Caliross, The Shapeshifter's Legacy


Year: 2016Caliross, The Shapeshifter's Legacy
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: mdqp
Platform: Windows
Version: v0.97
Language: English
System requirements:
RPG Maker VX Ace RTP
HDD: 442 MB





Caliross, The Shapeshifter's Legacy, is a fantasy-themed game, which will follow a young up-and-coming historian, as she takes her first steps outside her hometown and into the real world, to learn more about the elusive nature of her own kind, the shapeshifters. Will she become a member of the Mage guild, or of the Adventurer's guild? Will she find out more about her heritage, or will she be too busy working extra time in sleazy bars to make a living?

  The game will feature several factions, each with their own goals and objectives. With your actions, you might willingly or unknowingly benefit this or that group, as the event unfolds, but the open-world nature of the game will leave it up to you if you want to get more involved with the politics of the world, or if you want to just do your own thing.


2 new scenes with Eliza;
1 new quest at the royal court;
2 new Carla scenes;
intro for the royal harem;


1 new quest for the adventurers guild;
1 new quest for the mage guild;
1 new scene for the ponygirl path;
Added meeting with Alec's master;


2 new scenes for Lea (and some minor variations to the previous one);
1 new scene with Alec when he comes to your house;
Added epilogue if you decide to become a dryad (includes a new sex scene);
2 new scene for the ponygirl path (+ some gameplay);
4 new scenes with Jin;
1 new scene with Jiro (alpha werewolf);
chapter 5 epilogue (+ sexy scene);


Added most of the main quest for chapter 5


Werewolf path properly started (6 sexy scenes; new, longer intro; maps and NPCs added);
1 new scene for the waitress job;
1 new scene for Lea;
2 new scene for Eliza;
1 new scene for Dominique;


mini-quest as a nymph/dryad + 1 scene when you complete the task (still not finished);
1 new scene for the modeling job;
vampire quest;
1 new scene for the ponygirl path;
1 random scene for being drunk at the inn;
bath masturbation scene added;
added first "generic" fathers to the pregnancy system (drunk guy from the random event at night, and working at the brothel);
new quest (chapter 3 onward, guy appears nearby your house in Tarkas. LoM/vampires possible meddling, mutually exclusive)



Added small scenes if Catherine has full control over your exhibitionist tendencies; Added 1 new scene to Catherine's pool of random nightly events; Added 3 new scenes with Lea; Added 1 new scene with Jin; Changed how the first scene for being Sonya's pet works. Now it triggers as soon as you enter the commercial district at night, the day after completing your "training"; New quest for the mage guild (Sap gathering); Added 2 scenes for the secretary job (post-promotion, one if you are "everyone's secretary" another for being Geralt's personal secretary); Intro with the new slave owner, Lady Pendleton (requires completion of the "noble party" quest for Kairos, to be available); You can talk with all the summons now; improved circus content;



Added 5 scenes with Ariel; Added option to hire a new captain for Golden Leaf (Ariel if you progressed enough on her relationship and the guard at GL gate); Added some consequences in chapter 4 for good/bad administration of Golden Leaf; Extended pregnancy system to the bathhouse orgy (with related custom ending if you retire), added the option to retire if you have kids by talking to the sister at the institute; Bathhouse opened for visits while pregnant; Triplets possible (10% chance); Added some extra/different dialogue for having the bimbo or masochist or exhibitionist traits during the "slave competition"; Added a proper ending for the slave competition if you "break" your mind by accepting 2 or more times to get help; 1 new scene in the slave path ("celebration" for winning the competition); Added the piercings you can receive during the slave competition in the game (will probably remain exclusive to the slave path); Added scene for milking together with cows you helped capture (just Eliza for now, more in the future); Mini-quest on the slave path (turn the new slave into a GREAT slave, also triggers slave path end when completed); A new scene for the beachboy (still, only if you are a bimbo);



Fixed chest in the "A Lidless Eye" quest giving extra money in certain scenarios; Fixed sound fire stuck in the background after the "Lost in the Woods" quest; Fixed Baldur and Lanessa's TFs being moved inside a wall when going to the academy (sorry about this one >_<).



