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Llana the Elf Spy

Average: 3.7 (123 votes)


Cramorant rates this a solid 8.7/10. I like it. The episodic type format works well with the plot. I did have a good laugh here and there. Not much wrong with it. All in all solid comic I like it.

First i thought it was a bad comic so i i didn't read it. But now, after i did, it doesn't disappoint me! I wish I checked it out sooner! Very good!!

Made me laugh. Nice art. cant wait for more. No need to reset the universe because of this one. 8.5/10

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Please don't update and make a pt 2

Well How Im I suppose to know eating a Bucket of 3 day old chicken can cause Advance Diarrhea 


Fucking Bullshit Man

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At least she found a guy she likes
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I wish I had her job

I wish i could track where you live and then hit you in the face with a m4a1 just to try to make you a normal person

Is no one going to consider the demon girls as unholy heretical creatures.  I get there hot and all but for the love of Putin

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I'm not completely sure but i think i broke the record for comment with the most replies 

The Entire Point of them is that they are not good

Don't worry, we've taken a liking to the mortal realm. We're not going to corrupt it, yet.

Are you even Capable of "Corrupting" it

ill estimate you what Ever I want 

It won't work for you, we don't have a bond like that. We barely even know you

Ok so I was making a joke about you being a dog 

What do you mean Bond?


I was Just Gonna Hit you with it 

We know, and it won't have an effect on us. That's what we're trying to tell you.

I was About to Make a Old yeller Joke and pull out a Chiappa Triple Threat and kill you but then I didnt 


Bullets probably wouldnt have worked anyway 


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