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The Real Thing


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Can't wait for her to be pissed off from being creampied and him realizing he never had any control over her, lmfao
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What is this new tag called "standard furry trash"?

Ngl this be a 10/10 comic, there is a good bit of work in it that is fairly hard to find nowadays 

I recently ate the world's hottest chip and went a straight hour without water or ice cream.  I can safely say that this is worse than that experience.  

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i've ate the hottestchip 2 times and how or why BC IM A FUCKING MEXICAN BITCH I WENT A WEEK WITH NO WATER OR MILK OR ICE CREAM NO FLUIDS and now i don't regret it anyways thisporn is ok not worse than i experienced
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No water for a week is dangerous bro. Be careful.
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Ik but u know that some mexicans live in a desert with barely any water im one of them so i was experienced with no water

Wellllllll water wouldn't help. I'd know! How was the visit to the bathroom? 

It wasn't that bad actually.  I think my stomach is strong because I always eat fast, so it's used to cramps and such.  

I eat fast too! But I don't usually get cramps... I stay away from spicy food usually! Mexican food is great! But the aftermath ain't! HAHA!

I think Mexican and Chinese food is the best, since every bite is always something different.  I know every stereotype has something that can be made fun of, but you DON'T want to make fun of Mexican food.  Except the aftermath of course.  

Egg rolls, orange chicken, and especially their rice.  I used to not like rice until I had Chinese rice, now I like it.  

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Well you certainly are a clown and a unfunny one to

Hey hey! I'm the clown here! Not that Anon! Oooo aren't you adorable?

Here, lets play a game.  I spy with my little eye, someone who's actually funny.  Someone who makes an original Yo Mama joke that's actually funny, and has a name that starts with a C.  What do I see?

You're right! I can do better! How about this one! What can be compared to an owl? Your mother because they both hoot at night! 

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Capsaicin, the spice chemical, is hydrophobic I believe and thus water does nothing to help the burn of the spice. Milk, however, can break down the capsaicin.
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Water doesn't even help that much with spice, but milk would.

Try it again but go full vertical dorito on that bitch 

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Anon Music King here. Glad to to see more updates for this. I love the author's other work and this work as well. I was gonna say that my theory of the app not working and it's just her but from looking at the other comments it seems that others have already 'cum' to this conclusion. Also listen to the band starbomb. They are funny have great beats.
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Can conferm, starbomb are great

no, apparently he's "anon music king" so i think his gimmick is that he doesn't have an account


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