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Custom Maid 3D 2 - Porn Games


Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove

Developer / Publisher: KISS

Platform: Windows

Version: 1.64

Language interface: Japanese/English (in progress)/Russian (in progress)

Language of voice: Japanese

System requirements:

CPU: Core i5


GPU: GTX400+/HD6000+ Res:HD(720+)

HDD: 118.08 GB


You are the hero day, was called to the salon "Empire Club" that uncle will serve as the owner. And it suddenly would be to take over the store what is ...... actually Salon abound problem! Salon boasted the glory about it by the negligence of the uncle is completely deserted, yet there until the debt! Hero Thanks, would have been forced into the situation that must be rebuilt soon. First, hire a maid, who had gone to cultivate, first-class maid with excellent entertainment and vigil. Really "Empire Club" is, or will be able to achieve a growth in the best salon again!

Additional Information: 

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is there a loli model 
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Is there an obstetrician gamemode.
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Yes, the files are big...but for a good reason.

The girls are quite customizable, and the 3D modeling is pretty good.  It's fully voiced...granted, in Japanese.

Watch the trailer videos and decide for yourself if you want to get it, not base it on the file size.

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Honey Select is better than this bs. Actual sex, more sex options ect. This bs 118gb game isn't worth it. Not one bit.

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download is broken

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can you plz put downloading on zip ?

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Please Reup only 51% 

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Downloads broke

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Amateure. I have entire 200 petabytes of Soviet storage

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At first I thought 'yeah 60GB seems way too much for a game like this. I have a good computer and decent internet and this thing'd still take me a day or two to download.' But now, boy oh boy, you just had to make it 100GB. This is larger than every steam game I own, including: GTA V, Mafia 3, all the Wolfenstein games, and much, much more. I don't doubt it's good, but does it really need to take up 100 fucking GB? Are you kidding me? Can someone who has gone through the pains of downloading this pls leave how they thought about the game, I want to know if it's even close to worth it.

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bigger than gta 5


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Damn, this goddamn amazing game is larger than Artifical Academy 2!

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Is that 60 mb or gb?


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i have black screen


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holy shit this things bigger than fucking world of warcraft what the fuck this is going to take my computor weeks to finish the torrent thingy needed says its gonna take 3 days but lets be honest those things always tell you its going to be done way sooner than it acually does... jeez

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why is the file so big?'s picture

Why is the file so big?

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New version 1.58.1

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One question, can i make trap in this game?

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