Alansya Chronicles: Fleeting Iris


YeaAlansya Chronicles: Fleeting Irisr: 2016
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Heaven Studios
Platform: Windows
Version: v1.0.7b
Language: English
System requirements:
RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
VRAM: 128 MB
HDD: 2.3 GB



  A CIA agent flies to Nippon (Japan) in a mission, there he meets a young naive girl called Ayame. Over the course of his mission they fall in love and he asks her to move to Heaven City with him, having never met her father and having her mother die a few months ago, Ayame had very little that bind her to Nippon so she moved to Heaven City with him, a decision she later might come to regret.



• Overhauled the ass slap scenes when Ayame is slapped in the ass by Scott in Melvin's pub as well as the ass slap scenes when Ayame is harrassed by the customers and Melvin offers her a raise. This included pictures as well as dialogue.
• Overhauled the scene where Ayame has sex with Melvin in her house wearing the nightgown. You can also watch this scene with tanlines as well (couldn't do it previously). This includes the pictures as well as heavy dialogue changes which includes story.
- This scene is now the most complex scene in the game, took 8+ hours to remake due to all the animations and movement and all the scripting it required. Hope you guys enjoy it!
• You can now watch both the scenes mentioned above in the CG room as well as the old versions which have been moved to the Old Scenes gallery.
• Overhauled the first exhibitonism scene, you can now watch it with tan and tanlines and the story before and after has been drastically improved.
• There is a new questline that you must start with Morality over 70 but you can do it at any point in the game.
- You only need over 70 Morality to do the first out of three delivery quests, once you've started the first there is no requirement to do the two that follow.
- You can start this questline at the fence gap in the hobos area.
- You must bring the homeless people some food and commodities that you can purchase in the convenience store in the appartment area closest to your house (not Sato's). You must do it in three different days.
- This is required to get the final optional exhibitionism scene that you can start at your house after Ayame is caught by a cop while doing exhibitionism.
- To do the final exhibitionism scene you must have done the homeless commodity delivery quest 3 times as well as see the Ayame and cop exhibitionism scene and you must be in Fallen state.

• New exhibitionism scene while the fan tells her what to do.
• New exhibitionism scene where she has sex with the random cop. (2 CGs)
• New solo exhibitonism scene where she is seen by one of the hobos.
• New "forced" blowjob scene.
• New hobo kiss and groping scene. (2 CGs)
• New hobo masturbation (fingering and nipple licking)
• New sex scene in the hobo's tent (condom).
• New sex scene in Ayame's shower transitioning to her bed. (condom and non-condom). (5 CGs)
• New threesome scene in Ayame's house.
• New hobo ending. (2 CGs)

• Overhauled the "Hobos" map to look aesthetically more appealing and general and to make sense for the new and upcoming scenes. (Please let us know if you find some passability bugs).
• Added a "closet" in Ayame's room to better illustrate what happened in past and future scenes.
• Robert now makes a comment on Ayame's body at some point in the game triggering a quest to check the Gym.
• Ayame's charm now goes up by 1 point the first 5 times she gets a massage.
• Made a few changes to the soundtrack. Removed some songs that never actually played out during the game from the game and therefore the jukebox as well. Added some new songs.
• Adriana and Fujiko will now only invite Ayame to the bachelorette party if the Morality is 45 or lower (it's possible to get to Fallen with Morality as high as 55).
- This will force the player to do some extra kinky activities which will make the dialogue at the bachelorette party make more sense.
- You have a few days to trigger the bachelorette party when you get to Fallen state, if you can't do it by the last day and you're still in the Harem route, they will have dinner together but there will be no mention of a bachelorette party.
- We can and probably will lower the threshold even further in the future.
- This will have NO interference in the Harem route itself, only in the bachelorette party at the resort!
• For story purposes, there is now 2 scenes (only 1 can happen per playthrough) where Jack listens to Ayame talking on the phone with Melvin or Sato. If you see one you won't see the other.
- This will be the trigger for the first exhibitionism scene.

