Sultry Summer Book 4

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3.6 (660 votes)
Does anyone know when the next kai and gwen part comes out   
Knowing Kai, she might make him transform into Benwolf first…
Ben and Gwen roll on the floor fighting over the charm, they don't hear the bathroom door open Kai steps out. You to could have waited for me before you got started her towel drops, oh I'm into girls too Gwen take off your clothes.
the whip it out technique is such a dangerous coin flip
Na the author has stated there will be no Alien sex in the series just a good Ben Dicking. But Ben will get jelous when Kevin POPs in  
You're a fucking psychopath. Why would you make this hubris? Who the fuck sets their bed diagonally against the corner of the room? 
See I knew it all the so called good girls are into the freaky shit 
jugging we are in a world were Ben get's to fuck anything he wants including both his cousins charmcaster he will tap Green Ive been waiting for her since book 2
yup. she is into furry
 how do fall with your mouth open and a cock is inserted in mouth lol I guess it was luck because he had the charm
I don't know who has the better ass Gwen Green or Charmcaster
This is one of if not the best comic here on the site my rank would be  1. Sultry Summer  2. Double Trouble  3. Chain Reaction   

I like this comic I wish the author would update it more often instead of Fridays

wow I was right Green prefers girls 
Bro just gonna whip it out like that lmao
This is Exciting to read

The cannonbolt looks like it was made by the creators we need more of the aliens

I dont know why gwen is so worried she knows she is part lesbian as her older self had sex with her
Kia's reaction to seeing Big Ben either will be eww or wow 
Don't know why, but she remind me some aspect of Azula ....