A Town Uncovered

Year: 2017A Town Uncovered
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Geeseki
Platform: Windows/MacOS
Version: Eng v0.32b, Rus ​​​v0.17a
Language: English/Russian
System requirements: CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
VRAM: 128 MB




You play a senior high school student who just moved into a new town, but straightaway, you have a feeling that it’s not the usual town that one would expect. This town holds a secret that’s causing the locals to disappear and acting strangely. It’s not going to be a smooth ride for you, it seems like trouble and weird events are attracted your way. What features are going to be in this game? This game features a main story, character relationships and development, skill stats, a wide variety of fetishes, side quests, a town to explore with many locations and even more interior locations, and of course, H-scenes.


Added an Uptown
Added 8 New Uptown Locations:

Motel, Restaurant, Townhouses, Church, Mayor’s Estate, Graveyard, Forest, Cliff, Abandoned MInes

Added 5 New Main Town Locations:

Neighbour1, Neighbour 2, Corner Store, Apartments, Abandoned Lot

Added 9 New Office Interior Locations:

Main Lobby, Elevator, Main Office Floor, Conference Room, Unisex Bathroom, Supply Room, Manager’s Office, Eloise’s Office, Eloise’s Floor Lobby

Added 8 New Office Characters:

Carmen, Skylar, Corrine, Gloria, Kanako, Bradley, Howie, Mr Fistem

Main Story Progression
Spelling & Grammar Fixes
Sprites Added to Scenes
Added Input Box for Naming Characters
Added Shopping Menu for Hendai’s Comic Book Store
Added Shopping Menu for Grundle Sam’s Things & Stuff Store
Minor Logic Fixes
Minor Scene Transition Improvements
Uptown Map Incomplete
Many Locations Still Need to be Rendered
New Main Story Content written but not coded in
Store Interior Final Assets Incomplete
Gift Cards and Gacha Items Unavailable


+Fixed bug that loops the h-scenes with Effie from the start every time you finish +Fixed missing label in Jane’s post camgurl h-scene


+Added Preset Load Version for 0.23 so you can choose the chapter for Miss Allaway +Fixed unresponsive reset trigger where after Missus’ date, when you want to woohoo with her again, it wouldn’t work +Fixed dialogue branch in main story scene +Fixed duplicate screen names in some scenes +Fixed throwaway dialogue with the Threeghans in the Sex World +Fixed ‘next’ bug during Jane’s post camgurl h-scenes +Fixed bug that loops you into having sex with Effie after coming out of her house +Fixed never-ending loop of Missus sucking you off in bed +Fixed incorrect cheat point manipulations between Crugeon and Jack +Fixed graphical bug where sprites are present during the Missus x Jane x mc scene


