Brothel King

Year: 2018Brothel King
Censorship: Yes - Mosaic
Developer/Publisher: Goldo
Platform: PC/Windows
Version: v0.15b
Language: English
System requirements:
CPU Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
RAM 512 MB or more
HDD ≈ 900 МB



Brothel King is another take on Sim Brothel and gets some inspiration from other games, such as Slave maker. It's made with Ren'py, my objectives being to make a fun game with a clean UI, good art and a full back story (which isn't yet developed).​

Hardcore content
Warning: The farm activates some more hardcore content, which can be partially disabled in the 'preferences' menu.
v0.15b New version with much improved performance on all screens, and a smaller download size to boot! New features: - Added Stella as a trainer with a significant boost to the Farm (but you need to unlock her latest event first) - Changed the leveling system, some tweaks I had in mind for a while: Girls now get 1 perk point per level Unlocking a perk tree now costs 2 perk points To compensate, girls get 1 extra perk points every five levels Stat upgrade points have been lowered a bit, now going from 10 for rank C to 30 for rank X the 'grid overfull' issue is still around, you can help Goldo fixing it by reporting as many deatils as you can if you stumble on it again. As usual, new features may not work on old saves, in that case you should start a new game. Also, deleting rpyc files from /game folder can help avoiding some bugs.   v0.15 UI changes: Lots of them. Thanks to OhWee and others who pitched in for the inspiration. Updated perk trees: Balanced the perk trees thanks to sincity3000's suggestions. Autorest: Added furniture that allows the autorest feature to be set-up. Autotrain: You can now buy and improve the Master bedroom and autotrain your girls every night. Security overhaul: The security system has been completely redone from the grounds up. New events/New characters: More content, yay! You can also enjoy the beginning of a series of events with the Job Girl, courtesy of kite80. New shops: There are now specialized shops scattered around the city. Finding the perfect dress for your favorite whore has never been easier! And... stuff: Many other changes, big and small A word of warning for people coming from older versions: You will need to start a new game. Please do not report any bug that arises from trying to use an older save with 0.15: you would likely be wasting everyone's time.   v0.14 Moons: Every month, a new moon will trigger, adding some special effects. Some will be beneficial, some, not so much, some are a mixed blessing. Moons are intended to encourage players to try different gameplay, but their effects are moderate. They should mostly affect the early game. Spells: Spells have been completely reworked! There are more of them, they are learned as the player levels up (instead of relying on pumping points in a specific stat), and they now cost mana. Yes, that means sinking a few points in Spirit might be necessary for all players now. However, some passive spells called talents will sometimes boost your base stat (like Strength for a warrior) when leveling, making it less necessary to focus on just one stat regardless of the class played. MC Challenges: Dice rolls for the main character are (mostly) no longer hidden; instead, the player is presented with a challenge screen and may roll the dice himself. This affects various events in the city and the story, and it looks better. Losing: That's right, you can now lose the game. You will get a 2nd chance, the mechanic is intended to be forgiving, but if you act careless with your money, you will lose. Furniture and resources: Furniture and decoration can be used to upgrade the brothel. Unlike rooms, they stay with you as you move brothels. Before you can use furniture, you need to meet a special character, accessible as soon as you reach the rank 2 Brothel. Furniture must be bought using resources instead of gold, which are collected in specific locations in the city (such as the shipyard for wood). There will be more ways to obtain resources.  Important information: Customer difficulty, advertising, security, maintenance and brothel reputation no longer scale automatically when reaching a new district. Instead, various furniture affect those parameters. This means that the progress curve will be smoother between districts, but it also means that without the proper furniture, player will struggle. Know Your Customer: Customers now have different traits at different ranks, and with the right furniture, you get a choice of which customers to invite to the brothel. This can reduce (or increase) difficulty with much less of a difficulty bump than before. UI tweaks: The game now runs on Ren'py 7.0 with a slightly larger resolution better suited to modern screens. The UI should (should) be nicer with some much requested tweaks (see the 