Zelda's Double Date

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Holy shit
"Little bit of comedy and a little bit of sex. When you have both of these together, you have some good shit."  Said by - random user on the Internet 
Every time this is updated I have to stop and Laugh at page 11. Way to funny. 
bro whoever let bro cook needs an award
WOW this is so good 
the favourite one😋
stop the lesbian
Yes finally  
midna and ganon? hell yes
*chefs kiss* Absolutely beautiful, all my standards have been met and more!
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Page 57 is how I imagine all games with a protagonist and BBEG. Good friends outside of the game. The game is a play, an act, a ruse where everyone just has fun. Zelda and Gannon were playing mario cart while they waited for link to FINALLY DO THE FUCKING MAIN QUEST.
Holy fuck Holy fuck fuck