American Milf

Year: 2018American Milf
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: VAULTMAN
Platform: Windows/Linux/Mac/Android
Version: v0.01
Language: English/Russian
System requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium IV (2.0 GHz) / AMD Athlon XP 2200+
RAM: 1 GB, VRAM: 128 MB
DirectX: 8.1
HDD: ~300 MB





  American MILF is the brand new game from the developer Vaultman. The story revolves around Francine (American Dad) and the Player's mother.

American MILF Announcement + News

Hello! Today is a great day to announce American MILF, my brand new game. The image above starring Francine (American Dad) and Player's mother. I worked on a game since november or so, but there are still not enough content to release it today. So release dates are down bellow.

"..hopefully it would have been worth the wait " - GabeN


I learned a lot from Camp Pinewood development and from early mistakes. 

Let's look at the general features:

Better story and narrative with proper grammar

   It includes choices, and player influence to the story. 

New awesome location

   Story will take place in a Random City, which gives creative freedom and ability to add more characters.

All sex scenes will be animated from the start.

   Because of skills I gained from Camp Pinewood, I animate a lot quicker now.

New content every month.

   Not all Camp Pinewood months were filled with content. I'm going to fix it.

Game is a lot more stable now.

   The game will use Unity engine, as Camp Pinewood, but it will be more stable thanks to new development and bug tracking tools.

American MILF will stay free, but patrons will get it up to one month earlier.

Savegames from older version will work in every new one.

Some things will surprise you.

Cheats for patrons to get exclusive scenes.

There's a still thing to work on, like better communication with community. So I'll update my discord soon and let you know.

I always wanted to create best games possible and I hope you can enjoy new one. And of course, without you none of this would have happened. Thank you! <3 

---Thank you and Best Regards!---

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