Farmer's Dreams


Year: 2017Farmer's Dreams
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: MuseX
Platform: Windows
Version: R22 (equiv to R22 orig) (21 days)
Language: English/Russian
System requirements:
HDD: 5.21 GB




  In a fantasy world that combines medieval and modern elements, you are just a regular not so good farmer, but after a big storm that devastates your peaceful village, can you be the hero it needs? Rebuilding your father's farm will be harder than you think, specially with all the monsters and thieves walking around now, so grab a sword and... oh, wait, you don't know how to fight!


R22 (21 days of gameplay)
Brooke + Kaya New Scene (103 CGs)
Heather New Scene (41 CGs)
Gestures for Android
Both ends the day so one each day...


Mia New Scene (42 CGs)
Sophie New Scene (3 CGs)
Alma New Scene (3 CGs)
[New] Gift Day is a special event that will allow you to give unlimited gifts during that day. It will also enable all the new scenes in this version. There is a small chance of getting it every day after you unblock it by talking to the man with a red hat in the new village map (and doing that will guarantee a Gift Day in the next day).
[New] Winter theme/graphics in the village and farm during the Gift Day.
[New] New Items: Sunflower, Festive Gift, Fancy Purse, Coin Piggy, Alma's Panties, Mia's Festival Panties, Sophie's Panties, Ice Cream, Recipe: Bomb and Help Cornett.
[New] The gold pickaxe quest was renamed to "Bomber". This quest is now completable.
[New] Derek will sell black powder after finishing the Bomber quest .
[New] Added chests with Black Powder inside goblins' caves that can reappear every day.
[New] Help Cornett is a new item that can be used inside the mine. It allows you to go back to the entrance even if you have no energy left. Derek will give you one after you open the mine. If you're already past that in your current save, you'll find a red chest near the mine entrance with the Help Cornett inside it.
[New] Added the new Marcus' Gift Shop.
[Fix] Receiving Grass after using the Scythe on a Healing Herb.
[Fix] Amanda gift not resetting after giving expensive gift for the second time.
[Fix] Impossible to use Water Fruit and Mermaid Potion
[Fix] Goblin inside small cave staying there for multiple days instead of resetting chance of finding it every day.

[Fix] Pictures remaining on screen if autosave is enabled
[Fix] Donation chest not counting your donations correctly

Selena New Scene (53 CGs)
5 Loop Animations (Selena) [30 seconds ,777 unique frames]
Mia New Scene (37 CGs)
Scene Remake (Amanda+Sophie Kissing) (8 CGs)
Scene Remake (Amanda Changing) (3 CGs)
Scene Remake (Mia gathering berries) (4 CGs)
[New] Fisherman will sell you fish now, including before the big waryfish quest if you want to “cheat” (and never play the fishing minigame again =P)
[New] Daily Quests (featuring 6 characters so far, more to come)
[New] New visual for shops.
[New] Derek’s new shop.
[New] Added a chest near Derek to sell your ores and ingots.
[New] Donation Chest (Elder) now gives you +1 Honor for every 1000G you make from it (max +1 each time. So if you make, for example, 5000G from one sell you will only get +1 Honor instead of +5).
[New] Item prices can randomly become more expensive or cheaper every day – prices variate from high( x1.5), normal(x1) and low (x0.5). The current price also applies when selling items but there is no visual indicator for prices right now (only when buying), so be careful!
[Fix] Autosave freezing pictures on screen
[Fix] File missing bug inside the underwater cave
[Fix] Cheat Crystal failing to access some scenes
[Fix] Working at the PUB being available after the bandits scene.
[Fix] Blonde NPC at the PUB starting a scene with Evelyn
[Fix] Time passage bugs
[Fix] Daily quest disappearing
[Fix] Added back Cloth to Laura’s shop.
[Fix/Update] Donation Chest at Elder’s house is now fixed and improved. It also stays available forever now – use it to sell crops (at a lower price) from the beginning!
[Update] Complete in-game Scenes List with information on how to get them!
[Update] Evelyn’s cat can now be found after the Blue Flower quest
[Update] Make fishing a bit easier. It’s also easier to find a Waryfish now.
[Update] Relationship menu pictures updated.
[Update] Food Donation quest objective updated from 100 items donated to donating 1000G in food (from the real selling price, not your actual profit.
[Update] Redd first item as a master is the chest recipe. You can now craft and place new chests in your farm.