Added 1 adventurers guild quest in chapter 3 (and onward); added 1 mage guild quest (needs you to have finished Charles's quest first, and you also need some renown in the guild, but not a rank up); tweaked scene for getting bimbo trait through the hypnotist; added mailbox to Golden Leaf's mansion; added 1 scene for Ariel, and removed random chance past the first meeting (she will appear in the barracks afterward); added talk option with Gaarth (if you use his "spell" outside of combat, you can speak with him, and he might have some comments on the are you are in currently. I mostly added comments for the temples); added new scene with Janet if you reach the 20 mana crystals goal (you also get a new weapon); added new ranks for both guilds (ranking up a second time in the mage guild nets you a special scene, but you need to max out all the available "rank points" at the moment, to get there); And here are the bugfixes: Fixed glitch with movable column in the second temple (after exiting and re-entering the room); Fixed passability issue with a tree near the temple in the forest; Fixed an issue for getting married to the "beach boy" after the first kid; Fixed dialogue from the Bazaar guard (he sometimes acted as if you reported him successfully to Kira, even if you didn't); Fixed inn in Solina not renting rooms at night;



Here is a list of fixed issues: Fixed images staying on screen for the ghost scenes; Fixed issues with the baby's name not displaying correctly if you only have one child; Fixed passability in the secret temple; Fixed Hestar Firaga being unaffected by silence; Fixed Hestar not disappearing at the end of combat and not appearing at the start if she was the last summoning used); Fixed another issue with Keiko not moving correctly for the first scene with Eliza (also, slightly changed when the screen fadeout appears, to improve the sequence); Fixed lighting issue if talking to Keiko at night to enter the mansion for the first time; Fixed the second modeling scene not showing all the pictures properly; Fixed Carla not giving you the coupon if you stop helping with promotion after the first time; Fixed Bazaar guard not appearing if you re-entered the tent after being forced to temporarily leave for the night shift transition (basically, if you trained in the afternoon, the guard wouldn't be there when you re-entered the first time)



Added 5 new scenes for one of Sonya's paths (the "stare at her medallion" one), and 1 for the other; The bunnygirl job now has alternative content if you progressed far enough into Sonya's path; The stripper job now has alternative content if you progressed far enough into Sonya's path; Alternative scene when getting drunk in the Queen of Hearts if you have been hired as a bunny girl (like the two jobs above, it intersects with traits a bit, especially the bimbo trait); 1 new scene with Eliza; 1 scene to handle being both a cow and under Eliza's thumb (spoilers: the Zanti family gets a new cow); improved the random exhibitionist ghost scenes; Added mini-quest + final scene for the above mentioned Sonya's path; Secret temple in the forest can now be accessed with the ritual spell (under a full moon); Bugfixes: Fixed issue with quest log entry incorrectly marked as completed for the Prodigal Son quest; Properly fixed Keiko's position during morning cutscene (after you sleep at the mansion for the first time); Fixed an issue with sleeping outside in Golden Leaf while on the Cowgirl path (during the forced morning milking period); Fixed lighting issue when entering the Firefly Inn as a mouse;



Fixed another issue with Blackjack (losses counted as ties), introduced by fixing the previous bug; Fixed another issue with stats and drinking; Fixed an issue with Keiko's position during the first futa visit; Fixed an issue with non-existing tramp stamp appearing on the personal page info if you saw the temple's scene in the slums; Fixed issue when travelling back and forth from the ruins using Alpharius's help AND your own carriage;



Fixed text bug in the bikini store (you'd get a random "0" at times in one line) Fixed entrance to Golden Leaf's expansion from the world map (you weren't able to enter from the worldmap); Fixed miner not disappearing when hired for the lighthouse job; Fixed other options being selectable even if Kira's influence is too high (Golden Leaf expansion choice); Fixed stripper image staying on the screen after the scene is over; Fixed twin pregnancies not using the correct graphics for the end of the pregnancy (also raised odds from 10% to 20%); Fixed Quintet being walkable (poor thing); Fixed ties in the blackjack game being counted as losses by Dolomedes; Fixed issue with Gaspar talking when he wasn't in the room if you tried to speak to Dolomedes; Fixed issue with stairs in your hometown's house leading you outside at night; Fixed animation visual glitch with candles after Tim's mini-quest is completed; Fixed being teleported around when sleeping outside of your house and being on the cowgirl's path (hopefully, this doesn't happen again); Fixed a few passability issues with tiles here and there; Fixed a few issues related to getting drunk and restoring stats when you sobered up;



