papers" after earning them through card-battle! (there's no additional reward for collecting them all though. This isn't pokemon! Wait... did pokemon actually have a reward for catching them all??)




Spoiler/change Log:
- Call asami for a blowjob
- Make lin inadvertently (even more) jealous of your wife (pussyrub)
- A day at the park with your wife and kids. (Give Pema what she is craving. Something for in her *bleeep*)
- korra blowjob
- korra footjob
- Make Korra's ass.... RED! Slappity slap slap.....slap !
- Slip your finger into Korra (during the ass slapping)
- Asami and Korra' titsucking. Asami discovers a new side to her!
- Discover an old hideout of Amon and some more dirt on Future industries
- Help Lin with her investigation into the equalizers
- Be mean to Tom!
- Receive fan service from Kyoshi?!




  • New walking around sections (Statue Island, City Streets, Dream/Meditation)!
  • Zhuli idle
  • Ginger idle
  • Jinora idles
  • Korra idle
  • Appa idle
  • Player idle
  • Lin - Buttjob
  • Asami/Korra - Tit scenes
  • Korra - Protein
  • Pema - Blowjob
  • Korra - Titjob
  • Ginger - Sex
  • Continuation of story
  • Various quests/conversations

Well, this should fix the main error report that's popping up (and a couple lesser bugs).




. Lin buttjob
. New location (City streets and Aang statue island)
. Zhu li mover quest
. Ginger doggystyle
. More Korra meditation bullying
. Asami blackmail and titsucking (little bit of Korra lesbo shit here as well)
. Give Jinora and Korra a taste of your "Protein Shake"
. Loads of Jinora teasing (Alabama 100 here boy's)
. Korra titjob
. Pema blowjob (and another tease depending on how your chat goes with Jinora)
. Korra dress up (only swimsuit and nude so far though)
. Some lore stuff






  • The start of book 4, slave route.
  • Welcome the white Lotus into your home.
  • Meet your new family, Pema, Jinora, Ikki and Meelo.
  • Pick up korra from the Police headquarters.
  • Masturbate in front of Lin and cum on her face or in her mouth (2 versions)
  • Get a handjob from Pema.
  • Stop spinners minigame.
  • Stack coins minigame
  • Take your new family swimming.
  • Get reaquainted with a shady person.
  • Watch as Korra is training those thick thighs
  • Watch as Korra washes herself.
  • Catch Korra while she's masturbating(2 versions)
  • Slap some sense in Korra's face, play with her hair, kneed her tits!
  • Slap Korra's tits! Pull her nipples.
  • Make Korra meditate in her swimsuit.
  • minigame probending.
  • meet Asami




  • Savebug fix(find shopping or slave girl in the game to apply it if necessary)
  • switching routes bug! (mixing drinks won't cause a switch from the slave to the love route anymore)
  • Couple more loveporn pages
  • Visit Sokka's mancave!
  • Suki bar blowjob
  • Suki bar blowjob repeat
  • Katara and Toph dick-scissoring
  • Scissor repeat
  • Katara and Toph blowjob
  • Ajala dunk
  • Smellerbee sex
  • Smellerbee sex repeat
  • Toph love dress (preg option)
  • Katara sex (preg option 1 + preg option 2)
  • Tylee rub
  • Appa sex
  • New maze section
  • Cup and dice new functionality
  • Fixed dice rolls repeating often
  • Improved drink-mixing memory game
  • Find Katara
  • Say your goodbyes
  • Route End and thus the end of book 3




  • A couple more pornlove pages
  • Suki bar blowjob
  • Suki bar blowjob repeat
  • Katara and Toph dick-scissoring
  • Scissor repeat
  • Katara and Toph blowjob
  • Ajala dunk
  • Smellerbee sex
  • Toph love dress (preg option)
  • Katara sex (preg option)
  • Tylee rub
  • Appa sex
  • New maze section
  • Cup and dice new functionality
  • Fixed dice rolls repeating often
  • Improved drink-mixing memory game
  • Visit Sokka's mancave
  • Several bug fixes
  • Route End
  • Fixed game breaking tavern quest bug
  • Fixed Go Fish empty deck error
  • Fixed maze fighting error



v 0.7.7b:

  • Handjob train scene (two variations depending on whether you encouraged smellerbee)
  • Added seagull sound at beach
  • Redid Katara sucking art at end of rub/sex scene
  • Added some voyeurism text to Katara beach scene
  • Fixed maze quest starting over
  • Removed “find Ajala” and “entrance” buttons during maze quest
  • Fixed {/i} bug when watching Suki dance
  • Fixed June eye bug
  • Fixed Suki eye bug
  • Removed timed menus during Dai Lee battle
  • Various other bugs




  • Katara quest and rub/sex
  • Go fish card game
  • Jin quest and anal/vag
  • Toph anal 1
  • Toph anal 2
  • Ty Lee quest and sex
  • Ty lee dildo
  • Naga claw/tail job
  • Maze quest



v0.7.6b [c, d, ...]

