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Baalbuddy 3

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I kinda want 42 as a background

ah, it is always nice to see a hollow but friendly face in these times

hope you are well Dismas.     pg 202

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Mfw no Aztec dommy mommy

All "women" are completely hysterical

All "men" on this site just dont give a fuck

all Brazilians are fucking insane

Anons are and will always be the same

This Shows that Machines Are truly  The Superior way of existence 

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Anons will always be the same...better than you.
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It’s slade Wilson
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It my first time here and the fucking hell is this place
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Empire's warriors want to skin some dark skin native american women. Drown them in boiling water. Have dogs bite them. Enjoy their screams. Eat their thighs fat meat.

Abababababa? Is this some form of language? 

Don't we all. I didn't notice the Horny part.

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i see you in every comment section who are ypu

thtas dead ass just that one japanesse girl in i suit I can never remeber the name of

Yeah bu... Say you look different... Did you get a haircut?

Crusades over at least the one I was in

we won

Killed the last living member of the terriost organization know as "Providence of Canada" what ever the fuck That is



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