Mia New Scene (37 CGs)
[Check the Scenes menu after you get the Meet the Mermaid quest]
Scene Remake (Amanda+Sophie Kissing) (8 CGs)
Scene Remake (Amanda Changing) (3 CGs)
Scene Remake (Mia gathering berries) (4 CGs)
[New] Daily Quests (featuring 6 characters so far, more to come)
[Fix] Autosave freezing pictures on screen
[Fix] File missing bug inside the underwater cave
[Fix] Cheat Crystal failing to access some scenes
[Update] Complete in-game Scenes List with information on how to get them!
[Update] Evelyn's cat can now be found after the Blue Flower quest
Known Bugs:

Fast Travel is currently broken.
If you take a quest from the Bulletin Board and close the game it'll disappear (but they renew every day)


Evelyn New Scene (109 CGs)
4 Loop Animations (Evelyn) [35 seconds, 447 unique frames)
Mermaid new scene (7 CGs)
Main Story New Scene (12 CGs)
[New] Autosave [Enable/Disable via options menu]
[New] Mouse Movement is back [Enable/Disable via options menu]
[New] 1 New Tool [Hookshot]
[New] 5 New Items
[New] Scenes List Menu (Testing only, still incomplete)
[Fix] Tools key binding
[Fix] Selection window not showing when receiving multiple items in some cases.
[Fix] HUD disappearing when choosing to help Mia instead of watching her scene with Redd.
[Fix] Consuming multiple items at once by keeping the button pressed down.
[Fix] Possible to buy strawberries before the fist date with Nina (continuity error)

Heather & Carol new scene (83 CGs)
Tabitha (NPC) new scene (10 CGs)
[New] Heal the Fairy quest is now finished (New scene - no CGs).
[New] Small advance in the main story - village map updated
[Fix] Stepping Stone Path recipe bug
[Fix] Grass Path bug
[Fix] Darius' phrases mixed up when waiting for Mia/Heather
[Fix] 'Use item' key only working with 'Shift'
[Fix] Weather inside the mine
[Fix] Time out inside the mine not working


[New] Hold to expand the tool's area of effect (Watering Can and Hoe. Copper tool gives a 3x1 range and Iron a 3x3 range )
[New] Possible to cut the previously irremovable plants in your farm (copper+ Scythe)
[New] New items: Healing Herb, Healing Potion, Fire Stone, Standing Torch, Grass Path, Stepping Stone Path
[New] 2 new Mine levels
[New] New option available - ask Darius to build the tent for Alma
[New] Delivering ores to Derek will give you recipes to all tool's upgrades for that level (if you already delivered the copper ores, buy all recipes from his store before updating your game or you won't be able to get them anymore, the shop option was removed)
[New] New Masters - Derek and Redd
[Update] Tool's graphics updated
[Update] Not possible to walk using the mouse anymore (due to lag issues)
[Update] Implemented all upgraded tools (except for rods and hammer iron+)
[Update] Truth Ore Dare! quest changed from 20 to 10 of each ore.
[Update] Mine now resets every time you enter a floor/room, giving you unlimited loot.
[Fix] Weather showing inside Trevor's house and Elise's house
[Fix] Impossible to place Furnace
[Fix] Alma sprite changing color
[Fix] Fixed some bugs with Hoe tool
[Fix] Forest slime locking player in a loop. It now disappears after the blue flower quest
[Fix] First Laura scene replay not working (Exclusive Version)
[Fix] Harvesting crops behind trees bug
[Fix] Possible to donate food before the quest starts
[Fix] Issue with heather's donation quest order
[Fix] New Laura's scene repeating every time. Fixed conditions to start the 'girlfriend' scene again.
Sleep with your copper tools in your inventory in case you have made them before R17 to fix them!