• Added a new "realistic shadows" option on one of the new Hentai Scenes. If people enjoy it we will do more in the future and maybe remake some of the old scenes.
• Melvin's contract signing now starts as soon as the player steps on the circle in front of the door instead of having to interact with the door.
• Charm now starts at 55. The max charm the player can achieve should be 100. (Gym, massages, perphumes).
• Made a few changes to the "Fast Travel" system. It should be almost twice as fast now. It's hard to optimize further due to RPG Maker limitations.
• During some parts of the game you wouldn't be able to access the menu in order to prevent the player from saving. You can now access the menu during those times but the save will appear in gray.
• Made many song changes, some were removed from the game, some new were added and some had their volume adjusted to be consistent with the rest of the game. Jukebox has been improved.
• Hotsprings event can now only happen in Fallen state.
• Gym now unlocks with a quest instead of randomly during free roam.
• Made it a lot easier to unlock the scenes in the Gym. You still have to alternate between both coaches (fitness and swimming) but the morality requirements for those are now a lot more lenient.
• After Ayame and Sato's hentai scene in the Sunny Connection, Ayame's car shows up at the Sunny Coast if available.
• Melvin will now wear the casual suit when he visits Ayame for dinner.
• Changed the icon for the mouse to what was meant to be originally.
• Made some code improvements on the Mouse script. It should now be fully functional unless you guys point out something that should be added/removed and it makes sense.
• You can now use the mouse in the Main Menu. You can also open and close it on the world map with the right click.
• You can now use the mouse in the Inventory menu. You can use right click to go back to the main menu.
• You can now use the mouse in the Status menu. You can use right click to go back to the main menu.
• You can now use the mouse in the Relationships menu! Swipe left or right to switch between characters and use right click to go back to the main menu.
• You can now use the mouse in the Messages menu, fully interact with it by using the left click and use right click to go back in options or go back to the main menu.
• Mouse is now fully deactivated during the save/load menu in order not to cause accidents.
• Mouse is now fully deactivated in the system menu so it's easier to turn it on or off without causing any bugs.
• Mouse is now fully deactivated when you're interacting with the Jukebox.
• Mouse is now fully deactivated when you're in the Fast Travel map.
• Your mouse now works naturally when turned off (as if the script wasn't in the game). It would disappear in some places before such as the main menu.

• Hopefully fixed Starke's heart. Should last a few more years.
• Fixed a LOT, and I mean A LOT more typos.
• Fixed a bug in the massage parlor where the player could roam to an area it wasn't supposed to instead of being sent there during storyline scenes.
• Fixed a bug where the Jukebox would appear in the wrong slot in the inventory.
• Fixed a bug where the player could select some of Ayame's costumes in the inventory.
• Fixed a bug where the player could interact with Steve in front of the Kinky Kittens before meeting him in the Sato route.
• Fixed a bug where the player would get a black screen when going home during very specific conditions.
• The Highway and the maps nearby now only unlock during the final stage of Free Roam. Used to be at Stage 2, now it's at Stage 3.
• Fixed an issue where the Autosave state in the options would reflect the state erroneously. It would be on when the option was OFF and off when the option was ON.
• Fixed a lot of bugs where Free Roam and Ending scenes were not unlocking properly in the CG Room until you unlocked some related scenes.
• Fixed an issue where one of the Sato route Endings (Usurper) and the final park free roam bathroom scene were not unlocking at all.
• Fixed an issue where Robert could appear on the couch during the weekends at Clarke's route when he should be at work.
• Fixed an issue where Ayame wouldn't be able to interact with anything in her house during the Office route.
• Fixed an issue where Ayame could skip the day in her bed during the Office route which didn't make sense story wise.
• Fixed an issue where after Ayame had dinner with Fujiko and Melvin at her house, the day was moving forward one more day than intended in the calendar.
• Fixed a line that didn't make sense if Ayame goes directly home after seeing Melvin and Fujiko out in the day of their dinner together.
• Fixed yet more issues with some scenes creating conflicts with the Subway scenes when Ayame arrived at home.
• Fixed a bug where Ayame could just leave on the second saturday of the game without having to talk to Robert.
• Fixed and optimized many transfers between maps where Ayame would show up at an incorrect spot upon changing maps. This is particularly important since after our design improvements in the Highway, some of the Kinky Kittens transfers would place you in the middle of the Highway with no way of leaving causing a "soft lock".

