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Tale of Tales


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Android 18 get back here!

For all the furries who just got cucked, its clearly not "a tale of TAILS" This is a tale of TALES, very big diffrences, and its not like its being said to you, it is written, but your all probably too horny to relise that, or your just plain blind, in which case go get glasses, anyway im busy fighting a shadow that looks like a dick

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Damn furries again. Fuck you all degenerate sick piece of shits.
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lmao cope
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Black people don't deserve human rights, God made them to work on cotton farms for the white man

You ever tried telling which person is black or white when their skin has been ripped off. Because it's basically impossible. Also funny how you bring up god because the bible says love thy neighbor so not only is there basically no difference between races but also being racist is a sin.

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Lucky that the only black color in these comics is not the skin one
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Someone's never gotten laid lmao
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When she said classic anime scence I was genuinely exited for truck-kun.

But truck-kun never appeared and I was left dissapointed.

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This had potential but it appears to have been wasted 

Yeah, this looks/looked like it would be good, but it's kinda not going great atm

If you look at the new suggested tag "controversial", you'll notice that the three highware comics are the only ones so far

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Except Mia and Oliver oddly enough
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Damn ive been tricked. I thought this was just gonna be a normal comic but then the digimon "young" shit came up and i bolted
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who asked?
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Eat Shit!!

The Evil Tails from "Secret History of Sonic & Tails" Has has made his return in "There's Something About Amy (Part 3)" ....

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Yoooo I just watched that

I wonder what kinda loot that green creature drops. Probably something disgusting but beggers can't be choosers.

J'ai l'impression que l'auteur nous a giflés avec le commentaire "pas réel".

Oui! VPN's do exist though, and I am particularly interested in S.Expedition!

your got a vpn just to roleplay with english speaking people on a pornsite

And S.Expidition! I've also grown quite fond of Harem Studio et The Monster Under The Bed!


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