'small UI gripes' thread to get an idea about what I'm talking about) Default pictures: The game can now use all the pictures in the 'default' folder when a girl pack is missing a picture with the right tags. This option is set in the H content menu, and turned off by default. That means people can now make default girl packs to expand your options! Thanks a lot to kashem2 and solarpoint for their work on this first pack. CG Gallery: You know you've always wanted it! [?IMG] More events: There is now a complete storyline for Satella and Shalia worshipers, as well as various smaller events. Special thanks to kite80 for helping testing those. Can you find them all?   v0.13 The Zodiac Saints: The old perks system has been completely reworked, and there are now 8 perk trees for your girls to follow the Saints path! Girls naturally gravitate towards some of the perk trees depending on their traits, and players are encouraged to develop their girls following different paths. Unique girls Unique girls will be generated in the city (rarely) and the slave market (very rarely). Unique girls are the 'originals'; they have the original girl name. They will receive a random gold trait, more powerful than a normal green trait, and can be customized with the girl customization system. Girl customization: Girls can now be customized with a .ini file dropped in the girl directory. This allows girl pack makers better control over girl generation options without having to dabble in renpy or python, only by using a text editor. In fact, the most ambitious girl pack makers can now add their own interactions and back story for the girl, written using Ren'py. See Boa Hancock's files for an example of how that works out. Modding: Mods can be included in the game, introducing new characters, events, or even entire storylines! This will require some knowledge of Ren'py and python, but I have tried to make it as simple as possible for beginners. A (lame) sample mod is included in this release ('Goldo's cool mod') to demonstrate some simple features of the mod system. Balance changes: The entire economy has been reworked with the help of excal, one of the testers. Higher ranks should now pose more of a challenge, and money should be a little sparser across the board. There is also a limit to the number of customers the common rooms can now hold (although they can now be upgraded), so players won't be able to make it by focusing on just one jobs anymore Ren'py 6.99.13: BK now runs on Ren'py's latest version, which should improve performance somewhat and make it easier for modders to join the party. I was hoping it would introduce animated pictures, but alas, it doesn't. UI changes: There are a number of changes to the UI, including a brothel summary accessible from the home screen, the option to skip some night events (see the 'preferences' menu), and a cool new inventory system.   v0.12 The farm: An all new training system, with an evil bend! The farm must be activated through the story.  New events, merchants and NPCs to match the farm! Better tagging system: A more flexible and robust tagging system now allows people to add a great many new kinks to your girl packs! Please note that the basic girl pack has not yet been updated to take advantage of the new system (coming soon) Many UI improvements, random girl names, and more! Warning: The farm activates some more hardcore content, which can be partially disabled in the 'preferences' menu.   v0.11 At this early stage (this is alpha), the game is playable and features: A complete prologue which introduces the story Chapter1 is complete! 3 player classes with an impact on gameplay and game events The ability to manage and improve your brothel A ranking, leveling and job systems for your girls A completely reworked interaction system, taking into account girl personalities and sexual kinks! (new) A starter girl pack containing 13 girls... + the ability to add any girls you want! It is done just by moving and renaming files (more info below) (new) The ability to explore the city, with a dozen scripted events About 20 quests and courses to improve your girls Over a hundred different items ...and more!
In-game shortcuts

You can use the 'Ctrl' key to skip scenes faster. This works wonders for the 'End day' events, if you don't feel like looking at them.


h: Home (main menu) c: Character screen g: Girls screen b: Brothel screen v: Visit city L: Return to the last visited city location m: Slave market s: Shop p: Postings e: End day o or Esc: Save/Options menu


Native Ren'Py shortcuts still work, but have been replaced by alt+[key] where necessary.


1- Extract to the desired location.
2- Unzip the patch in the 'game' folder and overwrite existing files.
3- Extract the basic girl pack into the 'game/girls' folder
4- Click on "Brothel_King.exe" to start playing.

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