1 New Brooke Scene (61 CGs)
1 New Elise Scene (35 CGs)
1 New Mia (and Darius) Scene (46 CGs)
[Fix] Elise first quest not starting + wrong choices selection
[Fix] Error when pressing 1 with no second tool available
[Fix] Swimming with Heather scene activating wrong quest (+ new quest)
[Fix] Impossible to discard some items
[Fix] Alignment indicator rounding up and not showing the real Honor/Corruption level
[Fix] HUD remaining invisible after watching the third Elise scene
[Fix] Possibility of discarding the Watering Can
[Fix] Respawning logs and rocks at goblin's mountain/forest/goblin's caves
[Fix] "Talk to Redd" objective from "Get yourself a nice girlfriend!" quest not completing
[Fix] Infinite Spiked Fruits
[Fix] The Blue Flower quest not completing (now it completes after you get back from the forest)
[Fix] The Blue Flower's last "go sleep" objective after talking to Sam not completing
[Fix] Goblin not seeing MC near the blue flower in case Trevor kills the slime
[Fix] Passability issues in some maps fixed
[Fix] Reaching 500G in donations to Heather completing the wrong objective in the "Get yourself a nice girlfriend!" quest
[Fix] Game continuing in Story Mode after getting back from the Goblin's Mountain
[Fix] Getting stuck in stealth mode when sneaking upstairs in Amanda's house
[Fix] Day not advancing in some occasions after the lake party
[Fix] Possible to talk to Redd before talking to Roxie/Elder/Mia for the Blue Flower quest
Blackberry Pie quest doesn't require watching Mia scene with Redd anymore to get the full version (only high honor)
Nina scene at the orchard can now only start after the PUB party
Dashing isn't affected anymore by having no energy
Made the 3 chickens you can find in the village visible instead of completely hidden
Time now stops inside buildings
Spiked Fruits are now easier to find
Hide Message Window key changed from H to A. It now hides the Name Window as well
Darius appearance changed (still not updated in previous scenes)
Daily Talk points added to Marcus
[New] Item Rotation added (press '0' to rotate the item you're holding)
3 New maps added
[New] New Fishing System
[New] Weather System:
- Sun [Nothing changes]
- Rain [Water all your crops automatically]
- Storm [Water all your crops automatically but have high chances of also destroying them]
- Wind [Tilled soil around fully grown crops get automatically seeded with the nearest crop seeds]


1 New Heather Scene (67 CGs)
1 New Elise Scene (49 CGs)
[Fix] Weekly gifts not resetting sometimes
[Fix] Fix the Bridge quest not marking as finished
[Fix] Being able to request strawberries multiple times from Eddie and being able to select all options even when there are not available.
[Fix] Mia's first pie taking more than 3 hours to finish sometimes
[Fix] Heather's character appearing at the village after the fake girlfriend scene
Improved some quest descriptions/objectives with more details/steps.
You have a chance now to find a Lunch at Elise's house every day (chances to find it raises depending on how much Elise likes you)
Added Nikki to the relationships menu (only after her scene at your house)


vR13 1 New Amanda Scene Scene (36 CGs) 1 New Mia Scene (33 CGs) [Fix] Heather donation not working [Fix] Copper Hammer breaking the game [Fix] Impossible to interact with the portrait at Redd's bedroom [Fix] Selecting "Flirt" option when talking to Heather and trying to cancel [Fix] Selecting "Sell" option when talking to Darius and trying to cancel [Fix] Food Donation not showing as completed in the Blue Flower quest (visual bug only) [Fix] Blue Flower quest having the wrong description [Fix] Party quest now fails after the scene with Roxie about Vincent Report to Nina's Father now completes when you deliver information for the first time Awkward Conversation quest can be completed by delivering information for the second time (need to talk about Trevor during the moon scene. This won't work in old saves if you're past that scene already) 1 new quest about Nina. You won't be able to complete it anytime soon (almost a joke quest) New cheat option (Exclusive Version only) for small updates. This time it lets you add 999 Big Waryfish to the gold chest and complete the Awkward Conversation quest.


vR12 1 New Nina Scene (34 CGs) 1 New Nina Scene (19 CGs) [NTR] 1 New Heather Scene (26 CGs) [Fix] Blackout during Amanda's bedroom scene. [Fix] Choice box going off screen depending of the girl's position. [Fix] Mia scene with Redd can't happen after the blue flower quest anymore [Fix] Game freeze during the scene art the well with Nina's grandmother Changed the key to hide messages from Shift to H Changed Food Donation objective from 300 to 100. You can now sell fish and meat too Status menu remade, it correctly keeps track of your exp points now (you may need to sleep to see you stealthiness treat again) New Save and Load systems similar to Visual Novels. You can now open the menu and save anytime you want, even during choices and scenes. Increased save slots to 90! New Fix the Bridge quest. You can buy Strawberry Seeds after completing it after talking to Eddie (Laura's father) Taking Care of Redd now completes after giving him the last item instead of in the next day. Get Yourself a Nice Girlfriend! quest better explained step by step Heather donation quest created Removed the 1 hour wait to continue the peeping scene (Sophie's Letter) Talk to Darius quest starting after calling Elder and Mia to see what's wrong with Redd New failed message for Heather's Fence Repair quest if you offer her to Darius. Fence Repair doesn't fail after day 4 anymore Moved Donating to Heather from Talk to Quest when interacting with her. New Mother's Necklace quest: check her picture at Redd's bedroom after Mia starts visiting him New Party? quest to inform players the steps to start it Removed Mia disappearing after her scene with Redd. Now she goes back to the elder's house despites your choices in the scene New The Blue Flower quest to give players a step by step guide to advance the game story Mia quest choice between Blackberries or Spiked Fruit wasn't saved in the previous versions, so you could deliver both quests even having only one. You won't be able to complete any of them if you already got them. 1 Mia Scene was removed from the game


v.R11.5 This version has no new scenes, it just fixes some bugs from R11.