+Main story progression (Approximate 50,000 words coded, a lot more not yet coded) +Jane story completion and post story h-scene +Spelling and grammar fixes +Added Miss Allaway missing scene assets +Added feature to revisit H-scenes +Added Miss Allaway dream sequences +Added Threesome with Missus x Jane x MC in Living Room (accessible after completing both storylines) +Added conversions with store owner and worker characters about job availability +Added introductory scenes with all the new characters as a compulsory part of the main story +Added a ‘nevermind’ option to some character’s interaction menu options +Added sexworld chat for multiple characters +Added new compulsory sexworld chat triggers (Find answers around Town) +Added throwaway chat with Grundle Sam, Janae, and Alanna +Added store counter for Grundle Sam’s sprite +Added CG scene of Effie texting the MC about bringing the Jane back +Added scene when Mr Smith comes back from his work trip in Missus’ storyline +Added specifics to the Miss Allaway story objective about finding her in the school bathroom +Added VR headset and modified VR headset item +Added chest as interactable item in your bedroom +Added sexworld version of School Hallway 2 +Added new sprite variations for Missus, Alanna, and Grundle Sam +Added new sexworld buttons for Alanna, Hazel, and Grundle Sam +Added newspaper in the mailbox for community contribution +Added remaining scenes and assets for Jane’s story +Updated after school tutoring with Miss Allaway assets +Updated 'roommates' in jail scene assets +Updated Violette boobjob at the park assets +Updated phone contacts page so it is now a scrolling window and has updated assets +Updated phone so it’ll open on the last tab you left on +Fixed first phone objective for Jane to appear later when it’s relevant +Fixed continuity with Missus in the bedroom and the livingroom at night +Fixed conflicting scenes between meeting Jane in the basement and Missusbeing in the livingroom at night +Fixed Mr Smith appearing in the living room when he’s supposed to be kicked out +Fixed conflicting scenes between meeting Jane in the basement and getting Missus ice cream +Fixed bug that looks for a 32nd day of the month and not the 1st day of the month during throwaway conversations +Fixed bug that jumps you to the beach change room when you use the bed at certain sections of side stories +Fixed inconsistency in Missus’s throwaway lines when talking about Jane while Jane is at Effie’s house +Fixed bug that doesn’t trigger the h-scene with Effie when meeting her in front of her house +Fixed trigger bug with Miss Allaway’s story about beating Brock to prove your manliness +Fixed trigger bug where you don’t receive the text from Effie after the 15th of the month +Fixed trigger bug that when you come back from the sex world and can’t access the map because of Missus’ story +Fixed missing assets in Jane’s stargazing heart to heart scene at the beach +Fixed incorrect jump to the front of the house during the day instead of during the night after the heart to heart at the beach with Jane +Fixed endless looping BJ scene with Effie caused from no option to ‘cum’, only ‘continue’. +Fixed undefined bug in ‘Save Missus from Mr Smith’s scene +Fixed incorrect point change during scene with Missus scolding the MC after being trapped at school with Miss Allaway +Fixed bug that makes it so that the h-scene with Missus finding the MC’s porno magazine happens even when he doesn’t have it +Fixed bug that disabled the map at the end of Jane’s story +Fixed conflicting scenes between finding Missus at the Park and meeting Jane at the club +Fixed bug that didn’t allow you to proceed with Jane’s storyline due to Missus coming in during the night to have some fun being prioritized over it +Fixed bug that loops one of Zariah’s conversations +Omitted Hitomi’s beach scene +Omitted ability to buy relationship points for Jane -Buttsex Option for Miss Allaway H-Scenes Not Included -Many temporary art asset and unfinished Main Story scenes



+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Updated some Dialogue to fit with Patreon Guidelines
+Updated and Modified Miss Allaway’s Storyline to omit ‘unwanted’ themes.
+Updated Objectives so it tells you to check the 2nd floor of school
+Fixed Miss Allaway’s Button where Hand is showing through the desk
+Fixed Bug where spending time with Allaway under the Desk advances time by 2 days
+Fixed Bug where Missus' laptop is accessible while Dad is in the room
+Fixed Dialogue revolving around Fixing Missus’ Laptop and having the Antivirus CD
+Fixed Throwaway Dialogue with Effie where her Sprites are in work attire while not at work
+Fixed Bug where you can go to your bedroom and skip talking to Missus about getting a job
+Disabled Ability to Spend time with Missus or Use the Bed when you’re about to reveal the new box fort to Janev0.23b
+Fixed Bug when you talk to Effie after obtaining 50 boxes
+Fixed Bug when sleeping after talking Miss Allaway to the Cinema
+Fixed Bug where you can’t increase your Max Strength Limit before Beating Jack
+Updated Objective for Jane’s Story so it tells you to sleep specifically on Friday
+Disabled ‘Get 50 Boxes’ option



+Fixed Bug when you talk to Effie after obtaining 50 boxes
+Fixed Bug when sleeping after talking Miss Allaway to the Cinema
+Fixed Bug where you can’t increase your Max Strength Limit before Beating Jack
+Updated Objective for Jane’s Story so it tells you to sleep specifically on Friday
+Disabled ‘Get 50 Boxes’ option