Return to court (some interactions with nobles, added option to legally enter the Feywald ruins, etc); Golden Leaf expansion (multiple possible partners, including Zanti family and LoM); Added option to hire miner for the lighthouse keeper job; 1 new scene with Sonya (bimbo trigger) + extra/alternative text for the stripper job as a bimbo (also apparently I forgot to add the artwork I had commissioned for the stripper job almost a YEAR ago. I am ashamed, but at least I fixed it now); Twins for the pregnancy system; Changed Ariel's events (after the first random encounter) to happen after a set amount of days, rather than base it on random chance; Fixed carriage disappearing if used to go back to the Feywald ruins, stranding you there; Fixed issue with tramp stamps not displaying correctly if your butt was normal sized (only affected 2 tattoos); Fixed bulletin board spoilers (it was revealing news from future chapters after chapter 1 was completed); Removed all remaining ways to keep the Duke's valet around after failing the quest to become a noble; Fixed game freezing if entering the memorial room in the third temple from the northernmost tile possible; Fixed wind sound remaining after exiting the third temple if you didn't disable the "wind traps"



Added a few more interactions for pregnant players (the text changes a bit depending on your pregnancy's "stage"); added the option to remove/change piercings (was probably added in the hotfix, if I remember correctly); 3 new scenes for Lea (the slave girl); added new interactions with the old man at the inn; Added bimbo variations to the bunnygirl job; added a new sex scene with the beach boy (this too is "bimbo-dependent", and it's the follow up to the previous scene); Extended the main quest (new temple);



Added an hypnotist to the game (he works at the circus). He can help with your intelligence and willpower, and give you traits; Added 2 new traits (bimbo and masochist); Tweaked Edith, the secretary job, and certain scenes at the brothel to work with the new traits; Added a scene in the "bikini shop" if you are a bimbo and you already bought the regular bikini, to get a slingshot bikini; Added 1 scene for Kira. Added 1 scene for masochists with the "sadist expert" at the VIP area in QoH. Re-worked the tattoo system a little (added the new options, added descriptions in the preview, added removal option); Added content for bimbos at the beach if you wear the new bikini; Added a new mini-quest for the noble path; Another scene in Solina if you are a bimbo (talk to the "beach-boy" in the house); Added start to chapter 4 (intro, title card, dialogue with Alpharius and Professor Kendar); Added a scene with a new character in Rahib's bar (masochists only) and expanded Rahib's map a tiny bit; Made some slight changes to the pregnancy system, new text for visiting babies, small bonus for caring mothers;



New quest (available for both guilds in chapter 3); Added 2 new vampire-related scenes (one is not with Beatrix... ^_^); Added 2 new scenes for the secretary job; Added 2 new scenes for swimming/tanning at Solina's beach; Added 7 new dates with Kira;



Changed how Sonya's interactions work (you only get one "sexy interaction" per night, but you don't consume a time slot. The stripper and bunnygirl jobs become available in the outcast pendant path as well, once you are throughly brainwashed). 7 new scenes for the guard club path; Added the possibility to seduce (and then transform into) Baldur. re-using this transformation too many times leads to a futanari scene, and using it one more time leads to a bad end (you get a bad end for transforming too many times into Lanessa as well); Added Crysta, your hometown, to the game. Added 1 scene with Ginnuk; Added 1 date with Kira; Added delivery scene for pregnancies, introduction to the Institute that will take care of the baby while you keep adventuring; Added 1 quest for the adventurers guild; Removed all the audible moans from the game (the quality wasn't good, and I was disappointed with how they impacted the test scenes);