• Follow-Up patch coming up in a week with more hentai scenes, how?!

Save 1 - First meeting with the hobos. (Story)
Save 2 - Before buying the hobos groceries for the first time. (Story)
Save 3 - Second meeting with the hobos. (Story)
Save 4 - Before buying the hobos groceries for the second time. (Story)
Save 5 - Third meeting with the hobos. (Story)
Save 6 - Before buying the hobos groceries for the Third time. (Story)
Save 8 - Day Jack listens to Ayame talking on the phone with Melvin. (Story)
Save 10 - First trenchcoat exhibitonism hentai scene. (Dialogue changes before the hentai scene as well for story purpose.) (Hentai Scene)
Save 11 - Dialogue before the second exhibitionism scene. (Hentai Scene)
Save 12 - Second exhibitionism hentai scene. (Hentai Scene)
Save 13 - Third exhibitionism hentai scene. (Hentai Scene)
Save 14 - First solo exhibitionism scene and first hobo hentai scene. Interact with the closet. (Hentai Scene)
Save 15 - Second hobo hentai scene. (Hentai Scene)
Save 16 - Third hobo hentai scene.
Save 17 - Talk with the Clerk to buy condoms for a quest. (Story)
Save 18 - Fourth and fifth hobo hentai scene. (Story & Hentai Scene)
Save 19 - Before the hobos ending. (Story & Hentai Scene)
Save 21 - CG Room



• The new massage parlor scenes have been added to the game. We're deciding if we should make new assets to the final repeatable scene or if we'll re-use the existing ones depending on the popularity and feedback of those scenes.
• Added an Autosave feature to the game. It Autosaves every time you open the menu and change maps. You can find the Autosave above all the other saves. It will overwrite itself but not your saves.
• Autosave feature has replaced Window Skin in the options menu. Now you can turn Autosave ON and OFF so in case you're using an older computer it doesn't become annoying.
• Added VX Ace mouse support by VLUE, will try to bugfix and fully implement in the game. Please be patient with us while we fully implement this script as we're still debugging it. Right now we have no issues but I'm sure you guys will find some.
• Fixed an issue where the game would crash on opening the save/load menu after the mouse script was added.
• Fixed an issue where having the mouse script would create shadows in the game.
• Fixed an issue where mouse support would begin as soon as the project was opened instead of only after the player got in the game.
• Added an option in the menu to enable the mouse support to be turned on/off.
• Fixed an issue where the mouse support would be on when told to be off and vice-versa.
• Fixed an issue where the game wouldn't play a sound if changing between options via mouse instead of keyboard.
• Created a new mouse icon because a sword somehow didn't seem appropriate.
• Fixed an issue where the mouse icon offset on the game menu was way off.
• Removed the teleport ring from the game! People kept causing bugs due to it and reporting them. It was nice knowing ye, it's time to go.
• All the events in the game are now fixed until the 12th day instead of the 10th day to make sense story wise and force Ayame to reunite with a certain character.
• The officer Chloe minigame can only be started after the 15th instead of the 10th due to the changes in the Sato route in the line above this one.

• Closed the beach during night time.
• Made some changes to the RTE to make sure you're only shown the tutorial once.
• The requirements to see the Gym scenes are now lower and for some scenes non-existent. You still have to have 5 gym classes and 5 swimming classes and alternate between both but no other requirements beyond that.
• Introduced a few places where the player is prompted to save at the end of the day during the Family Route. We added them at places where the player would have to progress through a lot of story before he was able to save again.
• Changed the requirements for the Bachelorette Party. Ayame now needs to be in the Fallen state to make sense story wise. We might change it in the next patch and tie it to morality instead.
• The NPC that starts an event in West Inwood now disappears when he's not supposed to be there.
• Remastered the first shower scene in the game.
• Changed the background color for a few choices in the game to be consistent with the rest of the game.
• Overhauled the "Highway" map to offer easier access to the Kinky Kittens strip club as well as improving how it looked in general and making the entrances/exits are more intuitive.
• Overhauled the nudity portion of the "Beach" map to harbor the upcoming scenes as well as making it bigger and look overall better.
• Overhauled the "Massage Parlor" map to harbor the upcoming scenes, doubling it's size and introducing the "examination room" which required a lot of new assets.
• Ported the "Choice" windows from IF to the original game due to popular demand.
• Ported the main menu from IF to the original game due to popular demand.
• Ported the "Daytime change" backgrounds from IF to the original game due to popular demand.
• Moved a scene from the bits (groping scene in the cosplay convention) to the respectful place.
• Did a few changes to the Cosplay Convention map to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.
• Changed an event in the Sato route where you meet a "certain" character to shorten the path that character has to walk to drastically reduce the length of that event.
• Changed the event where Ayame checks herself at the mirror in her house to fade in instead of instantly appearing.