+Miss Allaway Story Progression and Completion (96%)
+Jane Story Progression
+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Compressed Some Previous Scene Assets
+Code Restructuring involving the Sex World
+Added Art Assets for Jane Story
+Added More Customization for Chapter Selecting each Character’s Side Story at the Start
+Added Jacob’s Dad and Step Mom at his house
+Added Effie’s Dad at her house
+Added Sprites for Phil
+Added Flipped Versions for Brock’s Sprites
+Added Minor Character (Goon)
+Added Lights to Hospital at Night
+Added Sexworld Interaction with Effie in the Classroom
+Added Sexworld Sprites for Effie in the Classroom
+Added Character Button for Jaiden in the School Gym in the Morning
+Added Character Button for Jack in the School Gym at Night and the Street in the Afternoon
+Added Character Button for Coach Fistem in the School Gym at Night
+Added Character Button for Brock in the School Gym at Night
+Added Character Button for Phil in the School Gym at Night
+Added Character Button for Meghan in the School Bathroom and Mall
+Added Character Button for Teghan in the School Bathroom and Mall
+Added Character Button for Chieghan in the School Bathroom and Mall
+Added 15 Throwaway Lines for Hitomi
+Added 15 Throwaway Lines for Hazel
+Added Additional Information from Effie about Living next to Jacob
+Added Dialogue with Jane about Missus being Missing
+Updated and Modified Effie’s Chat Structure in the Cafe
+Updated and Modified the Fight Club Interaction Button
+Updated and Modified Coach Fistem’s Sprites
+Updated and Modified the Facial Structure of Dad’s Sprites
+Updated and Modified Jack’s Sprites
+Updated and Modified the School Gym Background Size
+Updated and Modified some Notifications Ability to Skip and Time on Screen
+Updated Handjob Scene with Missus in Bed so you’d lose 5 Stamina Points if you cum
+Updated Tutoring Scene with Miss Allaway so you can’t do it on Friday
+Updated Parent’s presence in their bedroom to have continuity with the side stories
+Updated Janer’s presence in her bedroom to have continuity with the side stories
+Fixed Inaccurate Jane Story Objectives
+Fixed Some Bugs with Missus’ Movie Date
+Fixed Reset Trigger Bug for Missus’ Story
+Fixed and Modified Jane’s Phone Objectives to be more detailed and accurate
+Fixed Bug relating to ‘Povdadrole’
+Fixed Day Bug when in Effie’s Room on an 8th Day of the Week
+Fixed and Redid the Coding for Missus’ Handjob when watching TV together
+Fixed a Mis-pathing when talking to Miss Allaway in the Cafeteria for the first time
+Fixed Minor Art Error in the Street Background
+Fixed Bug at the Changeroom Glory Holes when it’s the 1st of the Month
+Fixed Incorrect Lipsyncing during 20 Questions Scene with Jane
+Fixed Some Intersecting Storylines with Missus and Jane
+Fixed Trigger Bug when Maxing out Intelligence Points in Miss Allaway’s Story
+Fixed Trigger Bug when Missus calls you downstairs as someone is at the door for you
+Fixed Trigger Bug when ‘Exploring the House’ in Jane’s Story
+Fixed Time so After Scene with Jane at the Beach, it becomes Late Night and not Evening
+Fixed Continuity Error where Effie is at the Park at Night even when she invites you to her House
+Fixed Continuity Error where Knocking on Effie’s Door during the time she’s taking care of Jane says that she’s at the Cafe
+Fixed Continuity Error where Allaway is in the Boys’ Bathroom and in the Classroom at the same time
+Fixed Continuity Error where Dad can destroy the Fort when he’s out of Town in Missus’ Story
+Fixed Bug where Cuddling with Jane in the first Fort leads to having 0 Jane Points if you had max RP points
+Fixed Bug with 69 Scene with Jane that makes RP points go over 10
+Fixed Jane Increasing and Decreasing Bug with 20 Question Scene
+Disabled Ability to Increase any Skills when looking for a Job
-Jane Post H-scenes Not Included
-Miss Allaway Dream Sequence Not Included
-Miss Allaway Driving MC Home Art Assets Not Included
-Buttsex Option for Miss Allaway H-Scenes Not Included
-No Crowd in the School Gym in the Day
-No Crowd in the School Cafeteria