New random scene for Edith (if you submit to her long enough), 8 more scenes for her path; Finished the "pregnancy obsessed couple" events at the inn; Added the beginning of the fashion model job (it starts from an encounter at the inn); Slight changes to temples and temple-related quest; Solina's beach is now in the game (not completed);






2 new scenes with Carla (during the "gym publicity" events); Improved the slave contest; Expanded the main quest (now you can meet the professor Alpharius mentions); 1 new mage guild quest (from chapter 2 onward); 1 new Ariel scene; 2 new scenes with Tania, a new NPC (related to the mage quest); Added "demo" for the pregnancy system (right now, only the baker can get you pregnant);



Added slave path (various scene for training + final event/contest); Added scene at Janet's store (needs to sell her at least 10 mana crystals); You can use the pocket dimension spell to complete the Court Wizard assignement on the noble quest; You can now repair the lighthouse in Golden Leaf; Work on the main quest of the game (not accessible at the moment);



Fixed walkable rocks in the main world map; Fixed the king not giving you his vote after completing his quest; Fixed issue with Sonya freezing you in place if you talked to her from a certain angle; Fixed issue with Ariel's animation getting stuck; Fixed issue with buying a slave, and the game not tracking your journey back to Tarkas; Fixed repairs in Golden Leaf (they start properly, and you pay the proper gold amount); Fixed old man in Golden Leaf not noticing the mill was fixed; Fixed being unable to relax in your mansion after using the special room for the first time (you should have 1 use per day); Fixed/added some scenes if you get drunk in Golden leaf ( 1 for non-nobles, 1 for nobles);



Fixed some situations where rain would appear in the mountain near Golden Leaf; Fixed balloon icon not disappearing over a miner, even when the related fetch quest is solved; Fixed being unable to swim in a certain area of the mine; Fixed being stuck to the couch after the scene with the futanari; Fixed being unable to pick up the tent (only relevant if using old save file); Fixed black screen at the end of the lord's party quest; Fixed issue with rain inside the mansion if you look outside the window; Fixed issue where the final cutscene in the mine quest wouldn't trigger; Fixed gate guard's dialogue when the investigation is over; Fixed cart animation in case you had fought already some/all of the tentacles in that area;



You can now sleep away from home: added inns (you can sleep on the streets if you have no money), and a camping tent you can use in the overworld map/ and in the "wilderness" (if you are using an old save, you should be able to get the tent in your house in Tarkas, just look around for it XD); Changes to travel (going by sea takes 1 time slot; the Cornelius pass accident now will block carts from travelling around in chapter 2 & 3; Chapter 3 intro added (main quest still unavailable, but this triggers the extra content for nobles at Golden Leaf); Added "nightly raid" scenes for Jin; Added content to Golden leaf (Gold mine quest, an "investigation" quest, new NPCs and maps, renovations to the mansion and the town, etc); Slight changes to combat (introduced gold/items rewards for fighting enemies, but it needs to be refined, it's just an experiment for now); There is a new explorable area in the slums, but it's unfinished (we just have the exterior mapped out);



The noble path now reaches your award ceremony; Golden Leaf, the new town, is now explorable; 5 new scenes for Carla; Various tweaks to the combat (from UI to new abilities for the characters, requires a new game);



Changelog: improved mail system (now we can finally use it for practical purposes and a nice arrow above the mailbox warns you about new letters). Might need a fresh start; Added follow-up conversation to the alchemy quest (the quest's outcome is related to the noble path); 1 scene as a submissive guest in the VIP area (added it to the masturbation options as well) and 1 as a domme; 2 random scenes (triggered at night when you use fast travel in Tarkas) for becoming Sonya's pet; Added "noble kidnapping" quest; Added intro to the noble path, quest log entry and started to work into the game the first few reactions/mechanics for it); Added option to hide message box by pressing CTRL;



