Estate: Dominate


Year: 2019Estate: Dominate
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Henissart
Platform: Windows/Mac
Version: v.0.36.0 Fixed Rus / v.0.36.1 Eng
Language: English
System requirements:
HDD: 1.2 GB



  When your parents and their best friend and business partner die in an accident, you and his daughter are suddenly in a precarious financial situation. To outfit their laboratory, your parents relied heavily on loans by the Stern Group. Yet, the medical equipment they were developing is still a prototype with little financial value.

  With the prospect of having to drop out of college to find work looming over you, you decide to visit Mrs. von Stern -the CEO of the Stern Group- at her office. Your only hope is for her to take pity on you and defer the loan for a few years. Instead, Mrs. von Stern offers you a deal: If you and your friend serve as household staff at her estate over the summer, the debt will be forgiven. She only asks one thing of her servants: Total obedience.


Fixed the bug for good that could rarely corrupt saves
Added 16 new images to the non canon gallery
Redesigned how 'tone of voice' like whispering is presented throughout the game
Various minor fixes to dialogue
Properly tagged all images

Release 6 - v0.36

Major Release - 2020.09.01

- Adds 484 images
- Adds 35.531 words / approx. 142 novel pages

- Added slider to control the textbox opacity
- Added toggle to add an outline to the font if you want to play without textbox
- Added auto-forward mode (hotkey 'f')

- 'About' section replaced with 'Credits'
- Main menu, splash screen and exit screen updated

- Many minor fixes to dialogue

Release 5 - v0.29.1

Fix release - 2020.03.07

- Fixed a bug that could rarely corrupt saves
- Added a missing unlock code for the 16th image in the non canon gallery

- Fixed a minor faulty flag from R2
- Minor fixes and additions to dialogue
- Minor changes and additions to images

Release 5 - v0.29

Major release - 2020.02.29

- Adds 305 images
- Adds 27.057 words / approx. 110 novel pages

- Non-canon section is now accessible in the gallery

- Minor fixes to dialogue

Release 4 - v0.23.2

'Compressed Edition' + tech changes - 2019.12.13

- 'Compressed Edition' at ~20% size added

- New images are added to the Gallery without a restart now
- Several 'under the hood' changes to Gallery, file names, image tags

- Minor fixes to dialogue

Release 4 - v0.23.1

Fix release - 2019.11.30

- Fixed Gallery for images of Release 4

- Minor fixes to dialogue
- Minor changes to images

Release 4 - v0.23

Major release - 2019.11.29

- Adds 361 images
- Adds 30.577 words / approx. 125 novel pages

- Saves can now be named (Thank you enigma!)

- Added a missing variant for 1 image
- Minor fixes to dialogue
- Minor changes to the wording of some choices to make them clearer
- Minor continuity error fixed

Release 3 - v0.19.1

Feature release - 2019.09.24

- Gallery for every scene and image in the game added

- Minor fixes to dialogue
- Minor changes to images
- Fixed wrong ID for two images
- All images properly tagged now

Release 3 - v0.19

Major release - 2019.09.16

- Adds 253 images
- Adds 22.059 words / approx. 90 novel pages

Release 2 - v0.17.1

Fix release - 2019.07.24

- Minor fixes to dialogue
- Fixed dialogue line triggering on wrong variable
- Changed color of unhovered menu choices for better readability
- Minor changes to music volume levels


v0.17 R2
-The game has grown from 214 images and 18.500 words to 541 images and 52.500 words, so it's a very sizable update. -Young Mistress Elisabeth returns home and completes the cast of main characters.


First Release


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