vR11 [bugfix] Not being able to use tools [bugfix] Error when saving after the kissing Nina scene [bugfix] PUB party scene starting every time you enter the PUB [bugfix] Not possible to exit the bridge map [bugfix] Day not advancing after the Evelyn PUB sex scene [bugfix] HUD disappearing after the fire party [bugfix] Black screen after moon scene with Nina [bugfix] Crystal cave's entrance rock reappearing [bugfix] Not being able to use Derek's shop [bugfix] Able to give wood to Elise before accepting her quest [bugfix] Not being able to leave the goblin's mountain [bugfix] Nikki scene at the forest freezing in some cases [bugfix] Goblin's mountains passage bug [bugfix] "Demolition Expedition" quest not completing [bugfix] Talking to Derek twice would complete the Black Powder quest [bugfix] Saving error after bathing scenes [New] 1 new scene with Mia (19 CGs) - Follow the honor route with at least 40 points, watch the Mia scene with Redd, complete the "Black Berry Pie" quest and talk to Mia before 5PM. [New] 1 new scene with Laura (23 CGs) - Tell Nina you are just friends and have at least 50 Friendship Points with Laura. [New] Cheat Crystal inside your house will let you access every sex scene in the game and easily choose between several cheats [Exclusive to $35 Version for now]


vR10.52 R10 or if you want to help checking the new version for bugs. • bugfix: Getting stuck after Laura scene (after second party) • bugfix: Mia disappearing forever and Vincent story not moving forward after he going to the Goblin's Mountain • bugfix: Heather character appearing in the village after the lake scene • bugfix: not being able to use tools • bugfix: chest duplicating items bug • bugfix: being able to walk on the bridge to capital • bugfix: rocks reappearing at mines fixed • change: Sink bait don't require Sly herb to craft anymore • new: save files now shows in game pictures • new: you can now name your save files • new: press 1(for Q slot) or 2(for W slot) to rotate between the tools you have in your inventory - you don't need to open the items menu to change tools anymore. If you have a save that you can't use any tools load it in the new version save it again and reload.


vR10 New 3D scenes: - Nina | 45 pictures + 1 animation (21 frames) | -> After the R9 scene with Nina, talk to her in her bedroom - Elf | 13 pictures | -> Go to the map previously blocked at the forest (path to goblin's mountain)


Changelog: - Furnace (+ building system) to smelt ores into ingots - Copper tools available - New bomb tool - Easier fishing (no x,q,w keys) - New bait to make easier to catch a Waryfish - Opening chests gives Exploring points - 6 new quests - Less lag in the farm map - Graphics updates in 9 maps - 3 new maps (Bridge to Capital, Mine 2nd floor, Crystal Cave) - Nina's 2D sprite updated - Scythe available after new quest in the beginning of the game - Elise regular visits to your father (optional) - Buy Flour from Sam's mother - Crystal available to watch new scenes (only after you reach the end of the previous version)


Bugs fixed: - Bug when asking Sam to help stealing booze if you could already bought them - "She loves her 'shrooms" quest completing the wrong one after finished - Getting caught by goblin making the fairy scene restart - Stones considering Hunting level instead of Exploring level for the random drops - Couldn't receive recipes if inventory was full (go to your house to receive the recipes you lost) - Time of the day interfering on caves lighting - HUD graphic glitches (alignment of some pictures) * I received a few bug reports from player telling me their tools weren't working. I still didn't find the cause of this problem, but I have added the Scythe as the first tool you get in the beginning of the game, this way you can test if everything is working before having to play through a lot of stuff just to discover your tools don't work. Plus, if this doesn't solve the problem, at least it will make it easier to understand what's causing it.