  • Fixed Ajala fight twice bug
  • Fixed 21/22 chat bug
  • Fixed Iroh shadow bug
  • Fixed Ty Lee idle stuck bug




  • Taking care of the shop quest
  • A walk with toph quest
  • Toph and iroh flashback chat
  • Melonlord training
  • Toph nightmare
  • Joo Dee full nelson
  • Ty Lee blowjob
  • Haiku battle
  • Iroh in the street



New in 0.7.5b:

Just buttloads of bug fixes. If you played 0.7.5 and ran into bugs, it's probably fixed in 0.7.5b.




  • New maze section:
    - Rescue
    - Footjob
    - Lesbian and threesome guard scene
    - Joo Dee rescue
  • Story continuation
  • Rescue Joo Dee quest
  • Suki cowgirl
  • Joo Dee french maid outfit
  • Jin romancing
  • Jin blowjob
  • June quest
  • June missionary
  • Mean girls reward scene (if you freed them without abuse)
  • Ty Lee footjob variation
  • Toph romance
  • Toph lotus sex
  • Toph missionary sex



Version 0.7.4b, c:

  • Additions made to Toph’s blowjob/69 scene
  • Tons of bug fixes



Version 0.7.4:

  • Toph blowjob/69
  • Suki masturbation
  • Ajala sex
  • Jin sex
  • Toph ass play
  • June tit play
  • Mystery handjob/blowjob
  • New Pornlove
  • Joo Dee anti-hypno
  • Suki anti-hypno and quest
  • June anti-hypno and quest
  • Toph and Katara swim
  • Toph training & chatting
  • New maze section
  • Lots of new dialogue




what's new (only stuff I remember so maybe missing something)
- story progression with Toph
- 1 Suki scene
- 1 new June scene
- 1 new Alaja scene
- 1 new "The 3 bitches" scene
- 1 new Joo Dee scene




  • Slave Route
    • Made it easier to access some scenes and progressions
    • New lewder versions of slave route Toph scenes:
    • - Footjob (version 1)
    • - Footjob (version 2)
    • - Blowjob
    • - Sex
    • - Anal
  • Love Route
    • Tons of new dialogue
    • Swimming scene
    • Toph face-touching/caressing/kissing scenes
    • Cave scene
    • New maze section
    • New tiny character….
    • June maze scene
    • A night in the city with Toph
    • Katara party sex
    • Toph titplay




  • Added Obsidian in multiple places (headless statue, maze skull, tavern quests, etc)
  • Upgrade your house
  • Upgrade tavern
  • Upgrade hospital
  • Jin hypno sessions
  • Jin sex
  • Chibi Naga titjob
  • Skye, Ty Lee, Suki anal
  • Jin blowjob and sex (3 versions)
  • Toph rockbound blowjob
  • Katara handjob
  • New maze section with story and decisions
  • Ajala anal/vaginal sex
  • Naga story battle
  • Group handjob and sex
  • Toph flying final sex
  • June blowjob
  • Poppy Beifong sex
  • JooDee pregnant sex
  • Tylee blowjob added to brothel
  • Earth king and route's story ending
  • Real-time tavern quests
  • Character closure, including Iroh



Bughunt 0.6.13

  • Jin doggystyle
  • Joo Dee (pregnant)
  • June blowjob
  • Katara handjob
  • Ajala doggy
  • Naga titjob (in chibi form, what)
  • Recycled doggy and missionary with Skye and Suki/Ty Lee in Kyoshi makeup
  • Missionary and bondage with Toph on Appa's back
  • Toph cowgirl and handjob in front of the other girls
  • Toph and Toph's mom at the same time (hot as fuck tb᠌h)
  • Toph blowjob while she's held down with earthbending



Bughunt 0.6.11

  • Toph-Katara scene​

  • Joodee sex
  • Toph drunk
  • Suki titty-shake
  • Toph anal with Katara
  • Toph solo anal
  • Jin blowjob
  • Jin hypno sessions
  • Toph bathing sex
  • Shady girl flash
  • Secret reward for beating Iroh's crabs!
  • Main storyline continues
  • Iroh quest
  • New maze section
  • Buncha new dialogue

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Four Elements Trainer.exe" to start playing.

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