• Fixed a bug in Sato route where the same day would loop constantly until your morale was lower than 30 but higher than 20.
• Changed a few tips in the Kinky Kittens route in the CG room to reflect the actual requirements to see the scene.
• Fixed a bug in Sato's route where the night tint would remain during the next day.
• Ayame no longer gets an auto-tan during the bachelorette party. She will have whatever skin complexity she has at the time during the hentai scene as intended.
• Fixed an issue where the Family Route would erroneously seem unlocked in the CG room after Jack spies on Ayame in the shower.
• Steve no longer shows up at the door of the Kinky Kittens strip club in case you no longer meet the requirements to work there due to cancelling Sato's route.
• Fixed the dreadful no clipping bug after the Cosplay Convention weekend that would happen in a specific scenario.
• Fixed an issue where the Cosplay Convention weekend would create conflicts with other events that can happen automatically on weekends.
• Fixed an issue where triggering the subway chikan scene after working at the Kinky Kittens strip club would create conflicts.
• Fixed an issue where if you quit the Garcias route on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday, Robert would magically materialize in the couch.
• Fixed an issue where Ayame could accept some jobs on Friday and get the interview for the next day, Saturday.
• Fixed a bug where Ayame could go inside the Melvin's Pub and leave right away on the 5th day of work which would cause a LOT of issues.
• Fixed a few inconsistencies in the story in a few places.
• Fixed an issue in the Officer Chloe minigame where some guards could see you through the wall. This should also make the last part of the minigame a little easier as they lost a bit of range.
• Fixed an issue where leaving the office and reaching "Fallen" state on the same day would cause conflicts.
• Edited a lot of typos and grammar errors in game dialogues, menus, etc.




1. Cosplay Convention
2. Bachelorette Party (starring Adriana and Fujiko)
3. Hotsprings scenes.
4. Tree new costumes (one for Ayame, one for Fujiko and one for Jack),
- In total 9 new CG's and 7 new hentai scenes.
- Many dialogue changes.
- Bug fixes and quality of life changes.

Inside the game folder you will find a folder called "Saves for 1.05" which has the saves ready to watch the new scenes in case you want to use those, just overwrite the diary folder of your game and make sure you make backups of your own saves!
- Save 1 - Bachelorette Party
- Save 3 - Cosplay Convention
- Save 5 - Hotsprings




• Many dozens of bugs have been fixed. Every single one you guys have reported in Patreon, Subscribestar, Discord, Twitter... you name it, we fixed it, as well as a few we found out on our own.

• New subway scene. Take the subway at night time during Fallen state after watching the second subway chikan scene.

• Two new photoshoot scenes (Chun Li cosplay). The first one (second in the route) is available during Free Roam by interacting with Robert in the couch if you've done the first photoshoot scene. The second one (third in the route) is available in front of the photoshoot studio (to the right of the park, check the maps in the map folder if you can't find it) after you've seen the second scene.

• Three new West Inwood scenes. Two of them are a completely different variation depending if Ayame admitted to have enjoyed the anal sex scene while stuck in the wall and the alternative is in case she didn't. Watching either one will unlock the other in the CG room as well. The third scene is repeatable and it will happen regardless as long as you have seen either one of the previous versions. The dialogue before and after the scenes also completely changes to it's worth playing through it instead of checking it in the CG room!

• New Jukebox with all the songs unlocked right from the get go! Unlock it in the casino and use it at your house.

There is a folder called "Saves for 1.04" inside the game folder. These are saves before each of the above scenes. Careful not to overwrite your own saves.