vR9.02 Bug fixes - Bow not working in the "Q" slot (if you already got it in your current save you'll need to go sleep before it starts working properly) - Picture bug in Nikki scene depending of your choices - Party scene at the PUB starting all over again - Black screen if you choose not to kill animals during the bow training


vR9.01 - 71 New CGs, 2 new scenes: - Cheat Crystal (available for everyone) now allows you to quickly access the new scenes - Watering Can refill bug fixed - Unable to talk to Sam before party bug fixed - Audio files missing fixed - New tool (Bow) and Hunting mechanics - 3 new items (Arrow, Feather and Black Powder) - Ending of the Hunter Training quest


v8.0 FIX1 -Update your game (R8) with these files to fix the audio bugs. Sorry for that!


v8.0 - 31 New CGs (2 scenes) - Over 10.000 new words - Ending of the Blue Flower story - New animated and static conversation pictures for main characters and NPCs


How to get the new scenes: Scene 1: Get drunk at the PUB party and accept the drinking challenge (lose). You need to be following the Honor Path and have at least 3 hearts with Evelyn. Scene 2: Refuse or win the drinking challenge at the PUB party. To win you can't be too drunk and vale at least 2 points is Physicality. Accept Laura's invitation after it.


vR7.0 . 1 New Heather Scene (25 CGs) . 1 New Mia Scene (4 CGs)(NTR) . 5 New Forest maps accessible during the Blue Flower quest. Includes some exploration, access to 2 new items (Spiked Berry and Oily Herb, but it doesn't really matter as you still can't go back to the village after you start this quest) and some really small advance in the main story.


. More updated bust pictures for characters present in the new scenes, including 3D busts for Alma and Kaya (Heather's friends)


. Start of a new quest (can't be finished yet)


. Around 8500 new words between dialogues and the new scenes coding.


R6.0 (Alpha) - Wood logs in the farm are now collectible. - "Responsible Partying" not being marked as completed/failed fix. - Fixed not being able to steal booze with Sam. - Fixed wake up hour after party bug. - Time stopping when holding an item bug fixed. - New Relationships Menu (with gift list and favorite gift). Press Shift to fast travel to the girl's locations. - Fixed the menu not being accessible during the "Get Some Water" quest bug some people encountered. - Fixed gifting milk to Evelyn bug. - Added the option to bring Marcus with you for the lake scenes. - 1 new tool: Fishing Rod. - Added fishing mini-game and quest. - Dialogue busts are now animated (implemented only in the first (intro) and the new scenes for now). - Moon scene is back with some small changes in dialogue. - External Text/code implemented (first and new scenes only for now). This basically allows me to make changes/update/fix to the code and dialogues in a easier as faster way. - 1 new character introduced. - 1 new area - Main story progression. - 19 new CGs, 1 new sex scene. - Hammer tool not removing fences fixed. - Chest system was improved. Stacks are now automatically combined and you can have unlimited chests (not obtainable yet). - Auto Dash is now available in the Options Menu. - Game reset key was changed from F5 to F12. - Wait until 9PM option added when interacting with your bed.


v4.9 - 39 new CGs - 3 new events - 1 new quest - 2 new itens


v4.2 - Added the "Get Yourself a Nice Girlfriend!" scene again - Added Elise's new schedule event - Seeds not being spent bug fix - Getting locked at the lake area after party bug fix - Fixed bug on Mia's relationship menu


v4.0 *(14 CGs) New Laura Scene: Talk to her at the store having at least 2 hearts with her (won't happen if she lefts the party embarrassed).


*(6 CGs) New Evelyn Scene: Rescue her cat and have at least 2 hearts with her, then go to your farm.


*(4 CGs) New Mia Scene: Talk or her at the elder's house having at least 1 heart (before giving her your mother's necklace).


- Fixed Title Screen bug that made the time advance. The game could then start on Day 2, 3 or more. This was causing bugs like Nina's grandmother don't counting for the chickens quest. - Crops won't die if not watered anymore, it will just stop their growing until you water them again. Hopefully this will also fix the bug of crops not growing. - New time speed: 1 minute in game = 2 seconds (2x slower then before) - Time stop when menu is open - Reset crops option (just in case your version is bugged and you want to keep your save file. Interacting with the chest in your room will reset them and give you 500 gold. This won't be available in the next version) - Wait Until Open Time added: now you can interact with the boards in front of specific places to jump the time to when it's opened (only if it will still open in the day you are, you can't jump a day with this) - Bug fixed - holding item when inventory was full would lock the system, not allowing you to open the menu again or to get hid of the item you were holding (some of you experienced this in the Wood for Elise quest) - New menu indicating character's location and some extra data (only female characters for now) - if you already talked to the person in that day, gave the weekly gift and how many times you flirted with her. - You can now transport directly to a character's location by spending 30 Stamina Points. - New job system with 2 jobs added: working in the PUB and in the Store. The system is still in early stages, but you can make some extra gold now. - Party sending you to your old house bug fixed.


