The Amazing Surprise 2

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3.2 (299 votes)
ight yukis daughter better join in
uh oh
god no this better not turn into lolicon even more than it already is
y haven't there been any new pages  
giv more pls   -Andrew and Tj
shit aint that bad  

This is one of the only ones I have seen that to don't make Nicole have a diet that resembles Richards.

It’s not bad, and art styles pretty good
we need more  

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Does anyone know why the latest three pages have been in spanish?

furries dont belong in my country get tf in mein shower

they are so horny they switch tto spanish  
Why is it a diff language now
Bro why is the latest page in Spanish lmao
This comic will take like a year to be uploaded completely 
Hold up, why the different language with the recent pages?
Looking forward to Gumball cumming inside Yuki while Masami watches 🤤
Why are the last two pages in spanish
and he fucking called it lol
There something so cursed about... meeting a bulldoser ...and it start yelling in spanish
i was fucking joking about yukis daughter lol
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Eh, wasn't very surprised