We haven't broken previous versions save game interaction but use them at your own risk, bugs might occur from using old saves, you've been warned. If you provide a bug report, make sure you give us that information.

That's all for now. I will leave the text here strictly about the patch because tomorrow is Podcast day and everything I have to say about the February patch I'll leave it for that.

Thank you guys for waiting, appreciate all the support so much! We're going right back at work to deliver an awesome 1.05 patch which I'm super excited, Mai Shiranui cosplay and bestiality y'all! Don't forget, Podcast tomorrow!



Halloween Update




Sato route Content + Ending​

Nurse routes Content + Endings​

Family routes Content + Endings​

Melvin Harem route content + Ending​

True route Ending​


School girl remake scenes with Sato.​

Jack-o'-Lantern bought from the casino now enables the Halloween update(interact with the pumpkin at home to start)​




Visual bug in the CG room scene of Ayame having sex with Melvin lingerie where the roof being covered was the one in Arthur's room instead of Ayame's. This was correct if you saw it in the regular story. Now it's the correct one in both.

Fixed a bug during Melvin's loyal route after Robert tries to call Ayame from the church that would cause a soft lock only avoidable using the teleport ring. Now the route should play correctly until the ending.

Ayame's selfie to Clarke is now in the CG room. We also added the teaser only "XOXO Ayame" to the actual CG since a lot of people requested it.

Ayame's Melvin Loyal ending is now no longer hidden in the CG room. You can also see the tanned and tanlines variations of it.

After the park grope scene regardless if you let the guy grope you or you're interrupted by the guard, Ayame would become super slow. That is now fixed.

Bug if you took the bus from the Apartment area to the Hospital where you wouldn't move anywhere and still be charged 2 zel has been fixed. You should now be taken to the Hospital when you take the bus from the Apartment area.

Bug where you wouldn't be able to pick up jobs in the Town Hall if you canceled the Garcia's route in the second opportunity to do so has been fixed. You should now be able to pick up any new jobs normally unless you're locked in the route.

Duplicate line during the runaway bride hentai scene with Melvin has been removed.

A funny unintended typo in Robert's dialogue during the Melvin loyal ending has been fixed.

Fixed an error in Ayame's monologue after accepting the convenience store job where she says the interview will be held tomorrow even if it's Friday.

Fixed a bug during the BBC AV route where Ayame would speak/act as if she was an anal virgin in case she wasn't and would act as if she tried anal before in case she didn't. It should now be consistent with your previous choices.

Fixed a soft lock issue during the Convenience Store route whore path where the game would freeze at Ayame's house after having sex with Sato's friend, Trevor.

Fixed an issue in various instances where the game would hard lock if you interacted with Melvin from above instead of interacting with him across the table in his office.

Fixed some dialogue inconsistencies in the receptions in the Town Hall once you tried to get a second job.

The bust during the dialogue between Melvin and Ayame in her red lingerie that happens before the birthday gift hentai scene should now reflect if you're tanned or have tanlines.

Added a lot of new dialogue busts for Jasmine and Evelyn throughout the game. In the airport, in front of the university, during her conversation when Clarke and Evelyn arrive late at the meeting, etc.

Fixed a few minor issues.





This patch is obviously complemented by the version 0.96.2 which had two scenes ahead of time that were meant to be released in this patch but since we already had them...
As announced before, your saves are now all broken and we decide which saves people can use from version to version. Do not worry! There are saves along with the game.

Save 1 - Clarke route from the start of the last scene.
Save 3 - Hospital route from the start of the new content.
Save 4 - Kinky Kittens right before the route lock and the new content.
Save 6 - Melvin Route Loyal path at the beginning of new content.
Save 7 - Melvin's Route before Ayame can cancel the Sato Route and the Garcias route so you can see some of the new dialogues between Ayame and Adriana. (You can delete after the scenes).
Save 8 - Melvin's Harem route before the girls have coffee together. (You can delete after the scene).
Save 9 - Melvin's Harem route before the girls have dinner together. (You can delete after the scene).
Save 10 - Melvin's Harem route before the start of the new content! (It will make more sense if you check saves 7, 8 and 9 beforehand).