v3.1 - Fixed black screen bug. - Save file included starting at the end of the cave scene (honor route) - Fixed crops bugging after the first harvest. - Fixed fence building bug. - Added updated graphics after you fix Heather's fence. - Cutting the tall grass now gives you the item Grass. - Fixed bug that allowed you to till the tall grass. - Added animations for breaking/cutting objects. - Fixed buying from the store with full bag bug. - New scene with Heather and Darius fixed. - Scene between girls and Darius fixed. - Fixed entering the old house after night bug.


v1.01 - Fixed Sticks and Stones quest bug. Quest is also easier now!


v1.0 - The game now ends on the beginning of Day 6 - 1 new quest - 3 new sex scenes - 23 new CGs + one 6-frame animation (29 new pictures total) - Abut 6.000 new words to the game script - Fixed bug of ESC don't working to close the menu - Fixed the disappearing crops bug - Removed auto-run when using the mouse to move - Added donating money to Heather events - Added indicators for loot items - NPCs movement changed to not block important places (like doors) - 1 new map - You can now sell Wheat to the PUB owner and Fences to Darius. - plus several small changes and bug fixes


v0.9 This is basically a bug fixed version of the 0.8B release and it's not to be considered this month's release. 0.9 has some new scenes though - it adds the party phase 2 with one new scene. Plus, there is the beginning of Day 5, but just with one event available - you can watch the scene by giving your mother's necklace to Mia on Day 4 and talking to her in your house on Day 5. Other than that, I recommend you to not start playing Day 5, as there is no new events yet.


Change Log: - Brooke party scene added (2 CGs) - Fixed party scenes bugs - Fixed only spacebar being usable in the menu - Fixed bug when using some items - Fixes Free Special Bread disappearing bug - Fixed bug when buying Recipes - Fixed game freezing after giving booze to Sophie - Fixed character freezing after choosing not to peep on Sophie - Watering can now works on the highlighted tile - Added gifting necklace to Mia event - Mia Optional Scene on Day 5 (6 CGs plus a 6-frame animation) - + Several minor bug fixes and game improvements


Old saves won't work in this version, I'm really sorry for that! This happened because of a plugin update to improve game performance, so there was no way around this =/ I included a save file if you want to skip the first part of the game and start already in Day 1.


Chp2 v0.8b It's finally here! I hope you enjoy the game and all the changes I made - it looks a lot different from the previous version and, even if it doesn't have any new CGs, it has a lot of new content in gameplay, different quests and exploration options. Please comment what are your thoughts about the new version, report any bugs and have fun! =)


Some things to be aware before playing:


The Hammer tool remove action isn't working yet. Heather donation event isn't implemented yet, so don't give her money yet (except when she is selling you stuff). Some items aren't working, it's not a bug if you can't use something.


Chapter2 v0.8 I wanted to finish the party scene for this version, but, as usual, I decided to add a lot of stuff just before the release and, while this is good because you'll get more content, it also sucks because the party scene isn't complete and I really wanted to finish it. Anyway, here's some of what is new in this version:


- 29 new CGs - 3 quests: Steal or buy some booze for Sophie (Optional), Save Evelyn's cat (optional) and get an axe from Trevor's father. - 1 new tool - Axe - First harvest available - New scene with Mia on Day 3 (in case she's helping you with your father) - Uncompleted party scene


You can already reach some ends in the party scene, but there are some events missing. Please remember this is an unfinished alpha release of Chapter 2, so expect a few bugs! I'll release a fixed and hopefully complete Chapter 2 version in about 2 weeks!- Some bug fixes - 4 new renders - Status menu change (Traits system added) - 1 new main quest: "Father's Sickness" (main story development) - 2 new partially developed side quests: "Report to Nina's Father" and "Sophie's Extortion - Get some Booze" - 1 new Trait available - 2 new cheat codes: "Turbo Mode" (speed the game up to x3) and "+ 500 Coins" - Option to sneak upstairs in Amanda's house added - The option to fix your house is now available - Message system improved (the text is now automatically fitted to the message window. This will speed my work by a lot, but you'll also notice some small errors caused by the way I made the messages before. I'll be fixing all those errors over time!)

3.1 (253 votes)