+Fixed Sister Story Trigger
+Fixed Stacking Character Sprites at the Beginning
+Disabled Developer Mode



+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+Jane Story Progression
+Added Jane-story related job at the Adult Store
+Added Character Button for Zariah in the School Hallway
+Added Character Button for Luna in the School Hallway and the Classroom
+Added Character Button for Jaiden in the School Yard
+Added Character Button for Edward in the School Yard
+Added Point Reward and Loss when Attacking Dad when Destroying the Fort
+Disabled Ability to Play Cards in the Comic Book Store during Main Story
+Fixed Undefined Variable Error during Effie’s Milkshake Date
+Fixed Crash when choosing ‘Continue’ in Fort BJ Scene
+Fixed Jane’s Objective so that meeting her at night is accurately instructed
+Fixed Entering Camgurl Username Bug
+Fixed Time and Day continuity after spending a night with Miss Allaway
+Fixed Dream Sequence Transitions
+Fixed Funnelling Trigger so that the Player is forced upstairs to meet Jack and Miss Lashley at School
+Fixed Funnelling Trigger so that the Player is forced in the Living Room after coming back from the Police Station
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jane is in her Bedroom even though she’s meant to be at Effie’s
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jane is in the Bathroom even though she’s meant to be at Effie’s
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jane is in the Beach Change Rooms even though she’s meant to be at Effie’s
+Fixed Continuity Error where Jacob is standing in the halls when he’s meant to be in the middle of class
+Fixed Continuity Error where Violette is in the Beach Change Rooms in the Sex World
+Updated the Text Trigger so that it would only trigger after a certain date of the month
+Updated School Yard Background Coloration and Student Placement
+New Student Characters have unfinished Throwaway Dialogue
-Some Student Character Buttons are not Implemented



-Fixed a trigger bug for bumping into Jacob and Effie at the front of school in the Main Story
-Fixed a trigger bug for meeting with Miss Lashley in her office in the Main Story



+Spelling and Grammar Fixes
+New Writer on the Team
+Main Story Progression
+Converted Some Dialogue to Fit with Patreon’s Guidelines
+Reworded the archive so that small file replacement hot fixes are possible
+Added 8 New Characters (6 Females & 2 Males)
+Added Disclaimer when trying to load old save files
+Added Age Restriction Disclaimer in the splashs creen
+Added Pulsing Effect to Speaking Characters
+Added Lip-syncing Images to the Camgurl Confession Scene
+Added Additional Dialogue to Funnel the Player to check the 2nd Floor of the School
+Added Throwaway Line for Miss Allaway in the Side Story
+Added 3 Throwaway Lines each for 4 of the new characters
+Added 15 Throwaway Lines for Miss Lashley
+Updated the Dialogue Box so Text with no Characters assigned to it will not have a name box
+Updated Movie Genres from Mystery and Test Screening to Sci-fi and Indie Arthouse (no added content)
+Updated and Improved Alanna’s and Hitomi’s sprites
+Updated the Choice Menu Boxes
+Fixed Bug during 20Q Scene where it refers to Jane as the wrong thing
+Fixed Bug during 69 Scene where the result of you winning or losing is switched
+Fixed Minor Bug during Argument with Missus in the bedroom where it sets a trigger to go back 3 chapters instead of reducing 3 relationship points
+Fixed Stamina and Strength Max Limit Bar
+Fixed Incorrect Frame during Miss Allaway Cafe Date Scene
+Fixed Incorrect Violette Sprite Position
+Fixed Background when Jane wakes up late
-Throwaway Lines are absent for 4 of the new characters
-Miss Allaway and Lashley’s ‘Shocked’ Sprite isn’t implemented
-Multiple Scenes not rendered
-New Characters don’t have proper individual interactive buttons
-You can enter the basement through the Main Story without having progressed Jane’s Story far enough

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