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Susie's Sizeable Challenge


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I see stuff like this And I wonder...        Am I a furry?
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Tag checks out
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The weird furry oc totally ruins it
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Nice artwork, but why's it so sexual?

I love Fakery's artwork but not even an artist as great as he can make Deltarune into good porn

Standard Furry Trash is now a tag.

I can die happy knowing Ive fulfilled my purpose in life

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No Mr.Verschraegen! You still have so much to live for! 

I Eat Steroids For Breakfast

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Imagine sucking dick with a sore throat
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Its crap

The song of the day is, Those Shoes by The Eagles. It's what plays whenever the main villain walks into a place in a movie.

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Shit song
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Oh shit rlly? Didnt know that tbh lmao

I don't like the furry man making eye contact with me. I need more guns to protect myself.

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Perry the platypus in my comments section!

Deltarune and Undertale should have never been Rule 34ed in the first place.

The whole point of r34 is anything can be r34....altho I can't help but agree r34 Deltarune is almost never good, even with a talented artist such as Pleasure Castle / Fakery way (they're the same person)

Greetings Hime! How have you been, and what have I missed?

I have been well! What have you missed? U-uh... I don't exactly know... Sorry...

Well, a few new faces... But that's all I can think of...

I see...well thank you anyways! How do I sound?


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