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England exchange - Porn Games


Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Hanabira
Platform: PC / Windows
Version: 1.02
Language: English


Play as a (male or female, renamable) American college student traveling to England for a semester abroad in London.
Romantic comedy with eight (EIGHT!) Love interests.
Each protagonist has four opposite-sex and two same-sex romance options (the others are route-exclusive for story reasons).
We look forward to welcoming you in London!

Average: 3.7 (19 votes)



Anonymous's picture

ya, i played to make sure that it just wasnt one person that dislike the game, it sucks. You cant choose anything except if you are going to see a man or woman in their underwear.


Anonymous's picture

thanks a lot!

AngryDude's picture

don't waste you lifetime with this shit, all you gotta do is to click through a shit ton of text untill you get to one of some choices you can do (2-4 text fields, mostly 2)

no porn, just 1 underwear pic and 1 pic where you're in bed sleeping next to your chosen one as i saw so far

just don't ever download this crap it's a waste of time

Anonymous's picture
Thanks for telling now I wont waste my time on this 
Anonymous's picture

Thanks man :D you saved me a lot of time and disappointment

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