Masturbation scenes (1+3 at the moment); Solina expanded (2 scenes in the swimsuit shop, music added, NPCs added, mini quest added involving letters delivery and 2 more scenes); Added dancing mini-game tutorial; Added some "lore books" to the mage guild; Added fast travel within Tarkas (and tied random events to it, reworking the system); Added 1 scene to the secretary job (as well as added some reactions from your now co-workers); 1 new milking scene (you have the option to not milk yourself, and then use the machine in your room for a slightly different scene); 0.74 (CURRENT PUBLIC VERSION) 2+1 scenes added to Sonya (on the outcast pendant path) + 2 more scenes on the new "activity" that opens up after it; Added stripper job (70 base + tips usually 100-120 G without extras. 3 scenes so far + 1 scene with Sonya to introduce this on the "stare at her tits" path); The VIP area of the QoH is now accessible (if you have a pass). basic content for now; Added two ports in the game (Rahib and Solina, only the outside areas), and a way to book a cabin to travel between them; increased base pay for brothel up to 150 G;



Added 3 scenes to the bakery job and reworked its mechanics (introduced raises, etc.); Added 3 scenes to the inn job (2 for the "perverted couple" and a follow up for the model work), changed mechanics on this one as well (also moved some of the scenes to NPCs which appear in the inn); Improved the farm investigation quest (there is now a bit more to find out, as well as a few more ways to get in troubles). You can't work on the farm anymore if you successfully finish the quest; Added the early stages for a new job (in chapter 2) at the Imperial Offices, as a secretary; Did some work on future maps; Made the merchant pass functional (and added a way to get one from the Imperial Offices for 2500 G); Improved the circus a bit (still needs work);



Chapter system introduced (you start a new chapter after discovering a temple and then writing notes about it at home, in the study, currently only some new content for chapter 2); New tattoos and piercings; Reduced daily payments in the Cowgirl path (from 300 to 100); Reduced slave cost from 10000 to 3000; New quest (from Kira in the bazaar); Added a mailbox to the game; Added the new mouse-less system for pointing spells, as well as revamped the tutorial a little (more work needed in the future);



(NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OLD SAVEFILES) Added the slave market to Rahib. Two slaves available for purchase, who can join your house and help you (not in combat, though); A new quest (you can get it in the Bazaar); The combat system has been re-worked; Related to the previous point, you now get a summon as soon as you enter your uncle's house (there is a small scene); Added new tattoos and changed how the personal info page works to properly show them; Several dialogues were changed throughout the game to be more reactive to your traits and body shape;



2 new scenes for the vampire path, as well as 2 more random scenes for the "vampire-related dreams"; 1 new scene in the slums for the Outcast pendant; 1 scene in the temple in the slums (at night); 1 mini-quest for the Cowgirl path (Tim provides); 1 new scene (follow up for the random encounter with the drunkard, if you had sex with him); New tattoos, layered image, and related content;



New adventurers guild quest; New mage guild quest; A new sex scene for becoming a Cowgirl (ask Tim, he is always eager!); Some changes to the "maid for guards" series of scenes (they now show up at your house if you skip, and give better directions to their club during the cutscene); Some additions to Ursula's services (she can finally increase or decrease bust and butt size);



A new random event, which culminates in a short quest, involving a Ghost; 3 new scenes at the inn (during work); 2 new scenes at the pub (during work, one just adds 2 variations to the get drunk scene, while the other is the follow up to the scene with the guy who likes big breasts); 1 new scene with Carla; portals added to the temples and horses for fast travels in the cities (be careful if you are on the last floor of the first temple, since I had to add a wall in the middle of the last room, you could get stuck in it if you saved right there in the previous version!); Some work on the dragon, which now has a potential bad end (if you didn't meet him yet... It's because I hid him very well! Sorry, I don't know how to add changelogs for secrets, pretend you saw nothing :p).



New area of Rahib officially open; A job in Rahib as a dancer; A quest from the Rahib's temple; A few more scenes added or modified if you have the "titty lover" trait; Strippers in the Queen of hearts now have some interactions available to them; Improved the Personal info page (although that was done in the hotfix, I'll add it here as a reminder);



First quest from Janet added to the game; A quest from a troubled young mage in front of the mage guild; A quest from one of the farmers in the countryside.

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