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The Danger Zone


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So this is the highway to the danger zone.. I've hear the legends.

Why does this have to the straight tag but also has the futas tag

Futa on female is technically straight because it's a woman being fucked by a dick?

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hmmmm yeahh real sus  

This comic is basic tentical porn is what made hentai big and is what people think of when talking about Japanese porn or just modern Japan in general also why whenever I type Japanese in my phone it shows a rice cake 

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What's to complain? It's relatively normal, the art style is great, and it's mostly hawt. Compared to other shit in this god forsaken website, this is vanila. Why. Are. You Here. To. Complain.

How long is a tree from Papua new guinea

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If Jon trim has taught me anything it's that this is not the danger zone
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The black hole is currently being created cant wait for it to destroy planets

Did You know Most human are Actually Naked  under their Cloths 

I did not know this 


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Just learned a can of beans contains beans. Never fucking realized it before.
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woah, that's very surprising
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Im on a high way to the danger zone!

I'm honestly just happy to see an actually good comic with zone-tan in it, it's been awhile

Me too! I'm also happy to see a good P5 protagonist fucking on a hot girl while I wait for mine to come back!

No. Would be better if it had an actual Zone work. Even tho he does good animation i just go for the memes around it.


I mean, if it was actual Zone I'd love it, but we can't ask much in this world

Unfortunately. If we can't see a Zone work, it'd be an impossible probability of we having a crossover between Warden and Obama doing a x1 in the F-Zero racing game.

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Eat Shit!!

What flavors you got?

Cause Ill take 2 scoops of banana please.

If you dont have that, Ill take 2 scoops of vanilla.


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