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The Cummoner 24: Bent on Mischief


Bent?! Like the F2 driver for Trident, Bent Viscaal?!

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Ill get the irin and the salt buckshot.
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I think I'm never gonna be a huge cummoner fan

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порно мамки

Wait I first thought it would say "Im now gonna be a huge cummoner fan" fuck

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Is this the final one?
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Doubt it.
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Wahaha a good comic but its lacking the juice. 7/10 but has potential 

Needs More Babes in Full functional Plate Armor



plate armor truly is the best

That would be incredibilis if you know what i mean

Sometimes Im not sure whether I would like the cummoner more if it were in parts as it is now, or in one big comic like S.expedition

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