Most bugs with previous versions like cancelling the Garcias route the second time around, the free roam beach not being accessible and all the other bugs that have been reported to us have been fixed.

A few issues, nothing major:

1) We decided not to add the Melvin ending to the CG room because of the lack of assets and secondly, so people that rush to the CG room don't get spoiled. If you really want to see it just play save 6. You'll get it in no time.
2) We are aware (as mentioned above) that Ayame doesn't have busts during her dialogue with Robert. We will do an hotfix Wednesday that will fix that along with any bugs you guys might find.
3) We are aware that during her conversation with Melvin while wearing her red lingerie that her bust is no tanned or has tanlines if you choose those options. We thought we had those assets but we don't. Since they weren't a priority, we will fix that on Wednesday's patch.






• The Garcias scene where Dan groped Adriana in front of Robert and Ayame to introduce them to swinging was completely redrawn. The dialogue has also changed drastically.
• The Garcias swinging scene where Ayame gives Robert a handjob and Adriana gives Dan a titjob was touched up in terms of art to look a lot better and more consistent with the Adriana changes last year. The dialogue has also changed quite significantly.
• Ayame can now be a virgin when having sex with Dan for the first time. This makes Dan join Robert, Arthur, Jack, Melvin and Sato in the current list of men who can deflower Ayame.
• The scene where Dan has sex with Ayame for the first time in the bathroom couch has changed drastically and there's now two versions of it that are about 70% of the text different from each other and have different panels. In the CG room you can pick which version you want to see, virgin or not.
• Dan will now use a condom for a set number of scenes while having sex with Ayame. We think this brings a new element of sexiness in the whole "decide not to use a condom anymore" scenario. This also means dialogue and picture changes for a few scenes.
• The threesome scene with Dan, Ayame and Adriana has been changed. Unfortunately, since we noticed we had to change this at last minute, the "old version" could not be saved. There's really not a huge reason to do so however. Still, in future versions, we might go back and implement the old scene in the CG room.

• Changed a picture during the Townsend/Garcia's foursome where Robert remembers watching Dan and Ayame having sex to reflect the new scene.
• The roof scene where Ayame has sex with Dan while Robert is down on the street looking up has been changed considerably.
• Fixed a bug in the roof scene where at the start of the scene the pubes were showing up at the wrong time.
• Fixed a bug in the roof scene where the "thought" boxes weren't showing up transparent.
• The picture of the contract signing at Melvin has been completely redrawn. The dialogue has also changed a bit to match the change.
• Fixed the Halloween teleport puzzle after many requests. It is now much easier and all the connections are 1:1
• Locked many areas of the city at the start of the game. You will now unlock the city progressively the longer you play the game and only if you need to access those areas for whatever route you're playing.
• Subway can't be accessed early game since most places you can go via subway are locked at the start.
• Changed some dialogue in the Gym repeatable scene.
• Changed some dialogue Ayame had with the first personal trainer, Ned. He no longer acts like he never met Ayame after the first time.
• Changed many many many many many many ad infinitum ad nauseaum lines of dialogue.
• Fixed a typo when the player received career points.
• Added a warning in a specific point in Sato's route to alert the player if the morality is too low. A lot of players weren't aware of why they weren't being able to progress at that point.
• Had to change a lot of the earlier code since it was a mess and it was hard to read, even for us. It's hard to change scenes when values are being changed at weird times so we had to clean all that mess up. This took a ridiculous amount of time.
• After many requests... Now when you are done watching a scene in the recollection room instead of being sent back to the recollection room in front of the sprite you interacted last with, you'll instead go back to the menu over the last scene you just watched. (Pictures)
• The menu option "Save" was changed to "Save/Load" to avoid some confusion.
• In the gym, quite a few of the personal trainer as well as the swimming coach name boxes during dialogues were being displayed centered. Fixed it to be consistent with the rest of the game.
• Fixed a bug with the fogs in the game appearing out of place, in interiors, or over the period of the day changing picture.
• Ayame now goes straight to the mall in the Office route when she has to purchase her suit. That way players won't get lost as easily and not remember where they had to go.
• You can now leave the Mall from the central area. You will leave for the subway until you purchase the car, once you do, you'll leave in your car.
• Fixed some duplicate sprites in some Office scenes.
• Fixed a bug with Clarke's sprite not appearing which caused an error (again) during the Garcias NTR Route when the CIA team leaves for a mission in the airport.
• Fixed a bug in the Park exhibitionism scene where Ayame's sprite would appear out of place and the blackmailer's sprite wouldn't disappear when it had to.
• Fixed a bug in the park where the Pokémon Go scene would still be there for 5 days longer after the NPC's had disappeared already.
• You can no longer accept jobs that you won't be able to work on afterwards because you're locked on other routes.
• Added an event alert in the Hospital for the days you have to go in the middle door instead of one of the wings. Some people were spending a lot of time figuring that out.

