Deviant Desires


Year: 2018Deviant Desires
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: PingPanda
Platform: Windows/Mac/Android
Version: v0.5 Beta
Language: English
System requirements:
HDD: 4.07 GB


  This is a rework of Family Matters.


v0.5 Beta
Location Rework - The chool has had a redesign CG Count - Around 450 new CGs are in the game Hidden Image Fix - The hidden images now work again Christine Scene - New scene for Christine & the job interview Amanda Scene - New scenes for Amanda, around 6 scenes in total Weekend Event - The first weekend event has been added New Location - College has been added into the game, find Amy & Jessica there Daily Routines - Jessica & Sarah both have ( almost ) full daily routines, just need to add Sarah in bed. Repeatable Scenes - I've removed a portion of the repeatable scenes simply because thee to grindly, I'll be working on them a little in 0.6 to make them more rewarding.


Re-code - You may not notice anything different with this simply because it was all back-end & the actual gameplay itself didn't change because of it, however, the re-code will allow me to add new scenes much easier that I was able to before and let me keep track of what has and hasn't been going on in the game. Emotion System - The emotion system will keep track of what you've done with characters and show them in the next scene. At the moment this is a little buggy and doesn't fully work, but it has been implemented in 95% of the game and will just need a little tweak in 0.5 to get it fully working. Point System Change - In previous versions, game events and activities were dependent on how many points you had with a certain character, this is no longer the case, now, the points system will only effect the end-game. Hints System - The hints system has ( for now ) been removed, simply because it would have taken me to long to write it out & it was bugged in 0.3 anyway. Daily Routines - This hasn't be implemented for every character, although, it has for Christine, Amy & Amanda, I plan on adding Sarah & Jennifer. New Characters - This release see's the arrival of 3 new characters, Emily, Lisa & Jennifer, they will all have there own story arcs in a future release. Sarah's House - You can now go to and explore Sarah's house. At the moment there isn't much to do there, but 0.5 will focus on massive Sarah & Jennifer content. Bunny Lounge - The Bunny Lounge has been totally reworked, now Amy is no longer a whore but rather a Bartender/Stripper. Back Room - The back room hasn't been implemented into the game yet but I want to take a quick moment to tell you what it'll be. Basically, you can go to the back room to interact with the 2 bunny's ( that for now ) have been removed from the game & get a private dance from the 3 strippers. Christine Movie Scene - I've reworked the movie scene. Pre-Introduction - I've added in a new introduction before the actual intro scene, just a little place to name characters. New Logo - Not a major change but I like the branding Sarah + Christine Scene - I've added in a scene with Christine and Sarah having a drink on the sofa. There isn't much to it yet but it will eventually lead to something tasty. Spy Scenes - I've added in 3 spy scenes for Amanda, Christine & Amy *( one each, not three each )* Amanda Homework - I've done a little reworking to Amanda's homework scene.


- First ark of Mercy route is now completed; - New h-scenes has been added; - Secret h-scene has been added; - A lot of new dialogues, because of course you're playing this game because of the great story; - New image has been added to Sombra Market; - Stat system menu has been added to the phone menu; - Bugs has been fixed; - New bugs has been added for our programmer to fix later; - And so on!


Skip Time - You're now able to skip time ( although most bugs calling for this have now been fixed. ) Hint System - It'll give you hints as to what you need to do, but please keep in mind it's just a hint system, not a full on walk through. Added Amy to her bed ( During the afternoon ). Added Amy into the Dinner scene. Added a new location [ gym ] - Events for this will be added in v0.3 Removal of all the "Haha's" that people seemed to hate :p Fixed transition from weekend trip with Sarah. Added new location [ The Bunny Lounge ] - More events for this will be added in v0.3


not avaliable


Removed: Phone System Fast Travel Bathroom Scenes Sarah's Home Visit Couple Random Bits


Reworked: Intro Scene ( with Amanda ) Kitchen Scene ( with Christine after intro ) Menu System ( all new images ) GUI Design Interaction Images ( how you move around ) Some Location Changes ( re-rendered the location images ) Map Images ( Still needs work doing to it though ) Amanda Redesign ( designed her character ) Work System ( all reworked ) Amanda Lounge Scene ( before trying on clothes ) Amanda Trying On Clothes Scene ( stills needs some work though ) Christine Movie Scene ( a lot has been removed to keep it in line with the rest of the game! ) MC's Bedroom Design


Newly Added: Christine/Sarah Kitchen Scene ( after work ) 2 Work Locations ( kitchen and storage area ) Christine Cooking ( still requires work and will add more to it ) Dinner Scene ( needs reworking though, lights are awful! ) Laptop System Hidden Images New Stats System Choice Menus Characters at Night ( in bed, more to be added to these! ) Sarah's Weekend Trip ( this also has a setup section at work ) This may not seem like a lot, but I know I'm forgetting a shit ton of new stuff XD




