Breeding Farm


Breeding Farm

Year: 2019
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Team Bieno
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Version: v0.3.2
Language: English
System requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
VRAM: 128 MB
HDD: 500 MB




Heavily based after the original monster banging game "Breeding Season", Breeding Farm tells the story of a shipwrecked man with no memory or identity. Rescued by a local monster breeding farm girl and her mother, you're tasked with helping to save their estate from shutting down. Armed with only a few coins, a ragtag team of monsters, and whatever's resting in your pants, can you bring the Crimson Estate back to its former glory? Or will the gorgeous and buxom women of this strange land do far too good a job at keeping you from getting any real work done?


- Some bug fixes
- Gallery updated



  • Energy total increased by 1000.
  • Energy consumption now also plays a role in certain non-breeding activities.
  • Save/Loading lock fixed. There was an issue where a confirmation window appeared after loading save files.
  • New Post-Climax animations in existing Breeding scenes.
  • An impregnation animation will now pop up during successful female Monster Breeding. (Still no big belly grace period, unfortunately!)
  • Voice lines in “Cece’s shower scene.”
  • Sound effects playing during an older H-scene.

Londai, Capital city of Lopar, has been redesigned:

  • The Town has been split into seven exterior places (Town entrance, Left Way, Eros’ Tavern, Tavern Side, Middle way, Cross way, Church)
  • Interior places such as Eros’ Tavern, the Church and Talia's place have also been redesigned.
  • Blacksmith Poe now has a place to himself.
  • Valerie's place has also been redesigned.
  • Valerie’s storyline changed. Now no longer the Lady of the House in Londai’s brothel, she is now the owner of a fashionable clothing store. Any outfits needed in the game will be bought from Valerie.

New places on the Farm:

  • Secondary Hallway
  • Farm Garden Patch
  • Rika's Bedroom

New event only BG’s:

  • A Secret Hot Spring
  • Market Stand
  • Londai Spirit Festival

4 New unlockable Gallery events

  • One of them is fully voiced and sound designed
  • Three of them are replay-able

4 new Breeding animations:

  • Two Personal Shots unlocked by raising Affection points to 250
  • Two Normal Shots

New portraits:

  • Rika's portait has been redesigned and includes multiple new outfits now.
  • She also has 2 new portraits for specific events.

Chibi events:

  • There are in total three chibi animation portraits in the game now (two of them in the card game event in Eros' Tavern)





Gallery system (H-scenes can be unlocked and replayed from Main Menu.)

A new Save Menu for Monster Data only (In case old “.nani” save files are not usable in newer game versions anymore, you should be able to keep your Monsters between updates.)

Debug Menu (Using specific codes to edit your game data, for example, money and energy values or change your monster appearance.)

A few more monster combination animations.

Monster affection points can also trigger player-specific animations. You can activate those by clicking the heart symbol.

The Cece route has been updated. New events available for her.

One new Blackout punishment event.

Changes & Improvements.

Cece won't breed with the player anymore unless you go through her quest route.

The Monster Order Menu has been updated and should show only request available monster types now.

Some Bug fixes.

Android UI fix.




Unity v0.1.5

Full HD support compared to only 720p before.

All characters fully animated

All H-scenes fully animated

Particle effects

Landscape Mode available on Android

More variety in Monsters

Zoom in function during Breeding evens (by mouse scrolling or pinching on Mobile)

A better input system for the mobile version.

SFX in H-events. (In one particular event at the moment. Testing the waters, so let us know what you think.)

Monster level limited to 100.

Trait level limited to 4.

Energy costs limited to at least 100.

Forest encounter bug fixed.

Talia monster slot bug fixed.

UI optimized for PC and Mobile version

Skip Mode will get automatically disabled after a dialogue scene to prevent getting stuck in it.

Portrait mode on mobile versions gets disabled after Dialogue scenes.

Added the option to disable Breeding Animations.




(Bugfix version, so unofficial changelog)
- receiving elf girl bug has been fixed.
- quest time bug has been fixed.
- elf girl can not be removed in the monster bar anymore.



-Talia moved into her shop
-Forest location added to map after Cece forest date.
- Debt repayment system introduced
- Katelyn Shower Event added
- Rika Shower Event added
- Poe Quest line Implemented (Requires paying debt successfully once)
- Talia scene implemented in event.
- Elf Quest line Implemented (Requires Forest Location available on map)
- Elf Breeding Available After Quest.



- 8 new designed Portraits for the "Breeding event"
- one CG event for the "Breeding event"
- 4 new animations for the "Breeding event"
- A toggle button to switch between art styles at any time.
- A new inventory system.
- more story content.
- one Mini game with three CGs to discover
- one random H-Event at the farm.
- one more animation during the story route.
- one last H-Event at the end of this version's story route.
- one new character
- optimized images to reduce memory space.



- 8 Character Portraits with animated expressions
- 6 Monstertypes with each different color versions
- 5 Animations witch climax scenes and four color versions
- 2 places to explore
- 10 backgrounds
- a Quest system
- a Shopsystem
- a Monster Removal System
- a Breeding System
- a Nameingsystem with about 80 random names
- 7 Monster Traits
- a customized UI Interface
- Music and a few Sounds
- The first part of the Sory (Intro)
- a bunch of game lore and introductions to possible future quests.

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