• The game now asks your age even if you skip prologue.
• Removed a wait on the prologue to make it go faster.
• Removed a bug in the gym where the sprite of the personal trainer would be out of place and then disappear.
• Changed a few lines in the gym to explain why you can't progress in that route in a certain situation.
• Changed a few lines in the 7/11 to explain why you aren't progressing in that route in a certain situation.
• Changed a billion lines of dialogue. Obviously metaphorically but felt like it. Please don't @ me with the billion.
• Changed the "time pass" events to add days of the week so when you see a time pass the day of the week will be adjusted. Also added them in the calendar if we ever decide to show how many "days" you've been playing for.
• We have created quite a few assets for Steam and submited our game. It got denied the first time because some of the lettering in the pictures wasn't very legible in lower resolutions but we've fixed and resubmitted. But now the page has been approved on Steam! Kagura Games will announce it soon as well, but afterwards we need to create a safe for work version where people will be able to patch later in case they want to play the NSFW version or the game as it was intended.
• Fixed a few bugs that we didn't remember to keep track in the patch notes.
• A ridiculous amount of quality changes and little fixed we sure as hell didn't keep track in the patch notes. Like, seriously, it's a lot.
• Unfortunately, due to time constraints with the CG team, we weren't able to finish the masturbation scene as a few assets are still to be finished. Trust me guys, the scene is really huge. Almost as big as 4 or 5 hentai scenes on its own. We will deliver this on Monday as a add-on or stand alone. We will give you guys both options.




• 16 new hentai scenes! • 21 new original CG's, 2 alterations to old CG's because were were short on time to make these original as well, 5 new maps and 10 new sprites. • New ambience sounds across the city (eventually we'll add these to almost every map). • New sounds for the endings. They were also added in the Fujiko usurper bad ending and Officer Chloe sidequest bad ending. • Garcia's Route hero path has new scenes and an ending. • Kinky Kitten's sidequest AV producer has new scenes and an ending. • Melvin's Route loyal path has new scenes. • Melvin's Route pub mistress path has new scenes and an ending. • Family Route has new scenes (Will split soon). • Hospital Route has new scenes. • Clarke route has new scenes. • Many old dialogues have been changed. • Fixed a bug where some scenes didn't have the Fade In in the CG room so you'd see a black screen. • Fixed a bug where Sato's events would trigger at the wrong time. • Fixed a bug where the game would softlock if you tried to go to the driving school after having the driver's license. • Fixed a bug where some dialogues in the gym weren't showing up. • Fixed a bug where the game would softlock after the stuck in wall scene where the character would be frozen in the market. • Fixed a bug where if you "completed" Sato's route and tried to go to another route you would get a black screen. • Fixed a bug that persisted for the last two versions that would softlock you right at the start of Clarke's route. We accidentally deleted a tab two patches ago. Recreated that process tab this patch. • Changed many dialogues from past conversations and hentai scenes. • For whatever reason we have always worked on the game with the belief the minimum size for a map under a 640x480 resolution was 21 width and 16 height when it was actually 20 width and 15 height. Some maps were changed accordingly. • Kids in west inwood that start the "stuck in wall" chain of events now won't be standing next to the wall like idiots unless you can start the events. • Players can now shower early on without skipping the day and this will reflect in the sex count menu. • The scene where Jack watches Ayame shower wasn't reflecting in the sex count menu, meaning that if Ayame was covered in cum it wouldn't be cleaned off. Fixed it. • The scene where Ayame would lose her virginity to Robert wasn't being reflected in the sex count menu if you used the "skip to first day of gameplay" at the start of the game. It will be shown as if Robert ejaculated inside Ayame in case you pick that option. • Ayame's sex at the counter with Melvin during Clarke's route wasn't registering for anything but to unlock in the sex menu. • Enlarged the reminiscence room to accomodate the outrageous size of Melvin's route and its derivative paths. • Added some BGS to some maps to create a bigger immersion (seagulls, crickets, people talking, etc.)