Story Removal - In the last version I added a few scenes that have since been removed from this version, they'll be back in it at some point but only when I feel the time is right. Intro Scene - The intro scene at the start of the game where the MC is sat at the computer has been removed. OS Intro - Older Sister now has a little mini scene at the start of the game to introduce her character, she'll be getting more scenes in Alpha 5. Movement Indicators - I've made it easier to see what is clickable and where you can go. Character At Night - Mom/Younger Sister have both been added into their beds at night ( you need to visit Mom in the bathroom before she appears in her bed ), the scenes will be worked on in Alpha 5. Bathroom Scene - The bathroom scenes have been reworked and now start as a "spy" type scene, they'll be more added to this in either Alpha 5 or Alpha 5.5. Aunt/Cous House - Aunt's house can now be visited after your 1st day of work, however, that's the only time it's available, it's introduces the characters and more will be worked on this in Alpha 5. Cous & Jessica Change - Both Cous and Jessica character designs have been changed. Mom Love Route - Mom's love route has been implemented and now offers some rewards. ( keep in mind, the rest of this inc dom options will be available in Alpha 4.5 ). Stat Sheets - When you name the characters you'll see a character sheet that offers some insight into the characters. Achievement System - I've started work on an achievement system, at the moment it's very very basic and will need a lot of work in the future, not to sure when I'll get to it though, I'll add more in with Alpha 4.5 but only a few more achievement, further down the line I'll add rewards to each achievement. Mom's Beedroom - Mom's bedroom got a little redesign as well. Ys Clothes Option - I've changed the way you look at YS while she is changing her clothes, you'll now have an option at the end to pick which outfit you prefer rather than saying you like or dislike them all. I'm sure there was more done, but off the top of my head I can't think of what it is :p I really need to start jotting things down after I've done them :p


Alpha 4.5 - What To Expect: As I said in the road map post not long ago, Alpha 4.5 will again be focusing solely on Mom's story, however, it'll be added more to the dom side and will also be added more options to gain certain stats.


Below is a list of what's been changed/added in Alpha 3. I really didn't keep a list like I probably should have so may miss something's off here :p 1 ) Scenes - There's been a total of 7 new scenes added, was supposed to be 8 but it needed a rework so will add it into Alpha 4 2 ) Intro Rework - I'm considering Alpha 3 to be the start of the FM integration, as such, I redid the intro to match more to FM's style. 3 ) Fast Travel - Not total without it's flaws, but it seems to work fine, if you do come across any errors with it, let me know =] 4 ) Spelling/Grammar - Had quite a few issues with spelling, but should all be sorted now. There are currently 4 known bugs, but they're not major and can wait for the next update rather than wasting more time and delaying the release. 1 ) Younger Sister Kitchen - While talking to younger sister in the kitchen after school, there is supposed to be 2 dialogues, the initial one where she explains the dealio, then another that has diferent dialogue where she acts like it isn't the first time asking, however, for some reason the 2nd dialogue won't start so she's stuck repeating herself, as this isn't a major issue & I'll be working on that in the next update anyway I figured to leave it. 2 ) Younger Sister Kitchen...Again - In the kitchen talking to her again, you'll notice the background is different to the normal kitchen, that'll be updated in the next release. 3 ) Shower Boner - You'll notice when in the shower, if you choose to ignore, he'll go soft but then spring back to life, so to speak :p that'll also be updated in the next release. 4 ) Aunt/Mom Walking - You'll notice in a scene where Mom & Aunt are walking away, there backs are kinda dark and not well lit, that'll be fixed in the next release. The reason I can't fix a majority of these errors now is because I'm unable to use paperspace until March as my bill is to high for me to continue anything this month.


Day/Night Cycle 98% finished Older Sister Back Story Evening Scene Rework Intro Rework Younger Sister Intro Rework Shop System Delete Saves Stat System Rework Bathroom Rework Younger Sister & Mother's Room's Closed! Spelling Checks Bug Fixes


After encountering a few issues with the first release, I've now fixed them all, the following has been fixed/changed. ✭ Inventory System - Now no longer gives you an error message. ✭ Mom's Bedroom/Work - Before when you had entered Mom's bedroom then went anywhere else and finally to work, it wouldn't show the work location, it would only show Mom's bedroom but with works text, this is now fixed. ✭ Text Font - Trying out a new font, wasn't a massive fan of the last, let me know what you think =] ✭ Bathroom Lock - Bathroom doesn't lock to 1 visit per day, you can now go in any time you wish, I only locked it before to minimise the amount of points you can get.


Alpha 1 HotFix1
✭ Inventory System - Now no longer gives you an error message. ✭ Mom's Bedroom/Work - Before when you had entered Mom's bedroom then went anywhere else and finally to work, it wouldn't show the work location, it would only show Mom's bedroom but with works text, this is now fixed. ✭ Text Font - Trying out a new font, wasn't a massive fan of the last, let me know what you think =] ✭ Bathroom Lock - Bathroom doesn't lock to 1 visit per day, you can now go in any time you wish, I only locked it before to minimise the amount of points you can get.

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