SAVES INCLUDED IN THE GAME: Family Route - Save 3 Clarke Route - Save 5 Melvin's Pub (Loyal Path) - Save 7 Melvin's Pub (Pub Mistress Path) - Save 9 Garcias Route (Hero Path) - Save 13 Hospital - Save 15 BBC AV Actress - Save 17 Voyeur - Save 19




• Wrong scenes playing in the CG room. • Black screen in some CG room scenes. • Missing assets in some places. • Minor others.




• Sato's route now has 4 additional scenes and it will split in a similar fashion to Melvin's route but in other terms. Ayame won't openly rebel against Sato, it's more about the way Sato will feel about Ayame. • Kinky Kittens has the first prostitution scene along with the meeting of a BBC/Interracial AV producer. The first scene of that path is also available now for a total of 2 new scenes that you can start via Kinky Kittens Strip Club and a panoply of grope scenes when you're serving the customers. They will be added to the recollection room if we have enough requests. • Melvin's route now has two new scenes, one for each path. Chloe will return to aid Ayame during the Mistress path. • The gym now has three new scenes. Two of the scenes are tied together and are seen in short sequence. • Office route has one new scene with the new attire. • The "Pokémon GO" park scene no longer has a minimum morality threshold to be seen, only a maximum. • Lust value after Jack's vibrator scene was erroneous. Before it was +20 lust. Now it's -20. • Hentai Scene with Dan in the riverside during the Garcias route had no value changed. Now it's -3 Morality. • The second Hentai Scene with the swimming instructor (doggystyle in the bench) had no value changes. Now it's -2 Morality. • It is now easier to start the Office route and the trigger is tied to Melvin's Loyalty route instead of Pub Mistress. Once you decide between the Office and Melvin path you will be locked in either one. Game will alert you accordingly. • You can now take the car to the Mall. To go back to your car just take one of the exits and you will drive out of the Mall instead of taking the subway. • Due to an incompatibility issue with another route, after Ayame and Melvin have anal sex in the bathroom in front of the one sided mirror she will now go home directly. • Due to an incompatibility issue with another route, the day Ayame enters the Loyal to Melvin route she will now go home directly. • Kinky Kittens route is now night exclusive. • The gym scenes are now tied to your Morality and ultimately the Fallen state. Necessary values are: 40 Morality or less for the first scene, 30 Morality or less for the second scene, 15 Morality or less for the third scene, Fallen for every scene after those. • The "Fallen" trigger is now announced it game in a similar fashion to the "Free Roam". "Fallen" state pretty much allows you to do anything with anyone with Ayame, including hobos. • Ayame can now use the couch at her house to skip from daytime to evening and evening to night after a certain point in the game. To go from night to the next day use the bed as you would previously or perform any night activity. • Ayame will now be able to purchase the sexy lingerie in the Family Route even if she has no Zel. She'll use Robert's credit card. • After Ayame has sex with Sato wearing the schoolgirl uniform for the first time there will be an important storywise dialogue with Sato. We will make many changes on earlier "chapters" from now on and before version 1.0 since we will only add one extra costume and two new maps leaving us with extra time to work on additional stuff that improves the game or its story. • Many NPC's were created and dialogues were cleaned up. • Many grammar mistakes and clipping errors were fixed. • We released an hotfix for this but it's never too late to remind you guys, there is no save bug anymore! • Created a script in the game which will be used soon which allow us to give a sound to a certain source and the player will hear the sound louder or softer, depending on the distance to the sound. This will be useful for waterfalls, wind drafts in secret passages, etc. • As usual, many other changes and bugfixes that we forgot to keep track of.


1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on Game.exe to start playing.

Gallery Unlock

Talk to the shadowy figure in the bottom left inside the gallery to completely unlock all scenes .

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